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ENnie-nominated CORPORIA now 'Pay What You Want' until August 1st

Mark Plemmons

In celebration of this year's ENnie award nomination for Best Electronic Book, the price of the full Corporia RPG rulebook PDF is now "Pay What You Want" on DriveThruRPG, RPGNow, and affiliated sites!

I hope you enjoy it! I put a lot of work into making Corporia an easy electronic read, so I think Best Electronic Book is a great category for Corporia (though I'm equally proud of the rules and setting, of course).

For instance, the layout is in single-column format and designed so that you can easily read one page on a tablet, or a two-page spread on a desktop monitor. Not only is there a detailed table of contents, but each chapter begins with its own mini table of contents for ease of reference.

Each of the six chapters also has a prominent color that often appears as a font, border, or background on most charts, tables, and even within the art itself (the character chapter is green, the equipment chapter is red, the assets and magic chapter is orange, and so on). These colors actually make cross-referencing instinctive as your brain makes the automatic association between color and chapter!

The PDF is, of course, extensively bookmarked and provides clickable/touchable links whenever a page number or section is mentioned in the body, the tables of contents, and the index. However, I also numbered and linked sections of the sample character sheet and the city district map, so you can easily touch the section in question and jump to the text discussing it. The index also uses red text to indicate the links intended for the Director's (aka game master's) eyes only. And so on!

There are a lot of great products in this year's nominations, so please take the time to vote for your favorites (voting will run July 20th through July 30th) when the time comes!

Thanks for reading!

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