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TSR Ernie Gygax GoFundMe (+)

Ernie Gygax (a.k.a. Ernest Gary Gygax Jr, son of Gary Gygax) has had a number of health issues. He's been in an out of the hospital over the past few months (mostly in). And he has previously had cancer and addiction issues that have had long term effects on is health.

A GoFundMe went up recently to help with medical bills and other related costs. Here's the link: Ernie "The Barbarian" Gygax Needs Aide, organized by Dave Conant

The summary paints a grim picture of his situation. In addition to the things that were previously public, the page notes "He even died for several minutes this past week, but was able to be revived." And the page talks about things in terms of "going forward with the time he has left" more than it does a path to recovery.

This thread is a + thread to give updates and well wishes to Ernie. It is not a place to discuss other events in recent history, which would be more appropriate in this thread.

Good luck, Ernie. We're all hoping for the best.

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Thank you for starting this. When people start attacking others for not publicly supporting a GoFundMe, it's getting a bit sanctimonious.


Doing the best imitation of myself
I was able to game with Ernie several years back at Gamehole Con. I had a wonderful time, because of all the stories. Gaming with him was 10% D&D and 90% stories. He was incredibly positive with his attitude at the time. Thanks for posting about this.

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