D&D General Extra Credits: The History of D&D Hasbro Refused to Learn

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B/X Known World
Regardless of the details, the central thesis does hold some water. I am interested to see who will fill the gap this time, though.
I’m not sure any one company will. I know it’s often used pejoratively, but I think this is the era of the heartbreaker or a resurgence of folk D&D. Especially with the CC-BY release of the core 5E rules. We’ve had what…two $1 million+ Kickstarters for 5E-adjacent games since January. One an OSR 5E game (Shadowdark) and the other a crunchier version of 5E (Black Flag). OSR games seem to be becoming more popular, which is amazing for my tastes.

Cordwainer Fish

Imp. Int. Scout Svc. (Dishon. Ret.)
It’s a niche book that was a small print run and is now out of print. Ebooks are wildly cheaper.
There isn't an ebook edition (or if it is it's not on Apple Books, and that is the only place I will buy ebooks from (I have reasons; no, I will not talk about them.)).

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