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I'm still getting details together for my character, but I have one simple question for Kai Lord and (possibly) Todd.

While getting together a description, I came across a bit of a problem. The way the description is going, it would be redundent to display this character NOT alongside his wife, whom is constantly by his side. Besides that, you can't really feel the depth of the character without picturing his wife as well.

Now, I don't presume anything and I don't want to come off as a greedy bastard; but would it be possible for the illustration to include his wife as well, if a good enough description is given?

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Kai Lord


I understand your desire to see your character depicted alongside his wife, however this contest is for a single character portrait. You're more than welcome to enter your character and his wife as separate entries, however.
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I understand your desire to see your character depicted alongside his wife, however this contest is for a single character portrait. You're more than welcome to enter your character and his wife as separate entries, however.

Sorry to ask Kai Lord but would that include Animal Companions too?

I just wanted to ask incase I submitted a character that had an animal as one of their main points and then it wouldn't be allowed :)

Also I just wanted to say that I think this is an absolutely brilliant compatition and to say thank you for the oppertunity you've given everyone :)

Kai Lord

Go ahead and include Animal Companions if you want, just understand that depending on the size and detail required to draw them they might not get included on the final piece. But post 'em if you got 'em.

Broken Fang

First Post
Short and simple:

Broken Fang - Male Goblin

Height: short
Weight: not much
Eyes: small, black, shifty and beady
Hair: none
Skin: green

Unusual Feature: Broken Fang's right tusk is well...broken

Clothing: dark (black, green, brown), well worn

Weapons: short nasty curved blades, throwing darts


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Here's my character I play in our 3e Ravenloft campaign.

Myra Wagner
Half-Vistani Gypsy Witch, worshiper of Hala
Str. 10 Int. 13 Wis. 13 Dex. 10 Con. 16 Cha. 17 Alignment: LN
Ht.: 5ft 5 Wt.: 123 Eyes: Brown Hair: Auburn Age: 24

My bigest problem with finding a portrait of Myra is difining Vistani as gypsy where a lot of people thing that gypsy is only a lifestyle and not a race of people.

So myra like a beautiful "Bollywood" actress with wavey auburn hair. She wears loose fitting, flowing embridered shirts. A necklace/holy simbol of 13 snakes in a ring, each devouring the tail of the one before it. (3e Ravenloft campain book page 52)

And now the long sorted history..

Myra was the daughter of a seamstress and a goat hearder in city of Harmonia in the land of Kartikas. When she was 6 her parents had another child, as son named Gregory. Myra helped her mother ment clothing and her dad to tend goats. All was right with the Wagner family until around Myra's thirteenth birthday when the full moon rose in the night sky. On that night she suffered from the lunatio, or moon madness. On the first night she went into a rage over what her mother had prepaired for dinner and ran from the Wagner home into the wilderness surounding Harmonia. She ran through some brush and found herself in a grotto she had never seen before, the lunatio died down as well. As she explored the groto, she was approached by the most beautiful sight she had ever seen, a beautiful man with great white feathered wings. He told her that he was an angel from the heavens, that she could come to the groto every full moon and that he would teach her. His first lesson was that the lunatio was a product of her vistani blood, and to ask her mother about the vistani. On the last night of the full moon the angel Zazael seduced Myra.

Myra returned to her home after the 3 days of the full moon. She confronted her mother about the lunatio and demanded that her mother tell her about the vistani. Her mother admited that shortly before she had married her "father" she had had an affair with a charming vistani named D'jango it was short but passionate and she found herself with child soon after her marrage to "her father" Silas. Silas never questioned aloud why his daughter had darker skin ans somewhat vistani features, but he knew in his heart.

One year later D'jango came back to Harmonia. His tribe came to Harmonia for an annual festival that was held in the streets. It was at this festival where Myra met D'jango for the first and only time. She was performing with a troup of amature bards, she on a violin that Zazael had given to her. D'jango seeing the girl who looked like a half-vistani but with the auburn hair of the girl he had romanced 15 years earlier, he knew at that moment this girl was his. The meeting didn't go well. Myra ran home and told her parents about D'jango. Silas flew into a killing rage and went to look for the vistani man. Later that day the town guards found silas' bloody corpse. He had died of knife wounds The Niat tribe of vistani had left Harmonia that day.

Over the next five years Myra's mom, Abigail, became depressed and sickly. Gregory fell in with a group of roudy kids. Myra, though, continued to visit Zazael every full moon. In this six year period Zazael tought Myra the art of witchcraft and seduction. Zazael would not grant Myra the use of spells until she performed a task, the task of seducing her friend Anne's intended, William. It took a month but William and Myra started an affair. The next full moon Myra learned her first spell. Zazael told her that her seduction wasn't complete, she need to bear a child by William if she wanted more power. Before the age of 20 Myra was with child. William called thew affair off and told Anne. It was a hard sell but Anne took him back only if he got custody of his child. Zazael agreed to this so Myra gave them the child. Anne even came to forgive Myra naming the boy Silas, after Myra's dead father. But Abigail could not forgive, she died of a broken heart when Myra was pregnant.

Myra and Gregory took up the family businesses, she the seamstress and Gregory the goat hearder.

By the age of 23 she was a first level witch. And the campain begins

Myra later learns the life of a gypsy (class), Hears ofo Hala via the party paladin. Becomes maddly obsessed with the paladin after his death, and just after his resurection is brainwashed with the paladin into a sex/death cult & charmed into having sex with him for days non-stop. After the charm wore off they decided to keep continue their affair.

Zazael scenses the change in Myra towards Hala and asks for a powerful artfact the party had come across ( Rhea's glowing box from the Stephen King novel Wizard and Glass). Myra tells him no, so Zazael strips her of her spellcsasting ability.

After their adventures, one of witch has Gregory becoming a wearrat and leaving in the night with the parties bag of holding, they return to Harmonia. Their home has changed. A local Bard in line for miestersinger (mayor) is passed over for an outsider new to the town. Not only that, when Myra goes to visit Silas and Anne she finds William dead and Anne and Silas missing. She also finds a single white feather.

Through 3 seperate political plotlines Myra and the party find Zazael's lair and find Anne and Silas chained to a dungeon wall She frees Silas and is about to free Anne when Anne changes shape into Zazael. Zazael's form isn't finished changing He changes into a beautiful woman with snow white wigs: An Erinyes. A Devil.

After a tough fight Myra's party was victorious.

Later, Myra is contacted by 3 witches of Hala. They tell her that they know of Zazael and her defeat. Myra is invited to journey to forlorn and become an annointed of Hala. She and Silas arive in forlorn with their escort and discovers a coven of 13 and a young vistani boy of 17. He is introduced a D'jango her half brother. Myra finds out that the coven leader is also a lover of the elder D'jango, that he is well and that her father defended himself and had no choice in killing her adoptive father.

Over the next month Myra learns the way of the witch and becomes a weaver of hala's magic (a homemade class). The coven leader sees much potental in little 4 year old Silas and offers to teach him the ways of Hala. Myra agrees and she, with D'jango jr. in tow, return to Harmonia

And then the Dm needed time off. :(


My character

This sounds like a lot of fun. May the best characters win. :)

Here's Mine:

Branduil, Ranger of the West.

Half-Elf, 26, 6'0'', 168 lbs. Dark hair, silver eyes.

Physical Description: Dark and mysterious, as a ranger should be, Branduil nonetheless sports several unique characteristics. His medium-long hair is almost uniformly dark, but with several silver streaks. It's parted down the middle, and his bangs almost reach his eyebrows. His eyes gleam silver in the dark. On the ridges around his eye socket, he bears several scars stretching from his mid-forehead to his left cheekbone. They appear to be from claws of some sort.

He cloaks himself in a heavy, dark maroon fur-lined coat. Around the shoulders and hood it is covered in a thick mane of dirty grey fur.

He wears thick traveling boots and a dark forest green tunic over his studded maroon leather armor. He wears brown leather bracers on both arms. On his right hand is an unusual gauntlet. He wears it constantly. When he tightens his right hand, spikes spring out from above the gauntlet's knuckles.

At his side an elegant Longsword is sheathed. A shortbow and a quiver of arrows are upon his back.

Characteristics and background history: In a land where elves have died out and elven blood is all but extinct, there still exists a few of elven heritage. But there existence is not a happy one if they are of the Atar's bloodline. That cursed elf helped bring about the downfall of the elven race, and all his ancestors are considered to be cursed and dangerous. Thus they are persecuted.

Branduil's own father was slain when he was 20. Slain by the Dark Claw, in revenge for his father's taking of both Dark Claw's hand and his prized gauntlet. Having now acquired an actual clawed hand through black sorcery, Dark Claw pursues and hunts half-elves unmercilessly, considering their fading to be part of natural selection. Branduil escaped him, but not without a parting gift across his face.

He escaped to a life of the woodlands, and lived with an old friend of his father's, a dwarf named Grimgnir. He tought Branduil both the dwarven language and the way of the woodlands.

Branduil bears his father's greatsword, Morog, sword of the WildElf. It has an emerald green handle and an icy blade, forged in times of yore.

Branduil's mother was allowed to live as she was not of the Atar's bloodline. Branduil refrained from visiting her out of fear of death, but upon hearing of her mortal illness, he could not resist any longer. He attempted to find her, but she was already dead, and Dark Claw was waiting.

Branduil was brought before the corrupted king, and only one thing saved him from death. His lifelong friend, the beautiful half-elf Salinde. He had known her since they were children, delighting in her songs and legends of the past, passed down by her knowledgable mother. She begged for mercy before the king and Dark Claw, and her sacrifice commuted Branduil's sentance to life imprisonment. She promised to lead Dark Claw to the fabled sword of Feanor. Feanor, who fought valiently, if foolishly, against the Atar. He loved the daughter of the Atar, but their love was doomed. Still, his sword bore great power for the finder. She knew a song of it and its location, and Dark Claw greatly desired it, and her as well, so he agreed. Branduil pleaded with her not to do this, but she would not relent.

In the dank chamber of the king's dungeons, she spoke to Branduil one last time, alone. She had spoke with Branduil's mother before she died, and she had revealed that Branduil's mother was of Feanor's bloodline. Then she sang to Branduil the rest of the song of Feanor's sword, which she had witheld before. It spoke of how only the descendent of both Feanor and the Atar, the fulfiller of the broken destiny of Feanor and the daughter of the Atar, would be able to wield the sword's true power, and bring a brief respite to the last of the elves, in their time of fading.

And thus she left Branduil, in a dark dungeon of fear and despair, not knowing of anything to hope in but that song, and to love but her voice. He would have been left in this state until final madness, if not for the heroics of his dwarven friend and mentor.

Grimgnir snuck deep into the bowels of the king's castle, and finally freed Branduil from his stony prison. But they encountered resistance in escaping. Grimgnir told Branduil to fly, but Branduil refused to leave his friend behind. Branduil smote the the guards in a terrible fury and drug his wounded mento into the forest.

Though Branduil applied all his skill, he could not heal the dwarf. The dwarf, being old, told Branduil it was better this way. He told Branduil to pursue Dark Claw, and save Salinde. Then he asked Branduil to not succumb to despair, and not to lose hope. It was Branduil's destiny to lead his people to a rest that would be peaceful. He musn't give up. Then passed the dwarf.

And so, in his grief, Branduil set out to find Dark Claw and to dave his people.


Hope that's good enough.
:) :)

Edit: Clarified and expanded a couple of things in his description.
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Daetanytriall spun a kick a round, and then ducked his master’s jab, pulled the fist over his head and took out the legs of his mentor. In a split second he was on his back, he got a stern word from Hironishimi, his master; then left for his room.

Daetanytriall is half-drow; he stands tall as he can with his lithe but well built structure, at only 5’3” he is still revered as having great potential. His mother died giving birth to him, which he holds himself responsible for, but he has train hard to surpass the bad memories and has been in the monastery of ilmater for all his life.

The training has honed not only his spirit, but his body, and has made him an excellent fighter, but as his masters will say he still has a dominating and fierce fire inside him he needs to accept, let alone tame. He is brash at times, and acts like an over-restricted teenager, as symbol of this he has his hair cut short, but wild. His eyes have a deep red tone, with streaks of abyss coloured blackness.

His choice of clothing reflects the way he wishes to live; freely. He wears a whitish overcoat, and matching baggy trousers made out of the simplest of fabrics. He doesn’t deem himself a demon of evil in the slightest, but realises other do not know him so well and was thus granted a magical hat to conceal his identity, he doesn’t like it but uses it out side of the monastery. He only owns that the clothes he wears and a haggard old waterskin.

The elvish side hold strong in his blood and features, adding more and more to likeness he has with drow people. His drow visage not only hides his benevolent spirit, it also makes him look weaker; something he isn’t.
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Kai Lord

New Line Cinema has announced the release date for The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers on DVD, which will also be the same day the ten finalists are posted and ENWorld members will vote for their favorite.

That day is:

August 26th.

A fine day indeed.



Now that this is going strongly, I'll un-sticky it. Feel free to bump as needed (but posting entries is MUCH better than a bump!).

Dark Dragon

Kai Lord, thanks for this cool thread!

Well, here's my long played, still (or in other words: again) living druid, facing the perils in the Great Temple of Elemental Evil...

Kaichiri, Archdruid of Mielikki

Centaur (male), druid 15
STR 16, DEX 19, CON 21, WIS 22, INT 10, CHA 16, AL NG
HP 156, height: roughly 200 cm, length (horse body): about 210 cm, weight: about 1400 pounds, hair: black, long (stick-straight), fur: dark brown, skin: brown, tatoos in black and dark green ink, eyes: dark brown.

May the Spirit of Nature be your judge, for I am only its servant. Kaichiri, before leaving a captured slave hunter in the deepest jungles of Chult.

Kaichiri was born in a remote jungle village of a primitive human tribe in monsoon time of the year 1341 D.R. When he was about six years old, he left the village out of pure curiosity. After several days, the village's shaman found the boy peacably sleeping at the entrance of a panther's cave. Following the tribe's tradition, the child received its name: kai'chir - wandering panther. The shaman deceided to teach the boy the laws and powers of nature, and over time, he inscribed the tattoos of the various spirits and elementals. When Kaichiri was sent out for his final test, he met a group of adventurers. Curious about the world beyond the jungles, he joined them. After some years, the group was forced to fight the Temple of Elemental Evil. Kaichiri lost his life as an enemy mage disintegrated him. A powerful friendly druid gave him a second chance, and Kaichiri returned as a centaur.

Kaichiri values the welfare of nature and the freedom of all creatures above anything else. The laws of civilized lands have little meaning to him, but he will accept them as long they are no threat. Those who are mistreating nature, living beings or restrict freedom of others for own profit are rarely given the chance to change their lifes...He never fights animals unless his life is threatened or he is in need of food.
The many fights and adventures have made Kaichiri thoughtful and the loss of many friends puts him sometimes in a grief-stricken mood. Before attacking an evil stronghold or rampaging creatures he tries to get as many informations as possible. Solving a problem often involves heavy use of spells (both defensive and offensive), but wildshaping and melee combat is always used when the opportunity arises. Although animals are seen as friends and aides, Kaichiri has not chosen an animal companion, because he changes the location often by magical travel.

Over the years, Kaichiri developed a good skill in fighting with the longspear, but after losing his equipment in the temple, he often fights with a daily enchanted club. Nevertheless, he still carries a longspear on his back. He dislikes weapons with too many metal (like the scimitar) and any type of armor, because it would cover his tattoos. In all his years, he has never worn armor except a large wooden shield. A jaguar's fur acts as an open cloak. Money and jewelry are still a bit strange for Kaichiri, and so he hasn't acquired large treasures.

EDIT: stupid typos...
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First Post
Well, if others are going to offer up more than one character, I guess I will, too.

This is interesting character I've used primarily as an NPC in one form or another, in one game or another, for many years.

Minerva is sexy femme fatale-type who also is an assassin. She uses her sexuality to get close to a target and get close enough to check out his security arrangements. But she doesn't kill the target while she is bedding him, or immediately afterward. That would place too much suspicion on her. She either sneaks back in later, or kills him from a distance with a poisoned arrow. She finds her work is much more challenging, and thus interesting, that way.

Minerva is a full-blood elf, but half of that blood is dark elf/drow. She has a dark, dusky complexion that most men find very exotic. She has long, straight, silvery white hair, falling to the middle of her back. Her large, cat-like eyes are violet. Her head is slightly too large for her body, and she has a long, graceful neck (think Audrey Hepburn or Marie Osmond). Her lips are full and pouty. Her breasts are firm and sit upright, but are not so large they get in the way. She is tall for an elf, with a lithe body and the long, muscular legs of a dancer. She often works as a dancer/courtesan, and uses this as a means of meeting her intended targets. She is very sexy and beautiful, and her every movement is very graceful and oozing of sexuality. She is the woman that every man desires, and the one other women fear their men will meet while at the same time being envious of her freedom and open sexuality.

When Minerva is dancing, either for an audience or for an individual, she uses her innate drow spell-like abilities to enhance her performance. She will surrouned herself in a globe of Darkness before taking the stage. Then she will dispell the globe to make a sudden appearance. She will Levitate, and outline her body in a purple Fairie Fire. Dancing Globes will orbit around her during the performance, moving to the music just as she does. When performing, she is usually dressed in skimpy outfits of fine spider silk.

Not only is Minerva very skilled at dancing, she can play several instruments and has a beautiful singing voice. She also is well trained in many sexual techniques and positions. In addition, she is very adapt at sneaking into a building without being seen or being stopped by locks, traps or guards. She is skilled in the use of many weapons and poisons. She is a limber, talented acrobat -- on stage, in combat and in bed.
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Great thread...

Here we go:
male human Rogue 6/Fighter 2/Deepwood Sniper 3
STR 14, DEX 18, CON 14, INT 14, WIS 10, CHA 10
He stands about 5´7´´ and weighs about 138lb. Pale skin, brown hair, brown eyes. He was raised by some relatives -at least this is what they told him- in Waterdeep. His parents are unknown. He grew up doing some minor thefts and robberies around the harbour. During one of these raids, one sailor (a pirate) came to death accidentially. He got caught by the pirates and was forced to work on the ship as a replacement. After quite a while he escaped...

Since then he is travelling with his comrades. They want to destroy evil, he wants to get money and power. But they don´t know exactly, and he never will tell them about his motivations (he´s kind of opportunist). Right now they rely on his abilities to open locks and find and overcome traps, but he often suffers pain trying so.

In combat, he prefers a chain shirt (hoping to find an elven shirt again, his own one got destroyed during an incident in a pool of acid in the temple of elemental evil). In melee he´s doing pretty well twin sword style with a rapier and a dagger, sometimes throwing his daggers. He definitely stands out in ranged combat, fighting the baddies with a mighty composite longbow before they even spotted him.

In his off time he sometimes used to perform some acrobatic tricks for money with the groups bard/sorceress, who deceased in the temple of elemental evil.
He has no special relationship to the gods but tymora often helped him in tight situations.


Then, here´s another one:

Torgut, sometimes called Longarm
male Half-orc barbarian 2/ fighter 4/ lasher 3
STR 18, DEX 16, CON 14, INT10, WIS 10, CHA 10
chaotic neutral

Son of an Orc leader and a captured woman, at the age of 5 years he was "rescued" by some paladins who brought him to their temple and raised him. As it was impossible to tame his wild side, they tried to channel his powers to fight for the good. Seems, they weren´t very succesful, so they sent him away to find a holy artefact. Bit by bit he comes to think that the templars just wanted to keep him far away from the temple, as he wasn´t able for two years to find any hints about the artifact.

Due to his education in the temple he has quite low strength but he is not as stupid as the average half-orc. He learned for example that not every elf is bad (in orcish dimensions). Normally, he tries to talk first. If they are still hostile, well, it´s their own fault.
He is quite young, about 15 years old, 6´4´´, 180lb, well trained with no grain of fat on his body. Grey-green skin, some scars, well groomed hair and fingernails, clean clothing.

In combat, he wears studded leather and a buckler strapped to his left arm. With his left hand he uses a bladed gauntlet, merely to finish off the unfortunate foes, who come too close. In his right hand he wields a mighty whip-dagger to keep foes away. If necessary, he takes his bow.

That´s so far,

Kai Lord

As promised, here is a bump for those not yet aware of the contest. I will bump the thread one, and only one, more time the first week of July before announcing the 10 finalists the first week of August.

Originally I was going to choose the top ten finalists myself, but Todd expressed to me that he wanted to assist with narrowing down the final 10, so I'm choosing 20 "semifinalists" that he and I will choose the final 10 from. Once he and I agree on the finalists, they will then be posted the first week of August for everyone to vote on. Todd will then look at the Top 3 picks from the poll and choose his favorite.

However, to make this bump and the next more interesting, I am announcing TWO characters that I have locked into the final 20. These will be among the 20 I send to Todd. Keep in mind the other 18 are still undecided, and ALL remaining characters are still under consideration. I love reading about these characters, and am having a blast with this contest. I hope you are too.

So, without further ado, the two characters that are locked into the final 20 are:

Mejin A’koss


Zanatose Everhate

As I said, ALL other characters are still be considered for the remaining 18, as well as any new entries from this day forward. The next two semifinalists will be announced the first week of July. Good luck and have fun!


Bronyuar mac Corwyn

25th-level Human Ranger/Sorcerer/Peerless Archer

STR 18 DEX 18 CON 12 INT 12 WIS 13 CHA 16

Neutral Good

Lean with tight muscles, tan & weathered skin, long black hair w/braids near each ear, long mustache shot with silver, brown eyes that sometimes seem older than 33. 5'10" tall, 185 lbs.

Serious when action is called for, but knows how to relax. Quick with a smile, but laughter comes slower. Not afraid to skirt laws to see justice properly done. Sometimes prone to melancholy and long, contemplative thoughts.

Bronyuar has a pseudo-dragon familiar named Tekli. Tekli is, like others of his kind, mischevious and fun-loving. He enjoys riding on Bronyuars shoulders, head and forepaws resting on his masters right shoulder, tail and rear paws on the left shoulder. He pretends to sleep most times but keeps one eye open just a slit to watch behind Bronyuar.

Bronyuar mac Corwyn was born to Seamus & Lora mac Corwyn in the tiny hamlet of Vustar's Hold, some 100 miles north and west of Silverymoon. He grew up learning to hunt, fish, track and to use bow and blade. He felt the calling of the Lady of the Forest around the age of 15 and set out to wander the North, battling orcs, Zhentarim agents, and other evil foes. For nearly 10 years Bronyuar rode or walked between the ruins of Ascore and the city of Waterdeep at least a half dozen times.

At the age of 22 he returned to Vustar's Hold for his father's funeral. Bronyuar stayed around longer than usual this trip, partly to help ease his mother's broken heart, but also because of a young serving wench by the name of Lizbet. After a whirlwind three-week courtship Bronyuar asked Lizbet to marry him and she said yes. They moved into the family home after the wedding and this put much life back into his heart-sick mother as she welcomed her new daughter-in-law with open arms.

The next three years Bronyuar spent roaming much closer to home, typically never going farther than Silverymoon or Nesme. In his 25th year Bronyuar begin hearing rumors of an orc chieftain massing an army whose soldiers were undead. He began tracking down this rumor and pieces began to fall into place. It soon became apparent that the orc chieftain was also undead. In fact, he was a vampire. The vampire orc was working with agents of the Cult of the Dragon to locate the tomb of a long-dead ancient red dragon whom the Cult intended to reawaken as a dracolich. Bronyuar gathered a small force of men, elves and halflings and lead an assault on the orc vampire's lair. The vampire was destroyed, his undead army returned to eternal sleep. It was over.

But it wasn't. Cult agents had learned of Bronyuar and while he and his force were busy destroying the vampire, the Cult assaulted Vustar's Hold and annihilated it, leaving the bodies of Bronyuar's mother, wife and infant in an identifiable state. This incident drove Bronyuar mad. In a fury he stalked the North, slaying orcs, undead, and Cult agents wherever he found them. He gained the nickname "Ghostshadow" for his ability to track and strike while unseen. His next five years were nothing but a series of bloody encounters as Bronyuar struck at his enemies without fear for his own life. He was even banished for life from Nesme after stepping from the shadows to slay two disguised Cult members in the middle of the Nesme City Hall.

At the age of 30, while on one of his endless hunts, Bronyuar encountered Narine, a cleric of Kelemvor, also hunting undead. They became friends, and slowly Narine drew Bronyuar back from his madness. On his 31st birthday, Bronyuar married Narine.

Primary Ranged Weapon: Ghoulbane (+4 Ghoul Bane Mighty Composite Longbow)

Primary Melee Weapon: Silverblade (+4 Holy Scimitar)

Secondary Melee Weapon: Orcgutter (+2 Adamantine dagger)

Armor: Bracers of Armor +8, Ring of Protection +5, Amulet of Natural Armor +5

Other Magic Items: 50 +1 Arrows, 50 +2 Arrows, 50 +3 Arrows
50 +4 Flaming Arrows, Aribeth's Ring, Wand of Magic Missiles, Belt of Giant's Strength +6, Heward's Handy Haversack, Headband of Epic Intellect +8, Mantle of Great Stealth, Bag of Holding, Gem of Seeing.
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And a second character...


Female Half-elf 6th-level Rogue/6th-level Wizard Neutral Evil

Trelina was born in the slums of Telflamm, the largest city in Thesk, in the year 1342 DR. Her mother, a half-gold elf named Asterlin, had been a thief of some small renown in Telflamm before she met Ralud, a half-drow mercenary from the far-off Moonsea lands. Asterlin fell in love with Ralud, though he was not in love with her. Ralud used Asterlin for his pleasures, sometimes sharing her with his companions, but left her and Telflamm when Asterlin became pregnant in early 1342 DR.

Trelina grew up under less-than-perfect conditions. Her mother, longing for Ralud, gave up on her career as a thief and began to live in the bottle, climbing in deeper every day. Quickly, the young Trelina came to hate her absent father for the mess he had made of her and her mother's life. She also came to revile her mother for allowing her emotions to so rule her life.

Asterlin had taken to prostituting herself in order to procure coins to feed her daughter. In 1345 she became pregnant again, giving
birth the following Marpenoth to her second daughter, Akara. Akara was, for all practical purposes, human. Her features were human, her build was human, and she lacked low-light vision. Asterlin had no idea who Akara's father was.

This second child seemed to drive Asterlin further into depression and alcoholism. Luckily, Trelina came to like her little sister and
she took it upon herself to protect and care for the girl, despite
being only four years old herself.

In 1350 DR Ralud returned to Telflamm and to Asterlin's bedchambers. Asterlin seemed to recover somewhat with his return, but found herself even further under the cunning mercenaries innate charms. Ralud came and went on various "missions" over the next three years. When he found out in late 1353 that Asterlin was again pregnant he left, "for good" he claimed. Trelina's second sister, Leenaria, was born three months later on Midwinter Night.

Asterlin had no interest in any of her girls, spending all her time
crying over Ralud, her former career, and the mess her life had
become. The bottle beckoned and she let it swallow her. Trelina
began a career as a thief the day Leenaria was born. For two years she plied the streets of Telflamm, picking pockets and lifting purses to procure coins with which she purchased clothes and food for herself and her sisters. Two years later, at the age of thirteen, Trelina turned to the more lucrative profession of prostitution in order to be able to provide for her sisters.

For five years Trelina continued her career at thieving and
prostitution. Finally she had had enough. Akara was now fifteen and prostituting herself, Leenaria was already an accomplished thief at the tender age of seven, Asterlin had become a fat cow who moaned all day about how her life had been ruined, and Ralud had returned yet again and was attempting to seduce Akara.

Trelina left. She packed her meager belongings and hit the road.
She traveled for a couple of months, wandering aimlessly to the south and eventually ending up in Aglarond. There she met Barek, a mage of little power and much charm. Trelina agreed to travel with Barek and sleep with him if he would teach her to access the Weave, to cast arcane spells. Barek, eyeing the lovely, buxom girl, readily agreed.

She traveled with Barek for two years, doing his every depraved whim and being at his beck and call. Through this whole time Barek never taught her anything more than a few simple Cantrips. When pressed for more powerful magics, Barek would tell Trelina that she "wasn't quite ready," though Trelina began to understand that Barek was simply enjoying the free sex and he knew that she would leave when she had learned something substantial.

In Flamerule 1364 Trelina slit Barek's throat in the middle of the
night. She took his spellbook, spell components and a Ring of Mind Shielding and left his corpse in their camp by the road. She had learned enough from Barek that she was able to comprehend many of the spells and begin using them.

About a year later Trelina met up with a group of adventurers and began to travel with them. Even though Trelina relied upon no one but herself, she was far from stupid and recognized that traveling with a group had many advantages, including the advantage of safety in numbers.

The group came to call themselves "The Company of the Bat" after a Cloak of the Bat one member, a wizard name Alpraxis, used on a regular basis. The Company of the Bat headed east on a series of adventures, eventually finding themselves in Thay. It was there that the Company fought a small contigent of Thayvian guards, including a lesser Red Wizard, and defeated them. This defeat earned Trelina her second spellbook as she took the one from the Red Wizard.

During her time with the Company, Trelina attached herself to a
swashbuckling rogue by the name of Zaze. Trelina found Zaze quite attractive and useful in bed but, unlike her mother, kept her head about the situation. After nearly a year of travels and adventures the situation with the Company of the Bat began to deteriorate. Alpraxis had caught Trelina copying spells from his spellbook without permission and a rift developed between the two. Her relationship with Zaze also deteriorated as her eyes and mind began to wander. Their shattering relationship caused much strife within the party.

As the situation worsened violence nearly erupted amongst the whole group in general, and between Alpraxis and Trelina in particular. Soon afterward, the party split up. Trelina made plans to kill Zaze, as she blamed him for much of the strife, but he disappeared before she could act. The last she heard of Zaze, he had set himself up as a pirate king on an island in the Sea of Fallen Stars. Trelina also offered to have sex with Alpraxis, to let him do anything sexual to her, as an apology. He refused her without speaking a word.

Shaking her head in confusion, Trelina picked up her pack and headed for Telflamm. She arrived home two months later to find that her mother had drowned after falling off a pier in a drunken stupor. Trelina felt no remorse or sadness or loss, only anger that her mother had degenerated so. Trelina's oldest sister, Akara, was pregnant by Ralud, Trelina's own father. Akara was thrilled, Trelina was disgusted, and Ralud was nowhere to be found.

Also, Leenaria was missing. Akara told Trelina that Leenaria had
gone west with Ralud several months earlier but had not returned with him. Ralud had told Akara that he sold Leenaria into slavery in order to cover a series of mounting debts but Akara thought he was joking. Trelina knew otherwise and knew that her twelve-year-old sister was now a slave somewhere.

After only three days in Telflamm Trelina left again, setting out to
find her little sister. She left despising Akara as much as she had
despised her mother and hating Ralud even more than ever, vowing to kill him the next time she saw him.

Trelina traveled by ship to Chessenta and Unther, then on to Tantras and Raven's Bluff. There she found men who knew of her father and followed their suggested path to Hillsfar and Zhentil Keep. The trail turned southwards to Dagger Falls, then Cormyr. From Cormyr Trelina headed west to the Sunset Vale and then on to the coast and Baldur's Gate. In Baldur's Gate she met a handsome rogue and bounty hunter by the name of Jack. Trelina enlisted Jack's aid, as the trail had gone cold, and was soon on her way to Waterdeep with Jack, rewarding him with sexual favors.

The trail in Waterdeep led the pair deep into Undermountain and the outlaw city of Skullport. There agents of the Zhentarim ambushed them. Jack was slain and Trelina barely escaped with her life. Recovering on the surface, Trelina was able to learn that her father had been in Skullport when she arrived in Waterdeep, had learned of her presence and ordered the ambush. He had then headed west at the head of a small troop of mercenaries bound for Nesme.

It took several months for Trelina to recover from her wounds, but a full recovery was made. By this time her father's trail had grown quite cold, but she followed it to the last destination she knew him to be headed for. She spent several more months in and around Nesme, trying to pick up the trail. In Marpenoth of 1371 she heard from a traveler that a man matching her father's description had been seen in the tiny town of Garrotten, several long days to the south. She set off for that town and arrived to find the area in great upheaval. An expatriate king had reclaimed an old dwarven kingdom, Hammerstone Hall, and the forces of Good were running those of an evil nature out of the area. She rode back and forth between Garrotten, Orlbar, Llorkh, and Restonford several times trying to find information. Early in 1372 she was finally able to learn that her father had been a guard for the Zhentarim at a garrison in the middle of Dawntreader Gap, had been captured after a failed assassination attempt on some adventurers, and let go several months later to take a message to the city of Llorkh. No one had seen him since, and his last known action was to hook up with a caravan bound
for Iriaebor, Suzail, and Scardale. Trelina is bound to follow him
and make him pay.

Trelina of Telflamm's Personality and Appearance

Trelina is a physical beauty. She stands 5'8" tall and weighs about 125 pounds. She has long, golden brown hair, bronze skin (with a hint of dark grey at the tips of her ears), and vivid purple eyes. She is physically fit from her years adventuring and traveling, and she is quite buxom. All in all, she presents a figure many men (and some women) find hard not to stare at.

She dresses in practical traveling clothes, buckskin breeches, linen shirt, wool overshirt, cloak and soft boots. She wears her weapons openly to warn away those that might mistake her for a helpless woman. Trelina is quite friendly, but only so long as it serves her goals. She smiles readily and puts people off with her sweet charm.

Trelina has a single-minded purpose in life – "Do whatever it takes to survive and grow strong. Do not become weak and ineffectual. Do not wallow in sorrow and self-pity." She is not above lying, cheating, stealing or even killing to get what she wants. From her early career as a thief she has paid homage, sometimes devoutly, to Mask, god of thieves. After becoming a prostitute, Trelina began to experiment with the teachings of Loviatar. While never becoming a full convert, she does enjoy many of Loviatar's teachings.

She is not above using sex to get her way, either. She often rewards services rendered with sexual favors, saving her coins for equipment and goods. Trelina also uses sex to gain answers, seal alliances and make apologies. She truly enjoys any and all of this and she feels the pleasure multiplied by the power of manipulation she has over whomever she has sex with.

Her upbringing, career choices and life choices have left Trelina
particularly twisted. While she does not view herself as evil in the
sense of those that kill maliciously, she is, without a doubt, evil. She particularly reviles her father (an evil, vile man if there ever
was one) and fights the Zhentarim and Red Wizards whenever possible, but she in no way feels that others, such as the Harpers or Purple Dragons of Cormyr, are a better choice.

Trelina's Spellbooks

Trelina has three traveling spellbooks. The first one she took off
of Barek after murdering him. She calls it "Barek's Legacy" and it
stands about four hands high by two wide. It is fifty vellum pages
bound between two thin slabs of oak. The slabs are covered with
horse leather stained chrome yellow.

The second book is the one Trelina took off of the Red Wizard of Thay she defeated while with the Company of the Bat. She calls this book "The Red Book" because it's goatskin covered weirwood covers are stained with vermilion. The book contains fifty-three parchment sheets and stands three hands by one-and-a-half wide.

Trelina made the third book herself. It consists of fifty parchment
pages bound between two thin sheets of beaten silver. Her personal sigil has been etched in the center of the front cover. The book stands two-and-a-half hands high by two hands wide.
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