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Enemy Within: Death on the Reik Sneak Peak

Cubicle 7 has shared a look inside Volume 2 of the Enemy Within saga, Death on the Reik. The PDF will apparently be available within three weeks.

Russ Morrissey



Ubersreik Adventures Anthology includes:

- If Looks Could Kill: legends claim the Beast of Orschlamm stalks the marshes near Ubersreik, but few believe the tales…

- The Mad Men of Gotheim: the village of Gotheim lies in ruins, and the villagers struck with lunacy.

- Heart of Glass: a power noblewoman sets the PCs on the trail of a mysterious murder, an insidious cult and a relentless Witch Hunter.

- Slaughter in Spittlefeld: a vile sickness spreads through the rookeries of Ubersreik.

- Bait and Witch: Cordelia Wessenlingh needs a distraction. Luckily a few volunteers just wandered into her apothecary.

- The Guilty Party: someone is sabotaging coaches, and a local investigator thinks he knows who.

The second Ubersreik Adventures is being released in parts and the first one out now is


“The swift Messengers of the Old World valiantly carry their parcels across the length and breadth of troubled lands filled with myriad dangers, in order to safely deliver their charges for a small fee… but everybody makes mistakes. When a nefarious scheme is inadvertently thwarted by a package mis-delivered into the hands of the adventurers, they’ll find themselves in for some hard choices and (un)deadly trouble.“

That’s a lot of new content and it’s pretty good stuff.

Back to the topic, there a lot of desire to see the Enemy Within updated by the original author and with the poor parts 4 and 5 replaced to do justice to the original 3. This is not a bad thing.

I've been wanting to run this series for years. We had two sessions of the first volume before the pandemic hit. On Sunday one of the players mentioned wanting to get it going again.
My debate is if I should order only PDF or print/PDF combo as I'm still waiting on my print copy of Vol 1. I'd love to have physical copies of the whole series, but I also don't want to get stuck paying for something that will never come.

I will also add that the PDF of volume 1 is beautifully designed and a fantastic read. I'm usually against reprints, but in this case it's definitely high quality.


I think realistically you will get the products, it’s just slow. Though I don’t blame them for Covid 19 delays and while it was due before Xmas the three months delay doesn’t seem that long.

When I look at these sample pages I realize just how beautiful Cubicle 7’s work is.

Ironically I have just sold my original WFRP 1st ed collection and what it’s gone for has more than paid for the new books 👍


I have run this campaign 3 times now for 3 different groups and tacked on the Doomstones campaign just before Empire in Flames. Once under WFRP ruleset, once converted to 3.5, and once converted to 4th edition. In 3.5 we went to level 26-28 and in 4th edition we went to level 30. One of the best campaigns across any gaming system I've seen. I'd run it again in 5th edition but it's mostly my same group from the 4th edition campaign so... nah. Besides I have LOTS of 5th edition stuff to still run that's all brand new!


Ironically I have just sold my original WFRP 1st ed collection and what it’s gone for has more than paid for the new books 👍
Unfortunately I lost my entire collection in Hurricane Harvey a few years back when my house flooded. When I went through the cost of replacing them with my insurance I nearly choked on what some of them were going for and my insurance company was like: "meh, they're just books". I cried.

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