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Ends Meat (Boddynock Judging)


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The great City of Orussus a melting pot where members of dozens of races and cultures come together in the pursuit of cold hard coin. In this city the newly created Bridgend Merchant's Association has been prospering since its start five years ago. However, several of the aspiring merchants have been hit by a bold band of thieves. Unimpressed with the lethargic efforts of the town guard the merchants have appealed to a stalwart band of adventurers to deal with this new threat to their bottom lines.

[sblock=Heroic Personages]
Ciprinus Leth'los: Half-Elf Druid EN World D&D / RPG News - View Single Post - (Record) Official Character Thread

Midias Sunchosen: Human Cleric of Hyrag EN World D&D / RPG News - View Single Post - (Record) Official Character Thread

Ries Moinnael: Half-Elf Fighter EN World D&D / RPG News - View Single Post - Ends Meat - OOC

Sarn Irontusk: Orc Psychic Warrior EN World D&D / RPG News - View Single Post - (Record) Official Character Thread

Game Rules:

Rolls will be made using Invisible Castle.com, please always use just your characters first name when rolling.

OOC chat is fine, but if it is over a line long please hide it, using sblocks. To do this simply type {sblock=OOC} Blah, blah, etc., etc. {/sblock}, but use the square brackets instead of those used here.


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Included for ease of reference the conversations, etc., from the Red Dragon.​

[sblock=In The Red Dragon]
The door opens again and an immaculatly dressed halfling, wearing an intricately embroidered waistcoat, and what appears to be a powdered white wig, hurridly propels himself into the tavern and up towards the bar. He glances around, his eyes falling upon the massive Orc, and lingering as he swallows audibly. A bead of sweat forms upon his bow as he unfurls as scroll with nervous precision loudly clearing his throat.

"Ahem! Patrons of the Red Dragon, on behalf of the Bridgend Merchant's Association I Ped Huffgood - of Huffgood spices, cinnamon currently 25% off - request your assistance! We require a number of doubty adventurers to combat a gang of thieves who have recently begun to assault the honest and upstanding members of our association," Ped glances up from the scroll his eyes narrowing briefly, "and Yarman."

"Those hired will be required to locate apprehend or slay the purportrators and recover any goods possible assuring their return to their rightful owners! Any who agree to undertake this noble task will recieve a initial payment of one hundred gold pieces with a further hundred to come upon completion and twenty percent of the value of any goods returned to Association members. In addition the succesful party members would also be entitled to a lifetime 5% discount from all members of the Bridgend Merchant's Association - which may not be used in conjunction with other offers or promotions."

With that the halfling produces a sack heavy with coin and places it enticeingly upon a table, seating himself after first pulling out a cloth and brushing off the chair. He places a piece of parchment upon the table and withdraws a quill and ink bottle from a belt.

"Any takers?"

"I am intersted," Midias says quickly, "May the radiant glare of Hyrag burn these villains!"

The halfling squints at Midias,

"Ah, yes quite glory be to Hyrag and such. Now what would your name be good Priest?"

He holds his quill poised looking expectantly up at Midias.

"Midias Sunchosen, at your service."

The orc walks over to Ped's table, looming over the halfling.

"I am Sarn Irontusk," the orc says. "I will help you, little one."

Huffgood sticks out his tongue as he writes in a neat copperplate hand.

"Sun, Cho, sen."

The halfling adjust his position and leans forward towards the cleric.

"Well Master Midias, or is it Father? We have prepared a few details for you to commense your investigations - though obviously we'll be hiring additional help for you." He hands Midias several pieces of parchment and spreads them out across the table.

"This is a list of the current Association membership, those who have been robbed are noted - myself included."

The list is written in a hand clearly different from Huffgood's and the name Gunt Yarman has been emphatically underlined in a slightly different colored ink - which appears to be coincidently identical to the one Huffgood is using. He points to a map,

"This is a map of the Bridgend Merchant's District - though we are currently expanding!"

He points to another document, bearing the official seal of the City of Orussus written in a spidery barely legible hand.

"And this is Sgt. Brodrik of the Watch's report, which amounts to a whole lot of nothing." Huffgood declares contemptuously, "Though he does claim to have ruled out the thieves moving out of the district after their last two thefts." He pauses and straightens the documents in front of Midias.

"And finally you have an eye witness. That being me! You see Mrs. Huffgood was rather upset with for, err, some, umm, late work hours and, err, asked me to spend the night at my shop. Mister Breen also suggested that you might wish to speak with the local thieves guild representative "Fat Sal", we pay him good money to keep our businesses safe and he swears blind he has nothing to do with these robberies."

Ciprinus gives Midias a wink "See, not such thing as waiting"

Then, addressing the halfling: "Count me in for your thieves battling work."

Since the druid is sited next to Midias, he examines the documents as well.

The halfling's lip curls as he sees the Orc approach, but he swifty gains control of himself and smiles weakly.

"Sarn Irontusk." He says as he writes the Orc's name, again sticking the tip of his tongue out as he writes.

He turns to Ciprinus,

"And your name?" he asks quill hovering over the parchment.

After taking the Druid's name he withdraws thirty platinum pieces and carefully places them in three piles of ten pushing one towards each adventurer. He then withdraws a small ledger from a breast pocket and places it beside the coin.

"Very well, if you agree to the mission I will need you to sign here, here, and here." His eyes flicker to the Orc, "or you can just make an X."

"I know my letters, halfling," Sarn growled. Taking the quill, Sarn signed his name in a large, simple hand.


"Ciprinus is the name, Ciprinus Leth'los" the half elf signs in a beautiful caligraphy.

Ciprinus Leth'los
Beneath the other two signatures, the cleric ones seem rather mundane.

Midias Sunchosen
Reis watches the messenger's speech with one eyebrow raised and a faint smile, clearly amused by the halfling's outfit and mannerisms. He watches the cleric, the druid and the half-orc sign their names and drums his fingers on the table idly as he thinks, sipping at his ale. As they begin to conclude their exchange, he fingers the hilt of his rapier and then nods to himself.

Rising nimbly, he approaches the halfling, inclining his head in a greeting halfway between a nod and a bow. "I am Ries Moinnael - if you can use an extra sword, I may be interested." He pauses, eyeing the halfling's parchment warily. "Put a hold on your scribbling, though. I'd rather not sign until you can tell us exactly what this job entails... for all we know, we could be signing up to track down an archmage and a couple of expert assassins."

He pauses, waiting for the halfling's answer.

Huffgood nods,

"Hmm well, they were no mages thats for sure and I doubt they were assassins. You see I was sleeping on the empty spice sacks when they broke into my attic. They were no ordinary thieves though, they were monsters! They wore cloaks, but I could tell they weren't normal!"

The Halfling seems to be warming to his tale, and his next words seem to have the ring of rehearsal for high drama.

"They had fangs as big as daggers, glinting in the moonlight! They spoke in somekind of weird language of guttural language - probably Orc. They were hunch backed too. Horrible creatures! I think they were trying to smell me, but fortunetly the spice sacks must have concealed my scent! Then they loaded made their way down stairs and helped themselves to thousands of gold pieces worth of my finest spices!"

He takes up his quill again dipping it in the ink and looking up enquiringly at Reis.

"So, can I count you in Master Moinnael? The job requires you to track down and apprehend or capture these creatures and recover as much of our merchendise as you can! They are most likely located somewhere in the District, say in the cellars of some Half-orc Butcher's cellar alongside his vile salamis."

Sense Motive DC 15
Clearly Huffgood is embellishing his tale, though the essense of it is true.

The half-elf shrugs his shoulders. "Aye, then, it seems a fair deal. You can count on my sword. I have also some small skill as a tracker that may come in useful, though I've never attempted anything like it in a city before."

Taking the pen, Ries signs his name in a flowing cursive and examines it critically. "Not as good as my Elvish, but it will do." He nods to Huffgood. "At your service."

Ciprinus narrows his eyes on the exaggerated tale of the halfling.

-[Sense motive: 23]-

"I think you may be exaggerating my dear halfling. Why don't you tell us exactlly how did they look. Keep that ale away before you speak again." he suggest.

Huffgood frowns up at Ciprinus,

"Well perhaps they were halfling daggers, he conceeds begrudingly, "and I suppose the spices would have sold for hundreds rather than thousands - because of my aggressive discounting policy you understand. But they were pretty darn scary, probably mutated!"

The Halfling takes a last look around, counts out ten pieces of platinum for Ries and writes the half-elf's name beneath the others.

"Well that looks like our lot, if you'd care to follow me gentlemen I have a carriage waiting outside. Oh, and accomodation can be provided for free if you are willing to put up with, err, some company of the late variety - otherwise the rates at the Bard's Tale are quite reasonable."

So saying he picks up the ledger and the deplenished purse, stows his quill and ink and heads for the door.

Ciprinus follows the short man with a broad smile, holding his hide armor in one hand and his backpack in the other.

Sarn scowls, fingers the hilt of his greatsword over his shoulder, and follows the halfling, eyeing the snake curled around Ciprinus' shoulders curiously.

Reis shoulders his pack lightly and follows the others out of the tavern, closing the door quietly as he exits.

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Huffgood moves outside where you can see a handsome black carriage pulled by four well groomed black horses. An attractive woman sits in the drivers seat looking bored and biteing her finger nails. Emblazoned upon the side of the carriage is a styalized golden H.

"This them Ped?" The woman calls, picking up the reins and nodding to the party.

"I Don't see who else it would be Miss Honeylott." The Halfling replies as he ascends the steps up into the carriage - with some difficulty.

He pokes his head out again,

"Well, come on!"

Once they are all in the carriage it sets off at a brisk pace, and Huffgood looking absurdly child-like in the overlarge surrounds asks,

"So where would you like to go first, or do you have more questions for me?"

[SBLOCK=Decisions] Decide amongst yourselves how you wish to make decisions. Do you wish to elect a leader, or to decide by majority vote. Use the information in the handouts to decide where you would like to begin your investigation, and ask questions about anything they do not tell you.[/sblock]


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Reis sifts through the documentation with interest, reading quickly, but pausing over relevant names and events.

He finishes with the list. "Why the underline for the butcher? Simply because that robbery is the most recent?" He pauses, reflecting. "Also, who compiled this list? And how were the shopkeepers and the watch interviewed?

While waiting for the halfling's answers, he picks up the map and begins to scan it.


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"Well the Butcher probably did it and just pretended he'd been robbed to to throw us off the scent if you ask me. And he's an Orc." Huffgood declares archly.

"I think Triana Brintley compiled the list but I can vouch for its completeness, we'll be expanding soon, but for now thats all of us. The watch didn't really interview any of us, we went to them, fat lot of good it did us! I told them everything I saw and get accused of being a drunkard, me! You will have to decide who you want to interview, everyone has agreed to cooperate."

Walking Dad

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"Just because he is an orc doesn't mean he is guilty. I suggest we start our investigation by the first victim. Perhaps this wasn't a brek-in but a break-out. Do they also sell very 'special' animals?" Midias says and looks at the halfling.


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Huffgood gives Midias and extremely sceptical look before replying,

"Well that would be Holden Perkiss, nice old fellow. He doesn't sell animals, you pay to go and see them - he takes in rich peoples exotic pets when they get board with them, that sort of thing. As to special well, if you consider moth eaten a special quality you might be onto something. Hardly seems to get any traffic, that robbery nearly ruined him."


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"I'm not really sure, a bit of money and dozens of potions he used to care for the animals I think." The Halfling replies.

Voda Vosa

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"You mentioned the robbers to have some sort of short blades. I take that they could be halflings, gnomes, kobolds or some other small creature. Ask Sarn if you don't belive me, but if I were an orc assaulting a store, I would use something... Bigger. So I support Midias Idea" the half elf states, patting Carpio's head. "I would like to see what kind of animals this person deals with..."


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"No, no, they had fangs as big as short blades, they were big folk alright."

Huffgood corrects, attempting to surrupticiously adjust his wig.

Walking Dad

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"Hm, sounds like some animal or beast to me. Perhaps it can change it's shape? We should start in that animal store, shop whatever. Perhaps Hyrag will give us the right inspiration there!" Midias proclaims.

Voda Vosa

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"No, no, they had fangs as big as short blades, they were big folk alright."

Huffgood corrects, attempting to surrupticiously adjust his wig.

"Right..." Ciprinus frowns, suspiciously. He turns to the ridding woman. "Anyway, we are going to that halfling's store, so take us there, delightful gift to the eyes" the druid says poetically.


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"Well my place is just across the street from the Menagerie, so where will you be heading first, to investigate my place, to the Menagerie, or to Yarmans?" The Halfling leans forward conspiratorily,

"You know nobody has ever been in Yarman's cellar he's very careful about it, any honest fellow would be willing to let his peers check his cellar for tunnels and such, but not Yarman! The watch wouldn't even bother to search it, scared of him I tell you. Well Ped Huffgood won't be intimidated!"


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"Well the Butcher probably did it and just pretended he'd been robbed to to throw us off the scent if you ask me. And he's an Orc." Huffgood declares archly.

"Just because he is an orc doesn't mean he is guilty. I suggest we start our investigation by the first victim. Perhaps this wasn't a brek-in but a break-out. Do they also sell very 'special' animals?" Midias says and looks at the halfling.

Sarn sits, taking in the words of his companions. He frowns at the halfling's comment, but looks at the man of Hyrag with appreciation when he speaks.

"I will speak with Yarman, when there's time," Sarn states. "He may have more to say to me than has been heard so far. But we can visit another merchant first, if you think it best."

[sblock=OOC]Sarn has recieved approvals from both Trouvere and Orsal, so he's now fully approved. Yay![/sblock]


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"Hmmm, that might be best Orcs dealing with Orcs." Huffgood mutters,

"Be careful though you might not want to go alone, they say Yarman used to be an adventurer, though brigand's more appropriate from what I've heard."


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Reis shrugs. "I would tend to advocate heading to the butcher first. Since he was robbed most recently, there may still be traces. Even if there's nothing to follow, the incident will at least be fresh in his mind, whereas if we search the menagerie first, we'll be following a cold trail there and a cold trail by the time we get around to the butcher's.

If there's anything left to find in the menagerie..." he glances at the documents "...seven days after the robbery, doubtless it will still be there in a day or two."

Having spoken his piece, the half-elf leans back in the seat and glances out the window, waiting for the others' decisions.
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"If you expect much from this, I will not object. But I would like to take a look at the menagerie, too. Perhaps our second place to investigate?" Midias responds to the others.


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After a journey of approximately ten minutes the carriage passes through some rundown neighbouroods and then crosses the span of the Blackhope Bridge, as soon as they reach the other side it apparent that this area is much more affluent.

Finely carved stone basins filled with a riot of colorful flowers and an ornate fountain demonstrate the efforts of the Bridgend Merchant's Association to turn their district into a new center of commerce within Orussus - one with more reasonable property prices. Every building has a fresh coat of paint and well dressed personages can be seen moving idly between the high end stores.

The carriage passes a nicely appointed Inn called The Bard's Tail, the sign of which depicts a harp playing bard starring in astonishment at a green dragon's tail protruding from his posterior. Making a slight left turn it comes to a halt before Huffgood Spices.

"Home sweet home!" Ped announces proudly.


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Reis nods, scanning the area keenly. "Well, do you have anything else to show us, or shall we begin? Though I'm not entirely sure we've established a consensus on our first destination..." He glances at the others questioningly.

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