WOIN EONS 77 PsiTek Companion Stones


For the stone that provides a +2 to a Psi Skill do you mean... For Example: I have a 4 Telepathy and a PSI 10. I try to read a Mind and my telepathy counts as 6 so i roll 7d6 OR is it I roll 6d6 and add two to the rolled value?

BTW: Really enjoyed this! I love all the ideas... and the Psi detonator... my players will never get one but I look forward to a certain telepath with black eyes (of B5 loving) blowing up Syria Planum with one : ) Too cool!


Well, that was fun
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Your telepathy counts as 6.

Glad you liked it! My PCs actually do have one. They don’t know what to do with it!