Eye on Cormyr: Issue #4

Well met!

And welcome. The spirit of Halloween permeates this, the fourth installment of Eye on Cormyr.

In this issue you will find a host of brand new features. If you're running low on encounter ideas, Close Encounters has thirteen suggestions to surprise your players with. (Who knew skeletons could lend adventurers a helping hand?). Check out Haunts and Horrors for a taste of the many hauntings, ghostly apparitions, and horrors lurking in the darkest corners of the King's Forest. Not sure how to generate place names and short but interesting descriptions for them to capture the character's attention? The DM's Workshop shows you how to do just that by mining book indexes, and provides ten examples set in Cormyr. (Felsharp's Bonepile is my favorite.) Curious to know what the Crown of Cormyr does with the corpses of its soldiers? The Purple Dragons has the answers to this question, and more. Matters of Magic rounds out this month's new features with a look at the living legacy of Tsharliira, wizard of Eveningstar, and exhibits a few items of magic Tsharliira crafted late in life, such as her Wand of Spell Parrying.

Several features from Issue #3 make a return appearance this month. Background Assistance explains the differences between Cormyrean High Guilds and Cormyrean Craft Guilds, and lists 22 guild businesses for a character with the Guild Artisan Background to choose from. The catalogue of Lady Ruvelle Keskrel's watch in the Hermit's Wood continues in part two of Nobles of Cormyr, which includes a map of the Hermit's Woods and vicinity. Words and Phrases describes the roles of the many Jacks of Cormyr, while Adventure Awaits sends 1st level adventurers up a tower, down a pond, and off to the fanged peaks of the Stormhorns. Miscellany caps this issue's offerings with a useful breakdown of all the things you didn't know you needed to know about "Elminster Must Die," a novel set in Cormyr

A friendly reminder: Letter and number combinations (e.g., "D19") are map coordinates for a specific hex on the map of West-Central Cormyr found at the end of this issue.

Good gaming to you and yours. Thanks for reading!

—Jeremy E. Grenemyer
for Commonplace Publishing

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