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Exalted Vales : New setting and Campaign about mysticism. Funded in 3 days!


First Post
Exalted Vales is a comprehensive 250 page rulebook for D&D 5e, containing the Exalted Vales campaign setting and an epic adventure set within, "A Shadow Among Them" (over 200 hours of play) . The project was born from the will of a small group of professionals to explore the unique themes of mysticism.

It comes with beautifull and quality maps!


What happens when the mystical is part of everyday life?
What adventures will unfold in a city to which thousands of thousands of pilgrims flock every day in the hope of being received by a blinded oracle, who can bring enlightenment with a single sentence?
What happens when concepts like dreams, fertility or loyalty become physical manifestations that walk among mortals as living beings? What if every dream was woven by hand by a group of witches? What if this were just the tip of the iceberg?

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Mythological Figures & Maleficent Monsters