D&D 5E Essentials Kit D&D Beyond Adventures?


So my Kit arrived this morning on the second delivery attempt, and after downloading an app to read the bar code thingy, and creating an account, I got onto D&D Beyond. Only to discover that the promised extra adventures don't seem to be downloadable?

Is this right - adventures on D&D Beyond can't be downloaded? I can't see how I can run it at table out of the browser so if so that seems to make them useless. :(

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IIRC, they have a beta offline reader for the phone app(?).
Also, I believe you can open the adventure in the website, crtl+p to open your print menu and change the printer to ''save as PDF'' to save the adventure pages as pdf on your PC.


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You can't download them as PDFs. You can download them to the DNDBEYOND mobile app so you can access them offline.

But the intent of DNDBEYOND adventures is pretty clearly that you would indeed run them on a browser by having a laptop at the table.


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I have done so. I’ve preloaded monsters and spells and chapters in a browser and then went offline. At least in some browsers it doesn’t try to refresh and works great that way.


I've been reading Acquisitions Inc. on the DNDBeyond App on my tablet and it's really great. Better than most of my book and comic book apps, in fact.

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