ENWorld Photoshop Challenge: Hate of d02

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Before this falls into oblivion, I want to submit another one...



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Mystery Man said:
Dark Jester your photos don't show up. Dude got no skillz.:p
it's weird, because sometimes they do, and sometimes they don't (for me).

Checked his linking site (photodump) and they're having a server move. That would probably explain the little red X's


I tried to photoshop a Nasdaq picture, but I couldn't get the perspective right. It's a nifty idea for someone more able than me, though.


Been here a while...
diaglo said:
this is one of my favorite threads.:)

Yoor just a h8 d02 fanboy! This whole thred is teh stupid. My hat of d02 fotoshop challenges know no limit. This whole thred just get bigger and bigger over time. Theres no way to stop it...

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