(ENN) Industry Veteran Steve Perrin Returns to the Golden Age

Few writer/designers in the RPG field today have a resume quite like Steve Perrin's. He's arguably one of the most defining and influential names in gaming, especially when you look at the development of games (and companies) outside of TSR. To see his work coming back into prominence is a treat for those of us who know him, or at least know his work.


Against the Axis is a WW2 era superhero RPG supplement written by gaming luminary Steve Perrin for ICONS. It's set in the Stark City campaign setting - but Stark City is not required.

Fainting Goat Games has struck a deal with long-time fan-favorite publishing house Heroic Comics that allows us to use several of their Golden Age characters in this setting. In addition, Heroic will be publishing a special Golden Age comic written by Steve Perrin that ties in with Against the Axis.

They've also got a version for the SUPERS! and Savage Worlds systems coming out. I hope this is just the beginning for Steve, who remains one of the best folks I know.


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