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The Return of Rogue

Heading back to our eagerly anticipated Rogue Trooper supplement for Judge Dredd & the Worlds of 2000 AD, we revisit the battlefields of Nu Earth as we take a look at some of the interior pages from the book itself!


Disclaimer: One very important name in the form of Ben Rogers is missing from this cover image. That will be corrected with the final pdf.

Our previous blog posts have used intel we've gathered to take a look at each chapter of the supplement one after the other. Just to confirm that our sources were correct, it's worth taking a look at the introductory spread.


You might notice a textbox labelled Content Warning on one of those pages. Rogue Trooper is an RPG that explores a brutal war between two factions who are seeking to annihilate each other, often by any means necessary. It's definitely worth stating right from the start that you will want to discuss what themes and topics are to be avoided by your group when running the game.

After the intro, we jump straight into the business of character creation.


Straight away from these elements you can see that we have drawn visuals directly from the original strip that inspires this supplement.

Every character will need to be fully loaded to survive the many trials of Nu Earth, so gear follows closely on the heels after character creation.


After that we head into a tour of Nu Earth and beyond, then take a look at the types of campaigns that can be played. The subsequent Dix-I and Mission Dossier chapters offer great seeds for GMs to springboard their own campaigns from.

You may have noticed that much of the design and aesthetics pay homage to the original Rogue Trooper comic strip. We did, however, include one full-colour chapter that draws on more recent artwork from the 86ers.


To round off the supplement, we then have an entire rogue's gallery of NPCs to stalk the toxic battlefields and oppose the players.

And that completes our tour of Nu Earth. We hope you enjoyed the ride. Stay tuned for an imminent release date!

We will be at the Virutal UK Games Expo next, with some exciting panels taking place. Keep an eye on the blog here or our facebook to see how you can get involved. We look forward to chatting to you there!

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