WOIN Exploding dice


Using the Young trait, declare damage to explode. Damage also has some luck thrown in.

Getting a 6 on a luck die, can you double re-roll?

E.g. 3d6 + 1d6 Luck = 4-2-5-1 6!(3+4)
(the 6 got a double explode)

How does that sound?
I think the question is whether luck dice that are added to a dice pool that's already exploding (due to Young) explode twice or just once. That is, if you get a 6 on a luck die, do you roll one more die, or two? In our session where this came up, we assumed just one (which seems the most sane), but it would be good to know for sure that we got it right.


"Will the future quantum computers use the binary, ternary or quaternary numeral system?"

SO!! The 'Young' trait makes it *Quantum exploding dice*! No longer a binary system ;)