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First Post
Well, another of mine. For the Stats, you can go here:

He's a fey'ri rogue (becoming assassin soon)
The tricky part: since he cannot run around in his natural form, he is practically always disguised. He has one "cover identity" which he has used for some time now (and I intend to use it the rest of the campaign). That's the one he uses most of the time, though he uses other guises as appropriate: Mostly humans with different "occupations", but he used one or two monsters to help him getting answers.

His Name is Antares Dlardrageth, and his alias is Antar Nimesin.
Let's describe Antar first:

Antar is a very handsome Gold Elf. He's 195 years - adult for some time, but still a couple of decades away from middle age (of course, such things are hard to tell with elves, and with gold elves even less since they get older than others). He stands 5'6" tall and weights 110 lbs. His eyes are golden, his hair is black, and his skin is bronce.
He moves cracefully and nimbly, and his looks (and his social skills) get him what he wants even though he's a little arrogant (like most gold elves). He is usually friendly towards other people, and is seen smiling most of the time (but not in the way of the stupid). His demeanor can be described as "rakish", the real swashbuckler.
When he fights, he usually uses his Rapier and has a buckler strapped to his left arm, but he also carries a composite short bow (as well as several other weapons which he doesn't wear openly). He usually wears a mithral shirt over his fine clothes.

His true form looks like Antar, seen in a dark mirror:
Though he retains his general stature, the changes are obvious: His golden eyes turn a fiery red and appear to glow, and his skin's color changes to a deep red. In this form his large, batlike wings and his long, pointed tail appears, which usually sways the way a feral cat's does. His appearance, including his smile (which seemed pleasent to others, and often enough dazzling to females of most races) warps to a menacing, demoning one (even they don't actually change).
He shows his true form only very rarely, and usually to strike fear into a quarry's heart, shortly before he moves in for the kill. If he's out to "hunt" women, he uses his incubus-like looks to best advantage, and his looks and pose becomes few women can withstand.

(Maybe a picture with Antar in the front, in a typical swashbuckler pose, with his true face in the background)

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Kai Lord

Well folks, it is FINALLY almost time for me to send the top 20 entires to Todd! I'm sending them this Friday, August 1st, which means no entries will be considered that are posted after Thursday. If you have a character you want to submit, don't delay!

As for the posting of the Final Ten chosen by Todd, I have moved the date from August 26th to Friday, August 15th. Not much longer now, good luck!


Sanjay Madragupti

Well... Monte Cook's Arcana Unearthed is released today. My group is going to be playing with AU grafted onto the forthcoming Mindshadows setting from Green Ronin.

So basically, we're talking about Mythical India with the AU classes and races. On top of that we are using the Psionics handbook to represent a new religious movement (insert Buddhism here).

I'm saying all of that so I can introduce the character I have been playing for the last several weeks... Sanjay Madragupti

Sanjay is Ranger/Psychic Warrior for now. I'll be converting him tonight to AU... most likely Totem Warrior/Psychic Warrior. Sanjay stands 5'11" has dark skin, black eye and hair (like most people from the Indian sub-continent).

Sanjay is a two-weapon fighter and he uses two curved short swords. One of them is know is known as "The Touch of the Midnight Blessing" It is blue-black in color.

Sanjay wears a Chain Shirt with fine silk material covering the rest. Being a Psychic Warrior, Sanjay has various Psychic tattoos on his body.

Here's a link to Sanjay's character sheet...


Here's the history I provided for Sanjay to my DM...

Enter Stage Right... Sanjay Madragupti... A wiry young man with a ready smile. His life has been a series of lucky coincidences. It seems that by kismet or luck he is destined to fall on his feet. Ahhh... but if he falls again can he trust his new companions to catch him? We shall see... we shall see...

Indrani was only a girl of 9 when she wedded Vindhar Madragupti. Vindhar was a robust 63. These sorts of arrangements are not unknown in Naranjan, but one cannot help but think of Vindhar as a lascivious old man with his pre-pubescent concubine. And if one could be a fly on the wall, it would have seemed even more so.

When he married Indrani, Vindhar was the governor of Umbai, a small city in the Nihak province. He was as an evenhanded and just ruler, but the lower castes might wonder at your definition of evenhanded and just. Despite his old age, Vindhar was able-bodied and he remained governor until the ripe old age of 68. At which time he retired with his young wife and newborn son to the family estate, far from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Indrani knew her place as Vindhar’s wife, but she was also a teenager when she left the city… and she became despondent while living in the country. She missed the spectacle of city life and most of all she missed the people. Her newborn son Sanjay was not a comfort to her, and she often dreamed of a life far from Vindhar and Sanjay where she would be free to live as she pleased. Vindhar never suspected his young, cherubic wife felt the way she did. He was happy doting over his young son and dreaming up sexual fantasies for his child-wife.

Exactly Two years, two months, and two days after moving to the estate, Indrani disappeared and was never seen again. Vindhar was furious and paid several people to search for her. One of Vindhar’s agents sighted Indrani in the Spice Coast city Varupa one year after she disappeared. She was dressed in the livery of a common sailor. She soon disappeared again, perhaps on a vessel bound for parts unknown.

Vindhar’s health began to decline soon after Indrani’s disappearance. On the night of Sanjay’s 6th birthday, Vindhar died in his sleep.

Sanjay and the estate were transferred over to Vindhar’s eldest son, Paresh, from his previous marriage. Paresh had never had a great relationship with his father, but as a military man he took his responsibilities seriously, and more importantly he treated Sanjay like a father. Sanjay often speaks of his time with Paresh as his fondest childhood memories. Paresh taught Sanjay how to hunt and fight. Paresh had an easy way about him that made learning fun and easy for Sanjay.

Sanjay rarely wondered about his mother, but when he did Paresh was quick to admonish him and then he would spew vile invective about Indrani. It almost seemed that Paresh bottled up all his bad feelings and let them go at the mere mention of Indrani. Eventually Sanjay never asked about his mother again.

Paresh suffered a stroke when Sanjay was 13 years old. He was never the same again and could not run the estate or care for Sanjay any longer. Control of the estate fell briefly into the hands of Manu, Sanjay’s other half-brother. Manu was an incompetent, and luckily he knew it. Manu knew that he could never run the estate or care for Sanjay so he sold the estate quickly and sent Sanjay off to his sister Lakshmi who had been married off to Yashpal, an imperial officer in Bhindar, the capital of Prajeet Province.

Lakshmi was barren and could bare no children so she treated Sanjay like the son she never had, as did Yashpal. The turbulent change from country living to city life affected Sanjay deeply and he rebelled a bit at this time. It only lasted a short while, and he was again the model child... well, at least as much as any child can be.

The strange thing about the Prajeet province is that there are no giants there; the people of Prajeet have a profound hatred of giants… and it was the site of a huge massacre of giants during the Great Rebellion. Despite the lack of giants, the military in Prajeet are known as the best at fighting giants in all of Naranjan. Yashpal inculcated Sanjay with this distaste for giants. He also taught Sanjay a trick or two when caught in a fight with the “tall devils” as Yashpal likes to call them.

When Sanjay turned 18 he decided it was time for him to leave Lakshmi and Yashpal and make his mark upon the world. Lucky for him, Yashpal pulled a string or two, and Sanjay soon found himself as an apprentice to the Master of the Hunt for the governor of Parashana, the capital of Srijith Province.

Nandan, one of the few Faen that live in Sudarsha, was charged with protecting the governor’s sizable estate from poachers and incursions from jungle beasts. Nandan was also charged with keeping the estate stocked with all manner of game for hunting. Under Nandan, Sanjay learned quite a bit more than he would from just a run of the mill woodsman. Nandan taught Sanjay the ways of Sujahnism. It was an eye-opening experience for Sanjay to see magic-like abilities performed by someone as low seeming as the faen.

His work for the governor, Samarjit, did not go unnoticed. The emperor, Vasudha himself, visited the governor’s estate for a weekend of hunting and relaxation. Many of the governor’s entourage noted how well stocked the estate was. A woman in the entourage, Ila, had a lengthy conversation with Sanjay at the end of which she noted that Sanjay’s father was a cousin of a high-ranking minister. Sanjay did not know that he was related to one of the emperor’s own ministers.

A short while later Sanjay received a letter from his cousin (4th cousin, in fact). The letter simply asked that Sanjay should visit the capital when his commitments with Samarjit were over. Needless to say… Sanjay left Nandan and the estate a few days after receiving the letter. His governorship, Samarjit, was not pleased, but Nandan smoothed things over and a new apprentice was found.

So much for Sanjay’s history… let’s talk about Sanjay himself…

Sanjay constantly has a smile on his face. Even when he is exerting himself to the fullest extent his smile seldom wanes. Sanjay has led a charmed life. He was never mistreated by anyone and is quite possibly the least paranoid individual one is likely to find.

For Sanjay his life has been a series of bad events immediately followed by good so he has little fear of what lies ahead for him. He often remarks that he has led a blessed life and that he is enjoying the rewards of a previous life’s painful existence, but he doesn’t delve too deeply into the possible metaphysical implications. He’s just happy to be wherever he is at that moment, and will always attempt to make the best of a bad situation.

Sanjay has an irrational dislike of giants because of his time spent with Yashpal in the Prajeet Province. He has never had any bad interactions with giants, but he still tends to avoid them when he can. Interestingly enough he has never met a sibeccai he didn’t like. Because of his friendly relationship with Nandan, Sanjay has a hard time believing the cannibalism stories told about faen. He has never spoken to a Verrik before, but he has seen several during his time in Srijith. Sanjay views them as an oddity. Sanjay has met only a few planetouched, and has always been fascinated by them. The very idea that someone could consort with a being as diabolical as an Asura or as beautiful as the Elements themselves interests him. He views most planetouched as creatures requiring study… and the few times he has been around one he can often be caught staring at their movements.

I'll give a go at it.

Blaze Stapleton

Blaze (actually his real name is Harland Dundee) grew up as a farm boy longing for the live as an adventurer. He loved to go to the local tavern and listen to stories and was in awe of the periodic visitor. He would go to town every chance he got, which was two miles away. Sometime sneaking off at night or shirking his chores to visit. At the age of 11 he came up with the name Blaze Stapleton. He would imagine that he was a great hero fighting dragons and defeating evil villains, as he would chop at bushes and trees with his stick sword. He loved making up stories and pretending to be some of his favorite characters. His mother thought it was amusing and would tease that he would be a great actor one day. Harland couldn't imagine himself standing on a stage recounting tales of others glories. He wanted to be the one at the heart of the tale. One of his other skills that would be of great use to him in the future was taught to him by his father and some of the other men at the tavern. His father imagined that he was a great card player and exceptional gambler. Sitting at a table in the common room where his father played he watched for hours. He studied the games that they played with such intensity that the players invited him to play one night. At that precise moment Harland’s fate was decided. Much to his fathers delight his son was a truly gifted card player. Harland, in his time watching the men play had also picked up how to read a player. Each player had "tells”, little things that they did when they had certain hands. After that first night he was always invited to play. When he won though his father would take all of his winnings. He was told that it would be "saved for him" but he quickly figured out that there was no savings. Because of this very fact Harland also developed a rather warped sense of value towards money. He never saves and has no sense of value towards money. It's all just a game, the gathering and moving of money (a modern person can think of the game monopoly. Nobody really cares how much things are because it's just a game.)

At the age of fifteen Blaze Stapleton was truly born. Having been a regular at the tavern for a few years he had developed a reputation as a prodigal gambler. He also was quiet the charmer of bar maidens, much to the displeasure of his mother and the tavern owner. Much of this had to due with his loose pockets though. One night a large caravan had stopped in town. A rich merchant was passing through and needed the services of a blacksmith. Noticing the gambling going on he decide to join the "town folk" and see if he could recover his losses by having to stop at the "backwoods bumpkin town". He laughingly accepted the 15 year old into the game especially after he saw the purse that the boy spilled onto the table. Laughter soon turned to anger as the boy slowly drained the rich merchant of a hefty sum. Out raged the merchant accused the boy of cheating. (Blaze has become quiet the rogue, and has been accused of having too loose morals, but there is one thing that he absolutely never does, and that's cheat at cards.)
Out raged the young man with thoughts of glory challenged the merchant to a duel. Instead the merchant had his guards drag the boy outside and beat him. Laying in the street after his assault a man bent over him and told him "Boy you’re good, too good and that's the problem. Taking a mans money requires not just skill but cunning, and the sense to know when to run when you have to." He gave young Harland a piece of paper with a name and address on it and told him when he was ready to go see that man.

After his recovery things weren't the same. The town's priest took joy in taunting the young man and thanked god for "punishing his wicked ways"(something that has stuck with him also. Blaze is very independent and while pays homage to all religions would never think of joining one. Compounding now is the fact that he has been to limbo, where he’s sure to go having not declared any alliance, and loves it. He thinks that he’ll be a god there since you control the area around you with force of will.). He was also not allowed in the tavern anymore. Betty claimed that she didn't want any more trouble from him. Both parents also didn't know what to do with him. Because of all his time at the tavern he had not learned any skills that most boys his age had. He knew nothing about the farm really and wasn't an apprentice of anyone. He had been earning money with his gambling but now that was done. So Harland scrapped together what he could and left to go in search of destiny.

He went to Shadis (it's a major city in my groups home world) and knocked on the door of one Artour (not Arthur said with rolling r's) Wallece, an independent operator in the city (meaning he didn't belong to the thieves guild). Pike, as he called himself for the present, learned some valuable lessens from the old man, but true to his chaotic nature left the man and breezed around town. He picked up many useful skills such as, picking pockets, locks, basic sword skills, perfecting his bluffing skills, and of course lots of gambling.

He's gone off adventuring and he's now about 17th I can't find his sheet because I’m still unpacking from a move). He’s a rogue I think 11. Fighter 2, wizard 1, and a 3lvl duelist. He has brown hair that is usually tied back with blue eyes. He stays clean-shaven so that he can easily apply any disguise. He's 5'10 with a decent build (I believe he had a 15 str). His strengths though are dex and Chr. Chr is high, I think with the lvl adjustments it's an 18 and his dex is also pretty good. I wish I could find his sheet!!!!
He uses a rapier and wears leather armor. In every sense of the word he is a rogue. He's CN and goes whichever way the wind takes him. He's taken on many different rolls in our game. He went by the name Dirk Gullwing (pretending to be a cloth merchant), Kymerial Natas (a deadly assassin that wears a metal half face plate like the Lockwood sorcerer); he also posed as a savage, a cannibalistic killer to infiltrate an evil organization. In the same adventure he became the leader of the resistance against an evil organization of a city that he had never been too. It was fun playing that up.
He also is capable of insane grudges. We've met minor npcs that our dm has just thrown out there and because they’ve won at cards or stood in my way at one time or another he's taken deep rooted disliking to them. Some of them, because it's hilarious, turn up aging to taunt him.


My character:

Winter Shadowborn

Albino Drow Female Bard

White hair and white skin with red eyes. Likes to duel wield long swords and has a drow hand crossbow (her prized possession) she also carries a lute.

Born in the Underdark where birth defects (such as albinoism) is frowned upon and babies are usually killed.

Her mother though in a most undrow like way didn;t want to lose her child and escaped to the surface but not before dying from a drow team sent to slay her. Luckily before the evil drow could also slay the child the Drow of Elistree appear and saved the child. She was raised amoungst them and even eventually inherited her mothers hand crossbow. She prizes it above all her other possessions because it is a link to her heritage in the underdark (Which she wants to visit someday) For now she is just happy wandering the above lands of Faerun.

Rigeal Khalad

He’s one of my favorite characters. His back-story is pretty cool too.

Born to the second son of a noble Rigeal was sent off to the church at a young age to learn from the knights. The strict life of a paladin was something that he took to like a duck to water. Having a strong mind and naturally physically gifted he caught the eye of one paladin that would take him under his wing. On his first campaign things would get ugly though. After earning his silver spurs he accompanied Sir Mallister in a campaign against a neighboring state. In the battle he took a crossbow bolt in the shoulder and was dropped of his horse and knocked unconscious. He was taken prisoner. Languishing in a prison for two years there is not much on can due. He prayed, read, and had many tattoos. Most of his body is covered his religious scripture and holy symbols. Crucifies cover his neck, the palms of his hands bear a shield and the watch tower (the holy symbol of his god), over his heart is also another shield. He bears the holy symbols of other gods also. All are LG or the most like his own god. After a political change in government he was released and travel home. A strange feeling told him to hid himself and observe things. Doing so he was heart broken to learn of his family’s tragedy. He elderly father had died while he was in prison and his brother had taken over his council seat. His brother was a truly gifted statesman and in now time was a favorite of the people. This unnerved the other members of the king’s council though. The conspired against him and brought charges of treason. He was tried and executed, his family lands confiscated and their nobility was stripped. Rigeal was further devastated to find out that his own church administrators gave some of the most damaging evidence. Seeking out other family members he discovered the truth but had no way to prove it. His older sister was married and safe as long as she remained quiet. She also cared for his younger brother. His younger sister had run off and had not been heard from in months.

Broken he set off to the borderlands (we started with Return to the keep on the borderlands) to fight and he hoped die. He assumed a new name for if he did live he wanted no one to know he was a live until he could strike. We went through keep on the borderland and a few originals before my dm set up a tournament. At the time this was second addition and we used the rules from combat and tactics. It turned out to be one of the best nights I’ve had. In the joust I took a crit to the face (good thing for the helmet) and was stunned but was able to recover and win. I placed well in individual combats and my party members also won the archer contest and a few others. Having won the tournament I reviled my true identify. The tournament prized was a book that told of the tomb of Martek. So our next adventure took us to Marteks tomb were we succeeded in resurrecting him. We then went on to Return to the Tomb of Horrors. Tough, but over all pretty good. At the culmination of the adventure I stood naked before Aceraks father battling him next to the hole that dropped into the abyss or something. I didn’t have any magical weapons and was getting beta bad so I decided to shield bash him. It work perfectly and he dropped over the edge. It was epic and heroic. We defeated the module with losses of course, but on the whole did pretty well. The dm had set things up so that is was imperative to the gods that we succeed. As a result of our success the gods bestowed gifts on all of us. My character was knighted by his god (pretty cool role-playing idea I think.) and was granted immortality (it works like the elves immortally. I don’t age so as long as I don’t get killed I wont die.

So fast forward a hundred years and I use the character again. This time he’s a 3.0 conversion. Were involved in another epic battle to save the world. He had started his own knightly order The knights of the Watch and built a small town. It helps to be a living legend! 3.0 made him much cooler too. I took the divine agent class after 12 lvls of Paladin and am on the doorstep to divine transformation. After being drawn out of retirement he called a new warhorse. With the rules for different mounts I thought it would be cool to have a celestial warhorse. So I came up with the story that when he summoned his warhorse his long dead horse Comet showed up in blazing glory. I modeled the horse after Sparhawks from the David Eddings books. He’s temperamental but very protective and will let no one else ride him.

A quick description
Rigeal looks a little like Gerrad from magic the gathering. I saw this pic in an art book and he looked really p.o.ed and thought it would make a cool character. He’s has brown hair and a thin perfectly trimmed beard (for now I’m thinking I may drop it once he goes up a lvl). He’s 6 foot tall and a little under 200 lbs. He’s got a 17 STR to he looks lean and dangerous, especially with all his tattoos. He had serious and intense eyes. You can tell that he’s lived a long time though them. Because the world is in danger one more time he truly believes that he was granted the gift of immortality to be around to fight evil one more time. He’s forged the knights into an independent entity that’s soul purpose is to fight evil wherever it lies. They don’t serve counties or kings; in fact it’s against the orders rules to swear loyalty to anyone as it prevents you from always being able to fight for what is right. He’s getting close to epic levels so I’m getting ready to go for epic leadership.

He wears gray enameled (gray is his gods color) plate mail (like solamnic plate) and uses Irem his magical Great axe (monkey grip!). Irem is the first weapon that he had. Its been enchanted and reforged into a “weapon of legend” by the dwarves. It’s a holy,+2, keen, Great axe. He also wears a sword but never uses it and a +2 mace for undead, but again usually doesn’t use it. Other equipment is a +5 shield and a grayish blue +2 cloak of resistance.


First Post
Ziona Half-Drow, Sword Dancer of Eilistraee

Twenty-one years ago a drow named Zellian was supposed to partake in a surface raid. A tenday before the raid, he left his raiding party and fled to the surface to warn the people of Ashabenford. His Drow companions knew of his intentions, however, and viciously attacked him just outside the town. Being mortally wounded, they tied him to a tree and left him to die as the sun began to rise.

Fortunately for Zellian, the Drow unknowingly left him a short way from a farmhouse. Megara, the woman who lived on the farm, found Zellian tied to the tree, nearly dead. She bound his wounds and dragged him to her farm, for there was quite a bounty to be had for bringing a living Drow to justice. However, as the days passed and Zellian revived, Megara began to learn the truth. She informed the town of the coming raid, and although Zellian had come to save them, they wanted him dead. Megara refused to see such an action taken on someone who had risked his life to save them all. As a result, she was ostracized by the town for harboring a Drow, even though together she and Zellian had prepared the town and thwarted the raid.

An odd coupling, the two were never officially married. Their love was as true a love as any however, and they welcomed their only child into the world during The Time of Flowers. This child they named Ziona, and they taught her to understand both her human and drow heritage. They raised her to worship and accept the ways of The Dark Maiden, Eilistraee, known as the “good drow” in the drow pantheon. Ziona accepted the ways of Eilistraee, and devoted herself as a cleric.

Ziona has had many adventures, including facing the dangers of The Pool of Radiance, and delving into the depths of The City of the Spider Queen. It was during one of these adventures that she befriended a pseudodragon named Rossal, who has become her faithful companion throughout her travels.

Ziona is currently level 20, and has become a Sword Dancer of Eilistraee. This prestigious rank distinguishes her as a champion of her faith. Ziona, like other clerics of The Dark Maiden, nurtures beauty, music, singing, and dance. She is also proficient in the use of the bastard sword, and partakes in the annual hunts and feasts that are held in honor of Eilistraee. Ziona encourages peace and harmony between conflicting races, but knows that not all will accept it, remembering that as Eilistraee teaches, “Repay violence with swift violence so that those that cause it are swiftly dealt with.”

Stats & Details

STR: 16
DEX: 16
CON: 16
INT: 13
WIS: 22
CHR: 16

AGE: 21
HEIGHT: 5’5”
WEIGHT: 120lbs.
EYES: Lavender
HAIR: Silver
SKIN: Pale Grey

WEAPON of CHOICE: Moonbeam, (standard elven moonblade, bastard sword +5)

ARMOR: Elven Chainmail Bikini (+3)

ITEMS of NOTE: Holy Symbol of Eilistraee (see picture)
Cloak of Charisma
Slippers of Spiderclimb
Bracers of Armor (+4)

COHORT: Rossal the pseudodragon
Rossal is known for his love of honey is a faithful companion to Ziona.

Holy Symbol of Eilistraee:


Just wanted to add that this is a very generous and exciting contest. I can't wait to see the resulting artwork! Thanks!! :)
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Kai Lord

One. More. Day. :cool: I won't consider any entries posted after 12:00 am August 1st (Friday) so if you have a character you want to enter, don't delay! Todd is expecting to see the top 20 this weekend!

Glass spider

First Post
You're really generous for giving us this kai lord- thanks a lot.
I'm a big fan of todd and am really waiting to see the pic of the winning character-That'd be really great.Anyway here's my try.Only if there was a WISH spell in real life.

Knight Golteaurn

Kg is the only remnant and heir of a very wealthy noble family.He's 29 years old and lives in a castle along with his compatriots(servants,but he'd never call them that),
and his advisor and long time friend-a former court wizard darius.He rides a female fiendish dire horse named mishkah,who is very aggressive and only obeys kg.He's good to the extreme and would do anything to help those who need it.This makes him benevolent to a fault and has led to many unscrupulous people to use him to their own ends.He is a well trained knight who is always clad in polished heavy plate armor during his adventures to help those who need it.He is a tough opponent and wields a mystic lance called "The seven king's lance" of great magical powers which is said to become godly in it's powers when a seventh king wields it.Six have wielded it so far.He only fights when utterly necessary though.As for physical appearance he is moderately tall and always clean shaven.His face is always cheerful and with a slight smile.

Game stats
STR good
DEX good
CON good
INT Average
CHA good

I sorta let this deadline sneak up on me. I am submitting 10 entries in separate posts, and I hope one of them impresses Mr. Lockwood or the very generous Kai Lord.

My entries will include:

  • Victorious Elrad, human water elementalist mage.
  • Tri'ni Gren'eys, dark Elf wild spellcaster.
  • Sabri Zeldathane, half-minotaur temple guardian.
  • Vidania Berendt, half-Elf air elementalist mage.
  • Jenny Windgrave, modern day Native American theater student turned paladin, from the Savannah Knights storyhour.
  • Quillathe Nailo, dark Elf whip-duelist.
  • Stanely Deadtree, follower of Zorok, three-headed chicken god of everything.
  • Gook Moop, Goblin hero.
  • Hera 'Harley' Fyana, Elf performer and stage magician.
  • Bobbie-Sue Komalofski, human mage-for-hire, adopted daughter of gnomes.

Victorious Elrad
Created by my friend, Justin Rollins

Victorious is a member of the Elemental Guardians, an order of elemental mages that has existed for thousands of years. The youngest member of the order, Vic is very confident in his skills, and still adventures for his own enjoyment, considering it the best way for him to both hone and show off his magical talents.

A human male, Vic stands just under six feet tall. His skin is dark and tanned from many travels on the open sea, with about the complexion you'd expect on the legendary Sinbad. His hair is white, flowing down to slightly below his shoulders, and he has recently grown a distinguished goatee and mini-beard. As is to be expected for a water mage, his eyes are a cool blue.

Though eager to brag and show off, Vic is supremely relaxed, comfortable in nearly any situation. He usually wears a confident, friendly smile, and enjoys laughing at the various friendly rivalries he has with other mages. His wits have allowed him to use magic in rather unorthodox ways. For instance, Vic is only able to summon aquatic creatures, but once he was fighting a dragon that would not land to fight, so Vic summoned a whale in mid-air over the dragon. The falling whale knocked the dragon out of the sky, and Vic and his allies were able to finish the beast.

An experienced and successful adventurer, Vic is able to afford the finest, most impressive clothing. He favors dark blues and grays for his colors, and most of his garments are magically enhanced so as not to restrict movement underwater. His common adventuring outfit is a light loosely-sleeved shirt, black leather pants, calf-high boots, and a belt that holds essential spell components, a dagger, and a waterproof bag of holding. Over this he wears a smooth silk vest that appears to waver like the surface of water. Finally, he wears a heavy blue cloak with gold tracing. The inside of the cloak is lined with pouches to hold and conceal useful magical items.

He also carries a smoothly lacquered staff cut from driftwood, with no adornments except a few carvings at its head to resemble cresting waves. Vic's most important magical item, however, is a gold ring with a large square sapphire. This ring was forged from the magical energy of an Underdark river delta, and acts as Vic's link to the elemental plane of water.

Victorious is often accompanied by a panther named Simba, whom he bought early in his adventuring career. Vic eventually had Simba awakened to sentience, and they take care of each other as close friends.

When Vic uses magic, his ring's gem glows dimly, and often a halo of water globules form over his head. With his ability to metamorphose liquids (like water to wine) and to walk on water, and because of his long, flowing white hair and slight beard, Victorious could easily pose as an image of God creating the world from the watery depths. Plus, panthers were long used as symbols for Christ in Medieval bestiaries.

Here's a very old drawing of him, back when he first started adventuring. You'll have to copy-paste the link, since Geocities is mean. http://www.geocities.com/rangerwickett/ToH_Images/Victorious1_watercolor.jpg
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Tri'ni Gren'eys, dark Elf wild spellcaster
Created by myself.

Tri'ni grew up as an orphan owned by a slave-trader, her first name the dark Elf equivalent of 'Stumpy'. When she was a child, her owner would underfeed her and use her sickly, skinny form as contrast against the better-fed, more marketable slaves. Eventually she was bought by an old dark Elf man named Rodinn, who took pity on her. Soon after she was bought, however, one of Rodinn's spells went awry and changed both 'father' and 'daughter's eyes to a brilliant emerald green. Rodinn gave her the last name 'Gren'eys,' because it sounded like the exotic surface common language words for 'green eyes.'

Though just barely into Elvish adulthood now, Tri'ni has experienced a full lifetime of adventuring. She eventually ran off with a group of adventurers from the surface, since she wanted to see the rest of the world, and couldn't care less for Underdark intrigues. She has become a talented spellcaster, exploring the peculiarities of the wild magic that her father was prone to, and occasionally refers to herself as a Sculptor of Chaos.

No longer quite as skinny or runty as in her youth, Tri'ni stands 5'2", and has the dark grey skin that is typical of her race (P.S., Todd Lockwood is probably the best artist ever to capture what I think is appropriate dark Elf skin tone). She is slim of build, nimble but not physically strong. Tri'ni's eyes are wide and eager, more human-shaped and less exotic than most Elves. Her irises are a vibrant emerald green. Her hair is white, cut short and cheerfully to above her shoulders. Since her current life is infinitely better than her youth, Tri'ni usually keeps a contented smirk on her face.

Tri'ni wears numerous costumes, favoring comfortable adventuring gear with a few extravagant flares. She usually relies on her magic more than her modest swordfighting skills, and she can typically be seen carrying a smooth, straight black staff that belonged to her father. The staff, an ornate magic item centuries old, is topped with an unfaceted green stone and has numerous carvings and decorations made by dozens of owners of different races and cultures. As a self-trained sorceress, Tri'ni carries few other essentials; since she learned to teleport, she has taken to traveling lightly, with just her staff, an impressive cloak, and a fly spell.

Tri'ni's favorite form of magic is lightning. Most of her attack spells involve lightning, and she loves just standing in a thunderstorm and listening to the sky rumble.
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Sabri Zeldathane, half-Minotaur temple guardian
Created by Jessica Jones, Acquana on these boards

Sabri's mother, a Minotaur from the village of Awenasa, was already betrothed when the human merchant caravan came through town. She drank too much, woke up beside a very frightened human, and nine months later gave birth to a strange child. Sabri was nearly cast out, labeled "Nitesh" or 'secret,' but one of the town's elders, a deaf priest named Xenofahn, saw something familiar in the child's appearance.

The Minotaur religion holds that the Minotaur people are a collection of the various essences of the other races, combined to a single form. Similarly, they accept all religions as containing some element of truth, and thus they revere every god and believe in every myth, though often with a few twists unique to the Minotaurs. In Xenofahn's case, the infant Sabri reminded him of a goat-legged demon he had seen an illumination of before, and so he thought that she was a blessing from extraplanar forces. She was accepted by the village and given the name of the town's first ever champion.

Sabri is now eighteen years old, stands six and a half feet tall, and is still growing. Her lower body is that of a Minotaur, shaggy and cow-like. From her upper thighs up, however, she looks mostly like a human, with no fur. Her face is a slight meshing of the two races, with an almost-snout that could be mistaken for just a strangely-shaped nose. Her hair is auburn, short in back, with bangs hanging over her eyes. From the back of her head, two short, smooth horns extend backward about four inches, resembling more the horns of a goat than of a bull.

Like most warriors in her village, Sabri was trained to withhold her negative emotions, saving them for combat, when she can unleash them in a berserker frenzy. Unfortunately, her recent travels through human lands have caused her more stress than she could really handle, and her recent rages have come dangerously close to becoming uncontrolled. She has recently turned to practicing pious magic in hopes of calming herself, but something about the mingling of human blood and Minotaur makes it hard for her to master more than simple spells.

Sabri fights with a Bokonen, a large metal club with diamond-shaped bumps on its head, similar to an oriental tetsubo (I think that's the name), only thicker. She received a suit of masterwork plate armor from a clan of blacksmith ghosts, and wears it under the ceremonial robes of a temple defender. The robes are similar to a priest's stole, but are made of heavy wool with numerous holy symbols sewn along its edge.

Oh, bah. Might as well toss in a few, hm? :)

Celebelen Khelekluin, Male Elf

Celebelen is the son of the King of Elves from my homebrew. Since his father was killed, he was supposed to inherit the throne. He's not exactly the kind of person that ever like it, so he ran off with his favorite horse. Ever since then he's always running and constantly being chased down by members of the Royal Court, under his Mother, to bring him back...since, technically, they kind of need a King.

Celebelen is a little under six feet tall, with long blonde hair and ice blue eyes. While he doesn't like the idea of being a King, his weapons are a bit more showy than normal. He carries an elbaboratly engraved longsword but his preferred weapon is his longbow. Celebelen is fairly thin, and usually wears dark and dirtied green robes to hide his face in public. Everywhere he goes, he brings his horse, Tal'sul. Both of them literally grew up together, and are companions for life...to the point that Celebelen's friends have to convince him the horse will be alright if he doesn't sleep in the stable with her.

Terinis Aster, Male Elf

Terinis is the absolute pinnacle of the swashbuckler. He is charismatic, a great fighter, and always in trouble. While he knows that deep down he's still just a thief, he makes sure that everything he does at least is close enough to being legal that no one can catch him for it. While Terinis is a good fighter, he's more of a show off in battle, using far too many jumps, backflips, and other showy and unneccisary moves. He will only kill if forced to, and is actually very talkative while involved in a fight.

Terinis stands around five-foot-four. He always has a grin on his face, and a hand on his rapier...just in case. He wears simple clothing and a large cloak to conceal anything under his clothes more easily. There are only two things he wears proudly and openly: The first is his rapier, which was extremely expensive. Its hilt and wristguard are designed with a Dragon breathing flames on it, and he's proud that it was something he never did steal. The second thing is his bandana. He wears it whenever he feels he needs a boost of luck. It is old, dull red, and falling apart, but whenever Terinis thinks he needs an edge in something, he ties it around under his scruffy hair on his forehead.

Surrgis Dureson, Male Illithid(Something compeltely different:D)

Surrgis is a young Mind Flayer who plans to prove himself to his people. While not openly shunned, he is mostly looked down upon for his choice to explore to upper world. He is a strong warrior, and a deadly opponent in more than just combat. Though he explores the upper world by his own choice, he detests the creatures of it, and finds himself wondering how the creatures of the surface haven't simply died of stupidity...he even sees himself as the superior to the many Outsiders(mostly Devils) that he has encountered.

Suggis looks like a typical Illithid, with pale blue skin and deep set black in black eyes. He wear very boring and dirty black robes, with a large hood to conceal his identity among the surface dwellers. Because of how he normally appears, a simple humanoid form on a black horse in his black robes with a large sword, he is known as both The Rider and The Dark One among most of the communities which he travels in. On his back, he carries his only weapon, a large two handed bastard sword which he wields with deadly strength. The sword has no distinguishing marks other than a dark green gem in its hilt.

Vidania Berendt, half-Elf air elementalist mage
Created by mutual group effort in my home game.

Vidania is the daughter of a fire elementalist, but she herself is training to be an air mage. Soft-faced and often serene, Vidania is currently on a pilgrimage to find a location of powerful air magic that she can bond to, so that she can join the order of the Elemental Guardians like her father.

Vidania's demeanor is generally calm, but she is neither dim nor uncaring. Her mentor, a very old Elf air mage, instilled in her a sense that life should be lived fully, because no matter how long you have to life, your life will eventually end. She reacts to danger and challenges quickly and confidently, and often takes the role of commander with the group of guardians she travels with.

Vidania's eyes are a subtle blue-grey, and though her hair is the same fiery red as her father's, it flows and curls in the wind, occasionally kicking up in the intense gusts that come from her spellcasting. Recently, Vidania was severely burned by a magical fight she got involved in, and she has a major fear of dragons because of some of the challenges her father faced when she was very young, but magical healing has cleared up all of the physical scars. She is still very cautious, however, and wears clothes to cover most of her body, including long gloves and a headpiece adorned with feathers. She still has a veil with which she can cover her face, but she has grown more confident lately, and is willing to go without it.

Her robes have numerous layers, pockets, and adornments, often with feather patterns, designed with unusual stitching so that it drapes and ruffles as if it were in a breeze, even when there is no wind.

Most of Vidania's magic is for mobility and defense, creating wind walls and allowing herself and her allies to fly or breathe underwater, but when she does have to fight, often she'll use telekinesis to hurl objects at foes, or create a choking miasma to suffocate them. Her only weapon is a slightly crooked quarterstaff, whose head turns slightly to face forward, and whose cross-section resembles an eye.


First Post
Hollyberry, Afflicted Kender bbn2/rog5

Holly was 12 when Malys came and laid waste to the rolling plains of Goodlund, and he was severly scarred by the experience. His only living kin is his younger brother, an infant at the time of the massacres. Now, at the age of 40, Holly has become increasingly paranoid and bitter about the destruction caused by the giant Red. His younger brother has given into kender instincts and gone off on wanderlust, but Holly lurks around the sewers of Palanthas, trying to find a way to destroy the Dragon Overlord.

Holly is 3'8, and very thin. His short black hair is oiled and spiked upwards, and the network of wrinkels on his face is framed by long sideburns. His pointed ears are pierced multiple times up and down the lobe, and around his neck is a gorget meant to prevent the minions of malys from sneaking up and choking him. His eyes are the only real colorful part of his body, shining a startling green, made even brighter by the pallor of his skin.

Holly has only grown increasingly more paranoid as the years have gone by, and his clothing reflects that. His pants are a dark olive green, and his shirt and vest are shades of Brown and Black. Underneath his clothing are thin sheets of metal meant to deter would be assassins. His pouches hold the usual assorment of picks, but also poisons and varied alchemical devices. His daggers are all modified to deliver poisons on contact. Also in his arsenal is a thin wire for choking as needed.

Ever light fingered, Holly has aquired a few magical items over the years, mainly his boots of striding and springing, and his ring of invisibility.

Holly lives in the vast sewer network under Palanthas, in charge of a group of kender refugees known collectively as the Kender Underground. This band of vigellantes exist to harrass the knights of neraka and all minions of the dragon overlords. Holly's face has been permanently twisted into a most unkenderlike scowl.

Jenny Windgrave, modern day Native American theater student turned paladin, from the Savannah Knights storyhour.
Created by myself.

Jenny is a performing arts student at the Savannah College of Art and Design, who accidentally found herself involved in the world of magic when she and several other students witnessed an attack by a supernatural creature. Jenny, bonded to the ghost of a three-hundred-years-dead shaman from her family's tribe, was able to use magic to help fight off the creature, and thus she was recruited to join the Bureau. As a Knight of the Bureau, Jenny helps make sure magic remains secret to most humans.

Twenty-two years old, Jenny is a young and attractive Native American woman who originally saw herself destined to be a star performer in the theater. Now she finds more fulfillment by helping protect endangered humans from various magical monsters. When on the job, she wears well-tailored modern clothes, usually white or beige (she considers this a slight form of rebelling against the trend among her coworkers to wear intimidating black business suits). She has received some training in hand-to-hand fighting, but she usually defends herself with a spear. Normally she carries only the stone spearhead, and when she activates the item's magic, a wooden haft appears.

Her ghost, Pataman, is not normally visible to humans other than Jenny herself, but she can see him fine. Pataman is dressed in the same clothes he died in, a shaman's outfit with modest adornments, but no weapon. Pataman provides Jenny with access to healing and defensive magic, and protects her from supernatural dangers that would kill normal humans.

Quillathe Nailo, dark Elf whip-duelist
Created by myself.

Quillathe is a very old dark Elf woman, but still is young enough to fight with perfect vigor and agility. She has mastered an exotic fighting style, wielding a rapier in her left hand, and a whip-dagger in her right. Her dark red-violet hair is braided down her back in a spiderweb pattern, and she wears elegant maroon Elvish plate armor that is light enough to not interfere with her fighting style. Quite possibly the most skilled whip fighter in the world, Quillathe uses the whip to disarm, trip, and strangle her foes before she closes to deliver the killing blow with her rapier.

Stanely Deadtree, follower of Zorok, three-headed chicken god of everything
Created by Michael Gallogly.

Stanely is dim-witted, but a strong warrior. He and his family believe that they were rescued from wolves by blessed chickens, and they started a new religion (with six members total). Chickens are to be revered, not eaten, though eggs are the blessing of Zorok, and can be enjoyed freely.

Perhaps Stanely's beliefs are simply a corruption of the well-documented myth of the Stormchaser Eagle, a powerful holy bird. Regardless, Stanely desires to spread the glories of Zorok, and fights fearlessly to win fame for his deity. Square-jawed, poorly shaven, and clad in heavy plate armor, Stanely fights evil with a pair of magic swords -- a shortsword that drips hot tar, and a longsword that sheds feathers as you swing it. When he kills his foes, he leaves them baptized as is demanded by his religion: tarred and feathered.


Dranko "Coaltongue" Blackhope (aka Mellindiel Brightmirror), half-orc cleric/rogue with a few lasher levels

Really, he wanted so much to be cool.

You would, too. Imagine if you were a half-orc child rejected by your maternal grandparents and turned over to the church for a proper raising. Sure, the church is sacred to the God of Healing, but discipline is done by the sect known as the Scarbearers... clerics who feel that by hurting themselves and then healing the wounds, they become closer to divinity and closer to God. Their healing spells always leave scars, and they are far from gentle with their charges. When a charge happens to be a rebellious and stubborn half-orc, they did their best to beat the devil out of the child.

Christened Mellindiel Brightmirror, the fostered child soon chose a name which he felt was a much better fit: "Dranko," meaning "unloved" in orcish.

By the time Dranko was of age to leave the church, he had over 200 scars on his body. None were self-inflicted, unless you consider direct rebellion in the face of excessive discipline to be "self-inflicted."

And so, finally, he was free of his church's rules and looking to prove himself - the proud, bitter front that hid a reservoir of anticipated pain. Both a rogue and a cleric, it was common for Dranko to rob someone, pause, and heal them before vanishing into the shadows. He affected an eyepatch he didn't need, smoked stinking cigars, bought a wardrobe of black leather and red lining, and prepared himself to scrounge his way into society. The slightly protruding tusks and untameable shock of black hair combined with the numerous scars and his coal-black tongue to make him look more than a little intimidating. Unfortunately, in the tradition of "new money" everywhere, the outfit also made him look cheap and tacky as it advertised that he was simply trying too hard.

He never realized. Not too bright, our Dranko.

Nowadays, after years of adventuring, he's developed a bit more class and - thanks to his friends who he trusts more than life - a lot more self-confident. He's still prone to treasure-baths and crowns of tacky jewels, because the ostentatious display of wealth is really half the fun. The fake eyepatch is gone, though, as are the painfully new clothes that were once designed to scream "I'm a thief" to anyone who might pick a fight. He's got more scars, though. Some things never change.

Stats if ya want 'em! And Kai Lord and Todd, thank you again; what a cool contest.
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