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Planescape Enhancing Turn of Fortune's Wheel

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One option would be to have the characters have been the original team that tried to save the great Modron March. In one of the trips through the outlands they failed to stop a large contingent being lost and this triggered the glitch.

I think it would be a cool idea but as none of my players know that adventure it would require a lot of seeding of ideas into the game. It might be a bit much.

Just out of interest, what elements from Torment would you want to add into the game?

The expansion of the Mausoleum.
The Smoldering Corpse Bar - with a decanter of endless water somewhere.
The Civic Festhall
The Brothel of Slating Intellectual Lusts
The Art Gallery
Expansion of Curst.

The more I think about it the more I feel that the gate Town visits are pretty banal. Too simplistic, too mundane, mini adventures is an understatement.

I think I would prefer to run fewer gate towns but take things into some other weird and wonderful locations and spend a bit more attention there.


Found some very good ideas in this thread…


  • The entire Modron March was trapped by the planar glitch
  • This was part of a plan by a rogue Modron R40M and Shemeska.
  • The party were High level and hired by the authorities of Automata to find the lost March. They signed a contract in the hall of concordance to confirm this.
  • The rogue Modron wanted to free the Modrons from Primus’ programming. Shemeska wanted to use Modrons as a gray planar influencer. Shifting the balance to whichever side would pay her the most. Currently the fiends are paying the most so she is influencing the planes towards chaotic evil.
  • the players previous incarnations followed the path of the Modron March to Gzemnids realm but died there - getting trapped in the glitch.
  • the rogue Modron was imprisoned but it escaped and fled to the walking castle.
  • when the players reincarnated they returned to Shemeska she realised she was outmatched so partly imprisoned the players in her mosaic - because of the glitch just a vestige of their souls. She then had her two goons work the players over draining their memories. Dumping their bodies at the mortuary hoping they would be cremated.
  • the players wake with a few of their belongings. (Or some of their belongings are stolen if you want to make it more like torment) these belongings link to several locations in Sigil - a key to the sensorium in the Civic Festhall, a receipt for the great foundry etc.
  • from there they effectively attempt to retrace their own steps through the planes following their interactions with the march.

For reincarnation the glitch causes them to reform wherever the closest concentration of glitched players is - if they all die they reawaken in the mortuary because that’s where most of their remains last existed.

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