Ernest Gary Gygax (July 27, 1938 – March 4, 2008)

Thank you Gary. For everything. For the game, the friends, for your children, including Ernest. Without you there would be no D&D game as we know it, no Hobby Shop Dungeon as I've come to know it, no role-playing game hobby as we've come to love it.

You were a good guy, a gamer, a great creative person, and you are sorely missed.


Mark CMG

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Let's pause to remember Gary on this day. Ernest Gary Gygax (July 27, 1938 – March 4, 2008) - Born in Chicago, IL, was best known for co-creating the role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) with Dave Arneson in 1974. Gary is known to many as the father of the roleplaying game, D&D, and the fantasy setting of Greyhawk. Gary co-founded the International Federation of Wargamers (IFW) with Bill Speer and Scott Duncan in 1967. His interest particularly in the Medieval period prompted Gary to publish Chainmail in 1971, a miniatures wargame that simulated medieval-era tactical combat, originally written with hobby-shop owner Jeff Perren. His love of the fantasy fiction genre helped lead to his pioneering the new form of gaming, the D&D RPG. Aside from his work in RPGs, Gary wrote many fantasy fiction works including the Greyhawk Adventures series featuring Gord the Rogue as well as Artifact of Evil. Gary also worked on other RPGs like Dangerous Journeys and Lejendary Adventures. Gary passed away in 2008 after a long time living, creating, and gaming in Lake Geneva, WI. He will long be remembered as a loving father, a visionary, and a great man who loved great games. Thank you, Gary. You are missed.
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Well, that was fun
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If you can make that OP a little more substantive, Mark, I could promote it to a news item? I can't really promote a single line, unfortunately, but a short paragraph would do the trick!

Mark CMG

Creative Mountain Games
If you can make that OP a little more substantive, Mark, I could promote it to a news item? I can't really promote a single line, unfortunately, but a short paragraph would do the trick!

It hardly does him justice but I tried to hit the major points that would be important to the fans both of Gary and this website. And thanks to Odhanan for some ideas on what to include!
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Thank you, Gary, for all the adventures and endless hours of fun. Thanks to your work and that of Dave Arneson I've met some of the most valuable people in my life, had some of the most memorable experiences, and encountered an entire world of awe-inspiring imagination that has had such a deep impact in my time on this Earth that I couldn't imagine how it would have been otherwise.

I'm sure you're rolling 20s with the big guy upstairs. Meanwhile, your legacy will continue to grow down here on the ground, hopefully for many generations to come.


I had the good fortune of accidentally meeting E.G.G. at Gencon 2007. I was working as a vendor, sharing the booth the Gamemaster's Syndicate of whom I had provided printed RPG maps for the display. On Satuday, during the con, I decided to sneak out to the side steps to smoke a cigarette and get off my feet. When on the outside stairs, I couldn't find my lighter and someone put a zippo lighter to my cigarette. When I looked at the badge of the man lighting my cigarette, it was Gary Gygax smoking a Swisher Sweet. I nearly fell off the stairs as soon as I recognized him. We chatted a while about played games over the years. Although it was short and sweet having a conversation with him felt momentous at the time. Only to loose him less than a year later, I felt honored to have gotten that opportunity before he passed.


I still remember the exact moment I heard of his passing. I couldn't believe it at first. For a moment I just stared blankly at the screen. Then everything went all blurry and I cried like a baby. For someone I only talked with once or twice online, I had felt I was somehow a part of his "gamer family". His words helped shaped my youth, and I am eternally grateful for that. When I leave this prime material plane, first thing I'm doing is heading to Greyhawk to track the ol' guy down and shake his hand! Still love you Gary! Still missing you every day. :(


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Although I did not get to meet Gary in person, the impact of his work on my life has been evident through the years. Thanks Gary, for a lifetime full of memorable moments, wonderful people and amazing situations.


Thanks Gary, for everything. And thanks, ENWorld, for giving me a venue where he and I could converse before his death.

I was thinking that it's a shame I never got to meet him, but your post reminds me that we got to chat about a couple of things on EN World.

Thanks for so many hours of fun, and so many friendships, Gary.


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Guess my memory of the man is much different than what others give him credit for. Then again I have met them all. The old guard that started the RPG industry.

But credit is given when credit is due. It was Gygax's business sense and most important the "drive" that made an concept into a reality. Without D&D and role playing the Video Gaming industry would not have evolved as it is now. That is his legacy.

Not a bad thing overall would you not say?

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