Established Flames of Freedom RPG Group looking for 1 player Tuesdays 1800-2200 CST -5 GMT CST


We are looking a reliable, mature player for our long-term weekly game. We currently are 2 sessions into a campaign intended for 50-70 weekly sessions.

THIS IS NOT D&D, IT IS Flames of Freedom RPG, a no-magic d100 system; an expansion of the Zweihander RPG

Tuesdays 1800-2200 CST -5 GMT CST

We are looking for one motivated player that is willing to make a commitment and put in the effort to make sure they are there for the game.

Flames of Freedom is a deadly system that is best for players who are willing to work together and share the spotlight.

No experience in the system or gaming required.

We play online using Discord audio and Roll20 VTT.

This is light versus darkness themed setting; the American Revolution is being fought in the background as the PCs conduct operations and investigations for the Continental Congress. As the campaign develops, this will draw them into a war far darker and older than the conflict between England and rebel colonies.

Role-play, investigation, intrigue, exploration, and combat are common, and close team-work is crucial.

If you are familiar with FoF, there are no magic-use professions, and the secret societies & occult listed in the core book have been scrapped and replaced.

This same group just completed 43 sessions of Zweihander, the dark fantasy version of Flames of Freedom.

House rules are found on the site: Main Page | Dark Revolution | Obsidian Portal

Some points:

no evil or evil-affiliated PCs

no PVP or theft from PCs or the party

the group is committed to the rebel cause in the Revolution; Tories need not apply.

no murder-hoboes

If you are interested, PM me

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