2000AD Rogue Trooper - Preorder Now!

With the hardcover now available to preorder on the EN Publishing website (and get the PDF right away), Rogue Trooper is here!



In Rogue Trooper’s universe, the battle for Nu-Earth dominates everything. The Greater Nordland Republic and the Souther Confederacy wage an endless war for control of a poisoned planet. Desperate for an edge, the Southers have developed superhuman soldiers known as Genetic Infantrymen, or GIs, and thrown them against their enemy in the hopes of stalling the Nort’s inexorable advance. Despite being outgunned and outnumbered, even a single GI can often be enough to turn the tide of a battle.

Whether as an enlisted human or GI clone, it’s time to join the Souther defence against the relentless assault of the Norts. Welcome to Nu-Earth. Do not leave home without your chemsuit.

Rogue Trooper offers several new species such as the Genetic Infantryman and Srigoi, a raft of new careers that define a character’s military service on either side of the conflict, new equipment and vehicles designed to keep the characters safe during their mission, a full gazetteer of Nu-Earth, plus tips and trick to running games of Rogue Trooper in other settings with different themes. Set against the backdrop of the unending war for control of Nu-Earth, this supplement provides a completely new experience for the Judge Dredd & the World of 2000 AD roleplaying game.

Requires the use of the Judge Dredd & the Worlds of 2000 AD core rulebook.


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Russ Morrissey

Russ Morrissey


This was my favorite of the 2000 A.D. comics, not Strontium Dog or the ever popular Judge Dredd, but Rogue Trooper in particular.

A pity that this edition is W.O.I.N. based instead of the 5th Edition D&D like the path taken by the Hellboy Kickstarter.

So I guess, my group of Players are now one of those groups not wanting to learn yet another new system to play an RPG. Currently, we are playing Legendary Planet for our D&D in space themes.

Maybe one day, I may return to picking this up, like the collected edition of the comicbook below to relive my youth.

It Rogue-Trooper is a setting with mind-uploading and digital inmortality (like in Altered Carbone and Eclipse Phase) then the players will want...

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