Escorting Lost Souls


First Post
Zek and Jin died in the cleared out Fallen Tower.
The rest of the group was mystically sucked into the dusty valley of the afterlife, following the departing souls. Two gods started contending for these departed - The Keeper sent his dracolich form and some shadowy minions out to fetch them, and the Forgotten One oozed out of a crevice at the edge of unreality to pull these souls to him.
Jin wanted to head for the Keeper's Lair, and Jin wanted nothing to do with either one! He tried to run. But the Keeper's minions chased him down and started dragging him back. And the rest of his so-called friends started using forced movement to push him into the Forgotten One's maw!
The battle vs the higher level dracolich solo that was essentially ignoring the beating it was taking as it kept trying to pull Zek and Jin in was very satisfying. It showed the group could fight a pretty bad ass monster without getting wiped out.
Eventually both Zek and Jin were pushed against their will into the Forgotten One's embrace, and the place they died in the real world became sacred ground for the Forgotten One.

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