2000AD Extra Rogue Trooper Locations

John R White

New locations to the Rogue Trooper universe have recently cropped up in the 'Mayflies' spi-off comic strip, here they are with some extra notes on a few Nu Earth regions and settlements.
Barbary Zone
. Located adjacent to the Marokk Desert, this unoccupied region is filled with Nort minefields and ingenious booby trap.
Equitorial Petrified Forest. The original colonists to Nu Earth found a long-dead forest of stone-like petrified trees on the equitorial belt. Decades later, the stone forest has swallowed up Nort and Souther infantry in a long, grim war of attrition where gains of a hundred metres of territory can take a unit three years and a horrendous butchers bill of casualties to achieve.
Nu-Nordstadt. Nu-Nordstadt is the Nort’s capital on Nu Earth. In recent years, the Southers have initiated numerous battles to attempt to capture it, and the statues of soldiers commemorate the city’s heroic defenders. A few years after the Quartz Zone massacre, pressure on the city had relented enough for full repairs to be undertaken to its shields, defensive weapons and atmosphere processors. The rebuilt streets became thronged with off duty soldiers carousing their way through its bierhalls and bordellos.
Reaperbann District. Notorious pleasure district of Nu-Nordstadt frequented by off-duty soldiers, where beirhaus brawls are common.
Kreigsturm. Reaperbann bar where bar fights include the use of bottles and knives and the occasional handgun.
Neutral planet located a good distance away from the nearest warzones.
Camp Isthmus. Large space station on the fringes of Souther Territory. Besides the resident station personnel, it includes a population of refugees, many of whom reside in corridors relying on begging to survive. For decades the Kane Transport company has used the station as a hub for a lucrative people smuggling operation, assisted by bribes paid to key individuals amongst the station.
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