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Encounter maps made from drone photography!


High res (5472x3078) version [here]

Several hundred more photo (and video) maps available [here]

I fly drones around the world and take low altitude high resolution images for encounter maps. I also take video footage. I then edit them, splice content together, stabilise and loop the video, remove the stuff that doesn’t work, add stuff that does and there you go! I love it.

The 17megapixel resolution means you can use them at lots of different scales. The drone, camera and plane tickets to go round the world cost nearly £5,500 so I'm desperately trying to make this viable! I'm having to charge for these, but this map here is obviously free for you to use! If you want to be kept up to date on more sample maps I have a [facebook page] you can follow.


RPG Drone Maps Monestary Yard.jpg

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