Release (ENN) Kobold Press release Bill Slavicsek's "Blood Vaults of Sister Alkava" for 5th Edition

Kobold Press have released a new Ravenloft-ish gothic adventure, "Blood Vaults of Sister Alkava", by former Wizards of the Coast D&D director Bill Slavicsek. The adventure is for 5th and 6th level PCs for four to six players.

Nightmare of Blood!

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The village of Karvolia has paid its annual tribute of blood to the Red Goddess - but this year, none of the donors returned. Now the priestess commands the village elders to send another dozen young men and women to the edifice of stone that looms on the cliffs overlooking the village: the dreaded Blood Vaults.

The terrified elders are willing to pay adventurers handsomely to find a way to make this second tribute pass them by. Unfortunately, the latest set of donors has already entered the Blood Vaults, and are being prepared for the donation.

The adventure includes:

  • A macabre adventure set in the vampire-ruled Principality of Mergau and Doresh
  • Deadly new foes, including the blood pudding, blood zombie, and Sister Alkava herself
  • Gorgeous full-color art by Bruno Balixa, Micah Epstein, Marcel Mercado, Florian Stitz, and a map of the Blood Vaults by Michael Turney.

Written for the Midgard Campaign Setting, this adventure can be dropped into any 5th Edition campaign. Can you infiltrate the Blood Vaults, rescue the victims, and stop Sister Alkava before her power grows too great to contain?

The adventure is currently available on PDF through Kobold Press' webstore.
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