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Erekose's Savage Tide Adventure Path [RG]

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Julian Hemlock - half elf bard 1

Name: Julian Hemlock
race class level: Half-elf Bard 1
size type subtype: Medium humanoid(elf)
Alignment: Neutral Good
Init +2; Senses Listen 2+, Spot +2; Low-light vision
Languages: Common, Elven, Draconic, orc, Olman, gnome, goblin
AC 15, flatfooted 13, touch 12;
HP 7 (HD 1d6+1)
Fort +2, Ref +4, Will +3;
Spd 30';
Melee: long sword +2 (1d8+3/19-20/x2);
Ranged: short bow +2 (1d6/x3) Range 60', 20 ammunition;
Attack Options:
Base Atk +0, Grapple +2;
Spells: 4 0th known. 2 uses/day
0th - Daze, mending, mage hand, message (DC 11)

Also knows light, prestidigitation & detect magic from feat. Each of these can be used 1x/day as a spell like ability as a 1st level caster.
Class & Race Abilities: Immunity to sleep & similar magical effects, +2 save vs. enchantment, low light vision

Bardic knowledge (+3),Bardic music (5x/day): countersong, fascinate, inspire courage
Abilities: Str 14, Dex 14, Con 13, Int 14, Wis 12, Cha 14
XP: 0
Feats: Knack for Magic (Savage tide 1st level feat), Extra Music
Skills (32 ranks total) Modifier skill (ranks): +4 Balance(2), +5 Bluff(4), +4 Diplomacy(0), +5 Gather information(1), +1 Jump(0), +4 Knowledge(arcana)(2), +3 Knowledge(geography)(1), +6 Knowledge(history)(4), +6 Perform(singing)(4), +2 Profession(sailor)(1), +5 Sense Motive(4), Speak Languages: Olman, gnome, goblin(3), +5 Spellcraft(1), +1 Swim(1), +5 Tumble(4)
Possessions: [sblock]
Studded Leather Armor (25 gps; 20 lbs)

long sword (15 gps; 4 lbs)
short bow (30;2)
quiver, 20 arrows (1;3)
dagger (2;1)

Backpack (2;2)
[]waterskin (1;4)
[]3 days rations (1.5;3)
[]quill and drawing pad (1;1)
[]signal whistle(0.8;0)
[]bottle of black ink(8;0)
[]50 feet of silk rope(10;5)
[]empty sack(.1;.5)

Spell pouch (5;2)

Money: 57gp, 6sp, 0cp.
Encumbrance: 47.5 lbs; Load: Light (58lbs) [/sblock]

Description: [sblock]Julian is fair haired and green eyed. He is good looking, and a bit rakish in dress. He wears his curly hair long, to his shoulders. [/sblock]

Personality: [sblock]Happy, curious, adventuresome. Recently a bit depressed & preoccupied by the death of his friend, and trying to find his place in the world.[/sblock]

History:[sblock] Julian's mother, Sydney Anassi, skipped out on her tailor-shop owning parents in the merchant district of Sasserine, to elope with an exciting young man named Arturo Hemlock. Arturo worked for Zelkarune's Horns. Sydney began to accompany her warrior husband into the jungle. It was exciting work,though Sydney had no business being there. Her cocky boyfriend brought her anyway, as he loved to revel in her attentions.

This worked for a few months. Then, while hunting a giant anaconda in the swamps, Arturo and his team were ambushed by Olmans. No one knew exactly what the group had done to offend the Olmans, but it must have been bad. Arturi's team was killed to the last man. Sydney wasn't killed, but suffered, as captives often do.

Eventually, she managed to return to Sasserine. She went back to her parent's tailor shop and worked as a clerk. Soon, she realized she was pregnant. Soon after the birth, she realized the child wasn't Arturo's. The child had green eyes and pointed ears. He looked like he had elf blood. This mystified Sydney, as there had been no elves among her tormentors, that she could recall. None the less, she gave him her Arturo's family name of Hemlock. She didn't tell Arturo's family in the Champion's District, though.

When the child was still quite young, she summoned all her courage and approached a frequent client at her parent's shop, a respected elf wizard and scholar named Covaltine Meekro. The elf was kindly and lonely, as Sydney had sensed, and agreed to tutor the boy in elvish.

It wasn't long before young Julian had charmed the old elf. The man soon began to look upon him as the child he had never had. Julian ended up spending much more time in Covaltine's home than his mother's. Covaltine lived and taught at The House of the Dragon, a school and library in the Noble district. Julian was an able student, who quickly picked up magic and languages. He very much enjoyed reading and spent many hours in the library. Covaltine would have liked to train Julian as a wizard, but the boy had little interest in this. He liked less-structured studies, such as poems, songs, adventure stories. He also liked running about outdoors with his young human friend, Arkan Almat.

As he grew, Julian felt uncomfortable in the Noble district. He never forgot where is mother came from. He decided he'd like to see more of the world. He managed to get a job on a whaling ship. There he learned the basics of sailing, learned lots of songs, and saw the Hold of the Sea Princes, the Scarlet Brotherhood and Sunndi.

He recently returned to Sasserine after a traumatic event. He was sailing on the whaler, the Sea Wolf, when they stopped to get some water at a freshwater stream on the coast of the Amedio jungle. Suddnely, they were attacked. Darts and arrows sliced out of the trees. Long canoes filled with Olmen paddled out to cut off the escape of their small boats. A number of sailers were cut down, including Julian's best friend from boyhood, Arkan Almat.

Julian couldn't understand whey they were attacked so suddenly and without reason. He figured it was probably a misunderstanding. He began to shout at the Olmen in their own language, which he had learned at the House of the Dragon. Sure enough, they paused to listen to the charming young half elf. He explained his crew had only stopped to take on fresh water and meant no harm. It was explained to him that this was a sacred stream, and the ancient home of a black dragon. If the dragon felt that the sailors were defiling her waters, she might take out her wrath on the Olmen.

Only with great difficulty was Julian able to talk the Olmen into letting the surviving crewmen return to their whaler. He gave them various gifts, anything he could get his hands on. He told them various stories of their own supernatural powers. He lied and fawned until finally the Olmen left.

The captain, Slate Larsen, was amazed that this young cabin-boy was able to talk to the 'savages' in the jungle. The Captain had only ever used force against the Olmen. He credited Julian with saving his life and asked him to join his crew as an officer.

Julian reflected on this proposal as the ship sailed back to Sasserine. He told Slate he would get back to him on it. He wanted to spend some time conversing with his mother and Covaltine. He also wanted to report to Arkan's parents the death of their son. They lived in the Nobles quarters as well, servents to the Lido family.

Julian is also spending time at various taverns, swapping stories and songs. This is how he relaxes, and it is one of the few ways he can avoid thinking about the death of his friend.[/sblock]
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Rystil Arden

First Post
Alixtus Meravanchi
Male Human Warlock 1 [Complete Arcane / Complete Mage]
Medium Humanoid
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Height: 5' 7''
Weight: 146lbs
Hair: Vibrant Red
Eyes: Bright Blue
Age: 21

Str: 7 (-2) [-1 points]
Dex: 16 (+3) [10 points]
Con: 12 (+1) [4 points]
Int: 16 (+3) [10 points]
Wis: 8 (-1) [0 points]
Cha: 16 (+3) [10 points]

Hit Dice: 1d6+1
HP: 7
DR: 2 / cold iron
AC: 17 (13 touch, 14 flat-footed)
ACP: 0
Init: +3 (+3 Dex)
Speed: 30ft Land

Fortitude +1 [+0 base, +1 Con]
Reflex +3 [+0 base, +3 Dex]
Will +1 / +4 [+2 base, -1 Wis, +3 vs Enchantment effects]

BAB: +0
Melee Atk: -2 (1d6-2 x2 B&P, morningstar),
Ranged Atk: +3 (1d6 x2 Untyped Magic, Eldritch Blast)

Appraise +3 [0 ranks, +3 Int]
Balance +3 [0 ranks, +3 Dex]
Bluff +13 [4 ranks, +3 Cha, +6 Beguiling Influence]
Climb -2 [0 ranks, -2 Str]
Concentration +2 [1 rank, +1 Con]
Craft +3 [0 ranks, +3 Int]
Diplomacy +13 [4 ranks, +3 Cha, +6 Beguiling Influence]
Disguise +3 [0 ranks, +3 Cha]
Escape Artist +3 [0 ranks, +3 Dex]
Forgery +3 [0 ranks, +3 Int]
Gather Information +3 [0 ranks, +3 Cha]
Heal -1 [0 ranks, -1 Wis]
Hide +3 [0 ranks, +3 Dex]
Intimidate +9 [0 ranks, +3 Cha, +6 Beguiling Influence]
Jump -2 (+3) [0 ranks, -2 Str]
Knowledge (arcana) +4 [1 rank, +3 Int]
Knowledge (history) +5 [0 ranks, +3 Int, +2 and untrained use Academy Graduate]
Knowledge (nobility and royalty) +9 [4 ranks, +3 Int, +2 Academy Graduate]
Knowledge (the planes) +4 [1 rank, +3 Int]
Listen -1 [0 ranks, -1 Wis]
Move Silently +3 [0 ranks, +3 Dex]
Perform +3 [0 ranks, +3 Cha]
Ride +3 [0 ranks, +3 Dex]
Search +3 [0 ranks, +3 Int]
Sense Motive +3 [4 ranks, -1 Wis]
Spellcraft +4 [1 ranks, +3 Int]
Spot -1 [0 ranks, -1 Wis]
Survival -1 [0 ranks, -1 Wis]
Swim -2 [0 ranks, -2 Str]
Use Magic Device +7 [4 ranks, +3 Cha]
Use Rope +3 [0 ranks, +3 Dex]

Academy Graduate
Fey Heritage
Fey Skin

Languages: Common, Abyssal, Aquan, Sylvan

Eldritch Blast: 1d6

Beguiling Influence


Chain Shirt
Traveler's Outfit
Courtier's Outfit + Jewelry

[SBLOCK=Backstory]Alixtus Meravanchi is the heir of the minor noble house of Meravanchi, the son of Zebula and Amneris (NOTE: invented name as wife is unlisted in the player's guide--tell me what to replace it with if that is listed anywhere) Meravanchi. Alixtus has always been...just a bit different. Lux Seoni (NOTE: she was possibly not the Mistress of the tower yet at that point, based on the timeline, so I didn't give her a title), whom Zebula and Amneris paid to inspect him as an infant because of a strange aura around him, called him an 'atavist', a term that nobody else understood. The Witchwarden tried to explain it as someone who displays unusual traits of an ancestor, even moreso than the skipped intermediary generations, but they still didn't know quite what that meant...at least until Alixtus's powers began to manifest fully.

In the Cloudcrystal Academy , his uncanny knack for getting what he wanted seemed almost supernatural, whether it was his way with the ladies, his persuasive arguments to reconsider his scores on a written exam, his skill in debating, or his successful run for class president, which surprised everyone since he edged out the heirs and scions of some of the much more important noble houses. This created a bit of resentment, though it would have been a lot more if his rivals didn't find him so darned likeable and difficult to resent--in fact, notably Trisha Lidu, a strong rival candidate and daughter of the famed noble house, voted for him instead of herself; she came in second and so was instated as vice president. Of course, he didn't know that she voted for him at the time, and he wasn't really in her circles--he mainly considered Trisha to be a pampered and stuck-up bitch who had everything handed to her on a silver platter.

His way with people was not the problem, however--it seemed more a blessing than a curse. The trouble came one night during a vivid nightmare, when Alixtus woke up with a shock to find his room scorched and burned as if by raw magic. Beginning that night, he began to notice a fey eerie glow that sometimes surrounded him or parts of him, that he tried his best to keep hidden. One day, however, the aura intensified around his hand and vaporised the pen he was using to write. Later, it began to even lash out at things from farther away, without Alixtus actually contacting the object. Frightened and afraid to admit to his unusual malady, he decided to resign the presidency to Trisha in his final term at school. She seemed concerned and demanded to know the full details behind the resignation, and he blurted them out, secretly happy to not have to keep it a secret. He expected her to flee in horror or maybe smirk in self-satisfaction, but she seemed both genuinely concerned for him and not at all repulsed by his strange affliction. They talked for a long time, and this is when he learned that she had actually voted for him. He decided that she was nothing like he'd imagined her to be because of his preconceptions, and he felt a bit shallow for doing so. She convinced him not to resign and promised to keep his secret safe. However, some people saw his strange glow or the destructive lashing blasts, and rumours began to spread. Many of his friends and acquaintances ignored the rumours. To others, the mystery and danger made him even more attractive. For Trisha, at least, it brought them closer as president/vice president and friends during that last term, as Alixtus had tried to ignore her and not work with her up to that point. There was a sizable portion of the student body, however, that was made uneasy, however, and began to be a bit frightened of him. Between those students and the ones who thought the mystery was cool, rumours began to pop up:

"Alixtus was the spawn of a demon--the debauched Zebula Meravanchi mated with a succubus." "Wait, no--a succubus and a mortal always produced a female child, so maybe Amneris was raped by a demon." "Wait, what if Zebula mated with a half-succubus then, could that lead to a male? That could explain why he had no visible demon features." "Come on, he's not part-demon. They're wild and crazy, and he's slick and refined. Obviously, Zebula mated with a devil." "Fool, all female devils are sterile, that can't be right. What if Amneris was raped by a..." "What is it with you and women being raped by evil things?" "Hey, at least I'm not the one who always brings up succubi." "Speaking of succubi, you forgot about erinyes--they're fallen angels, and they're not sterile like the other baatezu. Maybe he's half-erinyes." "That's pushing it." "Well, you know what I think?" "We're not asking you." "Yeah, well I think he's dreamy--what if he's part fey?" "Fey? He doesn't sprinkle people with pixie dust--he zaps them to death with black magic!" "Fey aren't only little pixies, you know. There are dark fey too in the legends, and spirits of all aspects of nature, including the elements, like water, fire, and other destructive forces." "Aren't those elementals." "Not always, elementals are made of the elements, while fey embody the spirit." "Actually, maybe he's part elemental, or dragon. Everything is better with dragons."

With all the rumours abounding, after graduation, Alixtus asked his parents what they knew, and they told him about the atavist finding of the Witchwarden. Alixtus tried to dig up some research on the family tree, and based on some sketchy and tenuous conclusions, he decided that he may be part fey, at least if the atavist theory is correct. Either way, he has been in a bit of a funk after graduation, since he is used to being a social butterfly, surrounded by friends, and now he's all alone for the most part. He hadn't even really seen any of his girlfriends from the Academy (though admittedly he stopped seeing them regularly after his power manifested because he didn't feel they were safe with him at night after the burned room incident) or his vice president Trisha. He has been adjusting to his new life by doing some odd jobs helping with his father's decadent entertainment interests, but he doesn't feel that is the life for him. He needs something more. Secretly, he has been focusing and practising with his powers, and he has learned to control his blasts to the point where he feels safe around others at all times--in fact it has proven an effective weapon. Recently, as he was leaving Shadowshore on an errand (father needed him to check for something at the Black Market) and had just reached the Noble District, he came across a cloaked young woman beset by thugs, knocked unconscious before his eyes and probably about to be robbed and killed, or maybe sold into slavery to the Scarlet Brotherhood. Not one to leave a damsel in distress, he blasted one of the thugs by surprise and took another before they could react. He intimidated the other thugs into fleeing. They no doubt reported their unusual attacker and earned him the enmity of their gang, or worse, the Thieve's Guild, but he didn't care. Surprisingly, with the cloak removed, the young woman turned out to be Trisha Lidu. But why would someone put out a hit on Trisha, unless this was a random attack? A quick search of the downed thugs showed the mark of the Guild, so it couldn't have been random. But why? Her family and her father were well-respected. His only guess was that it might have been someone from the Champion's District. They've had a grudge against the nobles, and thus perhaps against the Lidus, and Trisha is young, unexperienced, and a perfect vulnerable target. Alixtus called the guard to impound the attackers, and he took Trisha back to her home himself, cradling the lithe young woman in his arms, which would have been easier if he had any appreciable upper body strength. Fortunately, his arms were spared when she woozily awoke partway through and requested to walk. She was surprised to be alive, having thought the thugs would kill her, though Alixtus now thought it might have been a kidnapping for ransom or to force her father's hand on a political matter. She was doubly surprised to see Alixtus, and triply surprised that he was her saviour. Even Alixtus's strongest proponents (perhaps especially his strongest proponents), knew that he was a weakling when it came to fighting. She questioned about that, and he simply winked and said, "Worry not, fair Trisha, I have everything under control now," creating harmless light around his fingertips and brushing her cheek to emphasise the hidden meaning of his words. With the rescue of Trisha, which of course the grateful young lady played up when explaining it to her family, Alixtus was hailed a hero by many, a fact which his father predictably exploited in an attempt to drum up his business through the publicity. Alixtus supposed he shouldn't have expected any less from his father, but he really didn't want to make a big deal about it, particularly in that way. Still, thanks to Zebula, for better or for worse, Alixtus may well be building a reputation for himself, a reputation that may cause some to admire him and others, particularly Trisha's assailants, to mark him an enemy.[/SBLOCK]
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Nathan Lidu

Nathan Lidu
Human Cleric of Moquol 1st lvl
Alignment: NG
Init +1; Senses Listen +3, Spot +3;
Languages: Common, Celestial, Dwarven
Age: 25 Hgt: 5'11 Wgt: 160 Hair: Black Eyes: Blue
AC 15, flatfooted 14, touch 11;
HP 10 (HD 1d8+2)
Fort +4, Ref +1, Will +5
Spd 30'
Melee: Quarterstaff +1 (1d6+2/20/x2);
Ranged: Light Crossbow +1 (1d8/19-20/x2) Range 80', 30 ammunition
Attack Options:
Base Atk +0, Grapple +1;
Spells: 3 0th/ 3 1st

1st - Command (DC 14), Bless, Detect Secret Doors (D)
0th – Guidance, Light, Mending (DC 13)

Domains: Knowledge; Travel
Abilities: Str 13, Dex 12, Con 14, Int 15, Wis 17, Cha 16
XP: 0

Feats: Academy Graduate: Appraise, Gather Information and Search are all considered class skills. +2 Bonus to knowledge (history) and (nobility and royalty) and may use these skills untrained. (1st lvl Background Bonus); Investigator: +2 bonus to Gather Information and Search checks (Human Bonus); Open Minded (1st lvl class Feat)

Skills: Appraise +3(1); Concentration +4(2); Diplomacy +7(4); Gather Information +7(2); Heal +5(2); Knowledge (Arcana) +4(2); Knowledge (Local) +4(2), Knowledge (nobility and royalty) +6(2); Knowledge (religion) +6(4) Search +6(2); Spellcraft +4(2)

Possessions: Light Crossbow w/30 bolts; Quarterstaff; Chain Shirt; Silver Holy Symbol of Moquol; Backpack; Signet Ring (House Lidu); 3 sunrods

Money: 24gp, 0sp, 0cp.

Encumbrance: 42lbs; Load: Light 50lbs/Medium 100lbs/Heavy 150lbs

[sblock=Description] Dressed in his custom fitted shirts and pants as well as his polished riding boots, Nathan Lidu cuts a striking figure when he strolls around Sasserine. With the piercing blue eyes of his father and the olive skin of his mother, Nathan combines the best of both worlds in a way that infuriates his siblings and makes the females from the other noble houses wish he was a pure blood Lidu.

He wears his silver medallion of Moquol proudly and while he does not often need to carry his crossbow with him, he keeps it secured in a chest with his armor and pack.[/sblock]

[sblock=Personality] With an infectious laugh and an easy manner about him, it is hard not to like Nathan. While his family name is an older one, he wisely keeps his thoughts more focused on the present and because of that he tends to relate better to the commoners of Sasserine than his “blue-blooded” kin. [/sblock]

[sblock=History] Born a bastard into the family, it was not easy for Nathan to find his role among his siblings. Accepted only in the most limited sense of the word, Nathan soon learned that the further he was away from his family the smoother his life became. A quick study with his letters and sums, he was educated at the Academy in the proper techniques of managing one of the smaller shipping companies that Worrin Lidu owned. Nathan held no illusions that this was his family’s way of saving their crumbling reputation by getting rid of the last vestige of Worrin’s midlife crisis. What the family did not expect was that shortly after enrolling in his classes, Nathan would request to join the followers of Moquol, the god of merchants. The tenets of the faith came easy to him and the church knew that if his family sent him away, they would still prosper from his ties in Sasserine.

Arriving back from a brief trip to the Spice Isles, during which Nathan acquitted himself quite well in his dual role of priest and representative of the Lidu family, Nathan is hesitant to stay in Sasserine too long. For the moment, his family is enjoying his company due to his successful trading trip, but as Moquol teaches, “Even silver tarnishes if left to sit too long”.[/sblock]
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Tereg Nna Ythelen

Tereg Nna Ythelen;
Quickling Faen Spellthief 1;
small humanoid (faen);
Alignment: CG
Init +5; Senses Listen +0, Spot +0; Low-light vision
Languages: Common, Faen, Aquan, Elvish, Draconic
AC 17, flatfooted 13, touch 15;
HP 6 (HD 1d6)
Fort +0, Ref +4, Will +2;
Spd 20';
Melee: dagger +5 (1d3/19-20/x2);
Melee: quarterstaff +1 (1d4/20/x2);
Ranged: light crossbow +5 (1d6/19-20/x2) Range 80', 20 bolts;
Attack Options: sneak attack +1d6, steal spell (0th/1st)
Base Atk +0, Grapple -4;
Arcane Spell Failure: 10%
Abilities: Str 10, Dex 19, Con 11, Int 16, Wis 11, Cha 14.
XP: 0/1000
Feats: Weapon Finesse, Ambidexterity
Skills: Disable Device +9 (4), Hide +14 (4), Knowledge (arcana) +5 (2), Knowledge (local) +7 (4), Move Silently +10 (4), Open Lock +10 (4), Search +7 (4), Spellcraft +7 (4), Swim +2 (2), Tumble +8 (4)
Possessions: light crossbow (35gp, 2lbs), dagger (2) (4gp, 1lbs), quarterstaff (2lbs), bolts (20) (2gp, 1lb), leather armor (10gp, 7.5lbs), Masterwork thieves tools (100gp, 2lb), Spell Component Pouch (5gp, 2lb), Wooden Holy symbol (1gp)
Money: 2gp, 9sp, 9cp.
Encumbrance: 17.5lbs; Load: Light (24.75lbs)

[sblock]Description: Tereg looks to be in what to a human would be his early to mid twenties; he is slight, even for his race and has the kind of face that likely would not stick out in a crowd. Dark hair is neatly combed up into a loose queue; bangs kept relatively short just hint at blue-gray eyes that take on his surroundings constantly.

His clothing is practical and favours the earth-tones, and a small ear-cuff connects to a dark stone in his left earlobe; for the most part he could pass as a struggling merchant or one of the fortune seekers often found in the port taverns.

Personality: Tereg is for the most part absolutely in love with himself. This is not meant in the sense that he is vain, but rather that he believes that he is destined to greater things than running his aunt’s portside tavern. Friendly and somewhat of a chatterbox, his warmth is genuine –if purposeful. He’d much rather trick someone into giving him what he wants than actually have to use force to acquire it.

History: Quick with a smile and quicker with his hands, he has acquired a reputation in certain circles as being the man to contact when important missives are misplaced or when items need to be recovered without fuss or question. Most of his employers believe Tereg to be the apprentice or errand boy of a master thief and occasional spy. While his talents exist, a lot of the rumours of his deeds have been spread by Tereg himself, who is rather enthusiastically seeking ways of making them come true.

Tereg now works at his parent's inn, the Gilded Gown. His parents have unfortunately departed this world. They have left the inn and their son in the care of his aunt, Aunt Estella, the Ample Bossomed. Tereg helps his aunt run it, though she puts the fear of St. Cuthbert in him. His side business, information, is something that Tereg wants desperately to keep from his aunt.

Tereg fell into his other line of business in the recent past. A trio of ne're do wells had been sitting in the corner of the inn one stormy night. The larger one in the corner was talking a little too loudly and Tereg overheard. The thief, called Black Rufus, had managed to steal a letter from one of the noble women and was planning to sell it. Valuable as blackmail, the thief was certain that he'd get quite a pretty penny for it. As the three drank deeper, Tereg took the opportunity to swipe the letter from the would-be blackmailer.

The next day Tereg looked at the broken seal on the letter and found that it belonged to the family Vanderboren. Taking a chance Tereg went to the Vanderboren manor in the Merchant district and spoke with the lady of the manor. He returned the letter to her, letting her know that the local thieves guild, the Lotus Dragons, had stolen it to blackmail her. The lady offered Tereg a fine reward which he politely declined.

From that day forward, the Vanderboren family and a number of other noble friends of theirs have called upon Tereg for his descrete skills in stealth and spying. He seeks a chance to be recognized for his talents and accumulate a reputation among the upper class. For all that he intends to find a way to help his aunt and him retire comfortably without having to run that silly inn.[/sblock]


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Jerrell Rivers, Human Swashbuckler 1

Jerrell Rivers
Human Swashbuckler 1
Medium Humanoid
Neutral Good
Init +3; Senses Listen +2, Spot +2;
Languages: Common, Dwarven, Elven, Gnome, Halfling
AC 18, flatfooted 15, touch 13;
HP 13 (HD 1d10+3)
Fort +5, Ref +3, Will +2;
Spd 30';
Melee: Rapier +4 (1d6+3/18-20x2);
Melee: Dagger +4 (1d4+3/19-20x2);
Melee: Rapier +2 (1d6+3/18-20x2), Light Spiked Wooden Shield +2 (1d3+3/x2);
Ranged: Dagger +4 (1d4+3/19-20x2) Range 10', 1 ammunition;
Attack Options:
Base Atk +1, Grapple +4;
Abilities: Str 16 [+3], Dex 17 [+3], Con 16 [+3], Int 16 [+3], Wis 14 [+2], Cha 10 [+0].
XP: 0
Feats: Water Rats, Imporved Unarmed Strike, Two-Weapon Figthing, Weapon Finesse
Skills: Balance +7 [4], Bluff +1 [1], Climb +7 [4], Diplomacy +1 [1], Jump +7 [4], Profession (Sailor) +6 [4], Sense Motive +4 [2], Swim +9 [4], Tumble +7 [4], Use Rope +7 [4]
Possessions: Sailor's Outfit (Free, 2lbs), Dagger (2gp, 1lbs), Rapier(20gp, 2lbs), Chain Shirt (100gp, 25lbs), Light Wooden Shield (13gp, 10lbs)
Money: 105gp, 0sp, 0cp.
Encumbrance: 35lbs; Load: 76/153/230
[SBLOCK=Description]Jerrell is a large and massive man. He is standing on his six feet and four inch and weight around two hundread and ten pounds. Even with his size, he is quite agile and gracious.

He shaves his head, as it is easier to maintain in long trips. His blue eyes might remind teh color fo the sea and a two day beard can generally be seen on hsi face. When he look at someone, he always have the joyous look of an old friend, even to a stranger.[/SBLOCK]
[SBLOCK=Personality]Jerrell is a reserve man. As a young kids that have become a street rats, he had been took under the wing of Old Furgus, who gave him a chance to go on see in exchange of a tight self-discipline. That make him patient and quiet, prefering the lonelyness of the crow nest over the crowded game of cards with rhum. But when action is about to start, he is the first to join the group and he will alwats be there for his companions and he will do his job at his best.[/SBLOCK]
[SBLOCK=History]Jerrell Rivers was standing in the crow's nest. he was feeling the wind on his face. He remembered the first time he had place his feet on the boat for his first hunting trip. He was so young that old Furgus gave him the name of Little Rat. He was only 9 years old at that time. He was small and was there to the manual tasks that the others didn't wanted. As an orphan, he had been lucky to find that occasion to get out of the street. Since that day, he has passed half his life on this boat, hunting for whales.

Ten years later, the small kid was a large man. Standing on his six feet four inches, his two hundred ten pounds massive body haven’t lost his agility, nor he has lost his nickname; little rat. He climbs and walks on the precarious surface a boat have offer without trouble, and he eat like two persons, just like a rat, but he worth two men. His knowledge of the sea is great for his young age and his strength and endurance allow him to do the job some sailors cannot do alone, like carrying large and heavy pieces of whale, and his throw with a harpoon is precise and strong.

The sea has been quiet for a while, the wave a small and the sky is clear. The sun start to be heavy on his head, but Jerrell continues his job. The ship hasn’t been lucky and if they don't find a whale today, they might have to return to the city without a catch. But the wind seems to change when a small rainbow is spotted by his eyes. The breath of a whale!

"Whales!" shouts Jerrell, pointing at the side. All the sailors on the deck who seemed under some lifeless curse a moment ago quickly start to activate. More spring out from inside the ship. Half of them are looking at the horizon, seeing nothing, others are doing there job as the ship slowly turn. After ten minutes, another blow can be seen, more clearly, and all the sailors on the deck let out a cheer. They all start to activate.

The old Furgus finally show up on the deck. He takes a deep breath and makes sign to Jerrell. "Little Rats! Come down here, The Crow will take your place, you'll go on the captain rowboat, he wants to be there for that hunt." the old man shouts. Jerrell quickly execute and climb down with all the ease of a monkey. Another man quickly climbs up to take his place.

Jerrell quickly jump into the ship and climb down to the supply deck. He grabs a large pack of harpoon and climb back up. Once up there, he hands the harpoon to other sailors that quickly knot some rope at the extremity of them, to be able to retrieve the whale once killed. A great splash can be heard. The whales are near, and it will be time to take the sea. Jerrell put the harpoon in the different rowboat. He grab a dagger and put it at his belt, an habit he got, always useful if you need to cut a rope before the boat is overturned by a furious whale.

Jerrell enters a boat, followed by 6 others sailors and the captain. The boat is put to water, quickly followed by three other boats. Jerrell feel the rush of adrenaline in his body. Each time he takes the sea, he is about to fight against the greatest creature of the sea. Jerrell has more his fair of fight in the tavern. When sailor become too drunk, many get a hot tempers and fight happen. He generally come to the rescue of one of his friend or simply helping the barman by neutralizing both side, and Jerrell's punch was rough, but fighting a whale was another thing. How many time he has seen some sailors being pulled outside there boat or a boat being overturned. Some sailor give there life to be able to bring back such a prey. The sea is rarely merciful.

The whales are finally in range. Old Furgus, in another boat, look at the herd of whale. After a moment, he points one whale. The target has been chosen. The first harpoons are thrown. Two hit the whale. The blood starts to flow, the herd start to become nervous. The whales hear the one that is wounded. The wounded one starts to weaken. Jerrell throw his harpoon. It land on his head. The wound seems deep and the whale flaps his tail. The blow was painfull. The whale seems to panic and lose control. The agony has started and it will not be long before they could grab the body. The boat starts to pitch too much. Jerrell looks at the whale.

"We are too close. Row back! Row back!" he shouts to the four sailors who are rowing, but the sea current is bringing them closer. Too late, the tail hit the rowboat that break into two pieces. Jerrell is projected into the sea. He feels the cold water quickly crisping his muscle. He takes a moment before he conceives what just happen and quickly tries to find the way up to take his breath. As he feels the salty air of the sea filling again his lung, he opens his eyes. He looks around at the situation. Two rowboats are presently taking care of the whale while the third are fetching the sailors that are in the sea.

Old Furgus looks at Jerrell. "Little Rats, you are all right?"

"Yeah, all is ok. Where is the captain?"

Old Furgus doesn't answers and search the sea. He got his answer; the captain was still in the water.


A few sharks have been attracted by the blood of the whale. They are generally not dangerous, but if a sailor in the water is bleeding, they might get attacked. Jerrell stares around and see a lifeless body floating. He quickly starts to swim toward it. It is the captain, and his head is bleeding. He must get out of the water, quickly, thought Jerrell. He grabbed him and starts to swim towards Old Furgus, but another one has spotted the captain. A shark was swimming straight toward them. Jerrell, keeping the captain in one hand, reach for his dagger... but doesn't find it. He must have lost it when he had fallen into the water.

"Furg! A harpoon!" Jerrell shouts.

The shark was about to attack but Jerrell give a hard kick on the mouth. The shark didn't seem to like that, but Jerrell feels the pain in his feet. He just cut himself on some razor sharp teeth and now he was bleeding, and he was swimming hard, showing some sign of panic. That would bring more sharks. He continues to swim toward the ship. Now two sharks were swimming around them. A harpoon lands a few feet away from one of the shark. The shark swim away just to come back a moment later. Jerrell grabbed the harpoon and continue to swim. One of the sharks decided to attack. Jerrel thrust the harpoon and feel it penetrating the tough hides of the shark. The harpoon broke under the strength of the predator, but he swim away. Two more was starting to swim around, waiting for there chance.

Jerrell finally reach the rowboat. He pushes the captain into the rowboat, helped by two sailors in the boat.

"Watchout!" shouts Old Furgus

Jerrell quickly dive into the water and barely dodged the shark. Another one swim straight at him, preparing his charge. Jerrell grabbed the shark as he arrived next to him and start to fight against him. Jerrell was feeling his lung was starting to burn, but he feared that freeing the shark would just open him for an attack. Jerrell put his fingers into the shark's eye. It seemed painful and Jerrell decide it was the best moment to end that fight. The shark give a tail slap in his confusion and Jerrell lost what was remaining of air in his lung. He tried to swim back to surface but the breath was missing. He felt the darkness taking him, pulling him to heaven...

"You are the luckiest rat I've seen." told Old Furgus as Jerrell opened his eyes. "I thought we had pulled out of the water a death body, but it seems you are alive. The captain too will survive, thanks to you, or he would have been shark's food. Rest now, you can relax. We have our prey and we lost only one man. We will take care of your wounds once we will be on teh boat, but for now, you need to stay calm or you'll bleed to death."

Jerrell smiles at Old Furgus and closed his eyes, leaving the pitch of the boat to rock him like a baby. [/SBLOCK]
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