Fabula Ultima: Table Talk JPRG in English

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Can I be the critical voice of the group?
Sorry, I'll be harsh. Make your judgments pairing my voice to others. I'm not speaking "the truth". Just something not nice

Some points to consider:
[A] Try to pick a copy of Log Horizon or ArianRhod and see. I know most western players aren't familiar with such systems, but if you own a copy of them, you own a copy of Fabula Ultima quite verbatim.

[B ] It's way more crunchy than it sound, to keep some game balance between fighters and supports. Maybe is what you want for a game to be, to me computing the whole time is fun as doing homeworks.

[C] Anyway, for reasons, they removed spatiality from combat, making it a bit shallow. Practically 100% of all JRPG use spatiality in the minimal sense of sectors, or ranges, or areas, so skills have some meaning. So prepare for grinding over grinding.

[D] Nausicaa stay at this game as fish to meat. No. Really. Nothing about, but is cool to quote Miyazaki in everything "japonistique", right?

[E] This game is "Japanese Table Talk" as much your box of Monopoly is. TTRPG in Japan is something a bit different (check games like StellaKnight, Bloodorium, AnimaAnimus or others to spot the difference).

But the most evidence of design issues (let's spell it this way to not call it "games made for spoiling crowdfunding") is this game is "JRPG" as much as D&D is. To simulate what happen in a JRPG you should come with a structure that simulate the same mood. There are games like that. This one isn't.
Here you got a mash up of some "modern design ideas" (clocks, statuses, variable pool), most of them ripped from other games.
The poor GoblinSlayer clone on the cover is a bit sad.
Not speaking the horrible opener about (again!) the "ill indie designer finally making his game". The usual hook on crowdfunding. How ill people always design games? Healthy people can't? I'm really tired such intro are made. Who care?

This game is not terrible, it's just a bit too much crunchy, but after just a couple sessions you'll ask yourself why play it instead of any other fantasy retroclone - or, like it happened to me, why shifting from the original Log Horizon to this.

A "smart" game, with divine page layout, very well written paragraphs (at least in italian) that wink on RPGforum users, smart hooks for crowdfunding, uncanny product value that, well... is again the "manga RPG that is not manga". We had already 5 in Italy. Call it Monk, MMA Fighter or Baki the Grappler, you didn't changed anything.

To me, 5/10. Don't buy it before playing some demo around.
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