D&D 4E Epic Destiny: Akashic Blade (Carver of History)


Arcadian Knight
Akashic Blade (Carver of History)

This is the root of an idea still in progress, Inspired by Thief of Legend.

You are one of the lords of Justice and the memory keeper of times lore. You are a master of history and can sometimes change events in the past carving them to match your desires and intentions.

This could evoke time travel and maybe even be a seed for time travel storylines. Your Destiny Quest may involve time travelling where the character and his friends fix personal tragedies within their pasts.Upon finishing the Journey you realize there are even greater tragedies in the distant past and future transcend time you seek out to make them right.

Timeless Memory Level 21: Intelligence +2 and +2 on any other stat. Though in theory you have perfect memory every once in a while you remember things echoed into the world memory itself from other possibilities and timelines instead. Once per encounter, you may choose to have a roll of 20 on your history or insight check automatically. (A flash from the akashic record is revealing about your subject)

Greater Undoing Level 24 when a character is defeated you can walk back through the story of their past and undo the evil they did or even adjust it as though they never existed or you may be able to walk back to some time before yourself or an ally died. . Generally speaking while you may restore many lives Destroying a demon that ravaged this part of the world through this editing process those you save will be generally unaware how your activity aided them however by spending karma points you can tweak the story in other ways to marshal troops or followers and gain reputation among now grateful allies.

Akashic Adjustment Change something in an enemy's past to have a dramatic impact on the current scenario.

Akashic Isolation: an enemy you are about to fight might lose their followers or have them assigned elsewhere; they are out of play and so their followers are no longer here to support them. Perhaps save ends to bring them back on the field. The 3rd failed save and they are gone completely.

Location Slip: Change the location of a battle to one favorable to your allies. Perhaps only your team can make use of environmental features previously benefiting the enemy?
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