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Facilitator Tasks (Forked from: If/how to impliment OOC points)


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Forked from: If/how to impliment OOC points

Graf said:
I have to finish up the Transitive Isles.
You're working on the charter, tick boxes for settings (with gary) and lots of other stuff.
renau1g is doing the character sheet (I think)

I saw this and had the thought that we should actually make sure we know what we're all doing. I don't recall being tagged for the setting, for example. :)

So, fellow facilitators, let's all figure out exactly what we're each taking the lead on.

I was hoping to work on the charter myself, although I might need a few days to get it together.

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I'm not particularly committed to the idea of doing it myself; it's just something that needs doing. If you want to work on it, knock yourself out. On the other hand, I have some time over the next few days, so if I get inspired, I might not wait for you.


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I'm not particularly committed to the idea of doing it myself; it's just something that needs doing. If you want to work on it, knock yourself out. On the other hand, I have some time over the next few days, so if I get inspired, I might not wait for you.

I kinda dig working on charter-like things. I manage the constitution for my fantasy baseball league, for example. :) But if you get to it first, I'm happy to work off what you start, too.


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I'm currently working on the character sheet, I need to update the section relating to powers and add an area to include the math for the bonus to hit.


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I've been tragging postierior today. No significant updates, except maybe for the races chat with gary and wrestling with renau1g's character sheet.

(Why do I do work that's assigned to other people? my brain is strange... :erm:)

I confess to still liking GK's template and wanting to use that day-to-day, or something similar with a sort of crazy detailed math supplement (maybe even on a seperate page so you can flip back and forth?).

I hate the "code" tag because you wind up with this reeeeeeaallly tiny little screen.... but since we'll be posting characters on the wiki anyway...
Is there some sort of clean tagging thing we can use for the wiki? Like a code tag that doesn't create it's own box?

Thinking something like this but with the lines for the individual collumns in a row

[sblock=Attack of the crazy math sheet]
It's pretty easy to read when it lines up properly....

Starting Attributes
Cost Initial Racial Level Final
Str: 0 10 0 10
Dex: 1 11 0 11
Con: 2 12 +2 0 14
Int: 7 15
0 15
Wis: 2 12 +2 0 14
Cha: 0 10
0 10

Number of Trained Skills: Arcana + 4
Skills Trained Attrib Racial Feat
Athletics -- +0 -- -- +0
Arcana +5 +2 -- -- +7
Dungeoneering +5 +2 +2 -- +7
Endurance -- +2 +2 -- +4
History +5 +2 -- -- +7
Insight -- +2 -- -- +2
Perception +5 +2 -- -- +7
Swim -- +0 -- -- +0
Thievery +5 +0 -- -- +5
Trained Skills: 5

Armor Proficiencies: Cloth, Leather
Weapon Proficiencies: Simple Melee, Simple Ranged

Saves Attrib Racial Class Feat Equip Total
Armor Class +2 -- -- -- +2 14
Fortitude +2 -- +1 -- -- 13
+2 -- -- -- -- 12
Will +2 -- +1 -- -- 13


Number of Powers Known 2/1/1/0
At will, Encounter, Daily, utility powers known


Attrib Weapon/Impl Feat
Total-to-hit | Damage
At Will
Aggravating Force +2 -- -- +2 1W + 2 (int)
Thundering Armor +2 -- -- +2 1d+6 + 2(int)
Subtotal 2

Shielding Cube +2 -- -- +21d8 + 2 (int)
Subtotal 1


Caustic Rampart +2 -- -- +2 1d+6 + 2(int)
Subtotal 1

Class Base Effect Attribute Feat Total
Restorative Formula Cure:HS +1d6 N/A -- HS+1d6
Curative Admixture
Cure: 2 (con) + 1 thp N/A -- 2 (con) + 1 thp

Equipment: Cost Weight
Leather Armour 25gp 15lb
Warhammer 15gp 05lb
Standard Adventurer's Kit 15gp 33lb
Hand Crossbow 25gp 05lb
Total 95gp

L1 -> CLASS Artificer HP: 12 (class) + 14 (con)
Feat: ??, Bonus: Ritual Caster
Powers Known:

Other: OTHER NOTE[/sblock]


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Sort of tangential to the subject of character sheets: We've previously floated the idea of keeping character sheets on the wiki and setting some kind of security so that only the creator can edit it, and only judges can mark an "approved" section, or a "needs work" section. Someone should mess around with the wiki and figure out if that's actually feasible, or if not, what kind of workflow that's actually feasible we can use. In other words, is it possible to use the wiki for character sheets, or should we just have a sticky thread at the top of the forum with all the character sheets?


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You can't "lock" the wiki.

But it has a complete list of every single edit and who did it linked to their EnWorld ID.

And you can link to prior historical versions.

So when a sheet is "approved" you can then make a permenent link to that version of the character on a character post.
The player can keep on editing it and playing around and so forth but their DM has a permanent link to an official version.

It's actually almost perfect for our needs.

The difference function that lets you check every single change between two versions is just gravy :).


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Interesting. So character creation would go something like this:

1. Player makes wiki page from the template, fills it in.
2. Player emails judges with a link to version 2, which is the latest version
3. Judges check it out, make some comments on the page itself, perhaps in a section at the bottom. That's versions 3 and 4 (if two judges do it)
4. Player addresses the judge comments, sends version 5 back to the judges.
5. Judge 1 approves, and notes it on the page. Version 6.
6. Judge 2 approves, notes it on the page. Version 7.
7. Since there are now 2 approvals, Judge 2 makes a link from the sticky character list post at the top of the forum to version 7 of the page, the approved version.
8. Player goes on adventure and makes notes of powers used, events that occur, treasure and xp gained, and so forth. Let's say that takes it up to version 10. During this time, the DM uses the approved version for most mechanical decisions, but can refer to the current version as well.
9. Someone vandalizes the character sheet, taking it to version 11.
10. Player notices, and copies and pastes version 10 back into the edit window, so version 12 is identical to version 10.
11. DM awards enough experience to level up. Player notes it, updates character sheet to version 13, and emails judges.

That sounds doable to me. Could possibly even use separate sub-pages for current status and notes, so that the approved version is always the most recent, except for vandalism and leveling up.

Someone might should try actually making a mock character sheet this way and "submitting" it so we can see how it works in practice.


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So this is the to-do list.

strikethrough = I think this is done.

Character creation
in progress (mostly done?)
done for now (can we add more without actual decisions on certain issues?)
DM/OOC points
being voted on
Character approval system
Can we make a list for this? I was thinking about google groups... but we'd want non-members to be able to email. Maybe we should make an account at GMAIL that autoforwards to an invitation only google group? (i.e. L4W character submission a-t g m a i l forwards to a group)
(it'd be nice to have a permanent record)

  • waiting for
    • completion of individual setting(s)
    • decision about how to handle TI vs other setting(s)

Transitive Isles

  • Regional benefits need to be discussed and balanced.
Being discussed. Really just need to decide about Jade Kingdoms.

  • Should separate out the character creation rules (e.g. 25 point buy, must use approved template, MM races will be subject to scrutiny for balance issues as well as correctness) from the setting stuff. It may go back together in the same document later once we've decided on a setting
As I've mentioned I'm happy for this to happen but it's low priority for me (I think covaithe's character creation guide fulfills this role really anyway)

  • map. We ought to have one, even if it's vague and known to be inaccurate. I don't care if it's the one I drew or not.
Uploaded the final map I commissioned.

  • Kingdom of Allaria? I just noticed this in the backstory of Daunton. Sounds good, but maybe a paragraph of general knowledge is called for.

  • Brotherhood of the Bright Eon? This is the cult that brought down the Five. Maybe a bit of backstory on them and what they stand for?
I think they should be left vague, DMs can make up splinter groups and weirdness as they like. More here.

  • If Daunton is going to have a Library as part of its regional benefits, there should be a section on the library in the wiki.

  • Island #3. I think I called this Kestoriel on my map. Needs a writeup. There was an early suggestion that this island could be fey-linked. That might tie in well with the bit in Daunton's writeup about how the Five got the fey to leave Daunton's island mostly alone, but now they're coming back.
My and Gary's verisions need to be reconciled in some fashion. Maybe I can handle this tomorrow.

  • Imperium needs a final writeup based on discussions page.
Will try to do this tomorrow.

  • Pantheon needs to be integrated into the setting proposal. Origin story. I need to go over how gods work in 4e again, but I feel like there's more to be done there, mechanically speaking.
I've commented that I don't think we need to do anything mechanically. I think Ata and Gary need to get together and do some banging on the names.
Ata's fleshing out the Old Gods in an interesting new direction; but I think Gary wanted to iterate the 12 slightly differently from the Imperium version.

  • Overall, needs just a bit more work on consistency, proofreading, using the right names in all the right places (there are still a few instances of "island #5" and such).
My bugbear. I'll try to do another pass tomorrow.
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Character approval system. Can we make a list for this? I was thinking about google groups... but we'd want non-members to be able to email. Maybe we should make an account at GMAIL that autoforwards to an invitation only google group? (i.e. L4W character submission a-t g m a i l forwards to a group)

Yes, I have a vague sort of plan in my head for doing this, which I haven't actually written down anywhere, but I don't expect it to be terribly controversial.

I think we should create an email account, something like L4W.Judges@gmail.com. Using that email, create an ENWorld account "L4W Judge". All of the judges will have the passwords for the email address and the enworld account. The L4W Judge account will be a moderator for this forum, and will be used to post the various important sticky threads (official character list, charter, etc.). I think we should be able to get the gmail account to forward to the email addresses of the current judges, while still keeping a searchable record of all emails sent to the judge account. As long as the judges remember to CC the judge account when responding, it will be a complete record of all judge conversations. If a judge retires, they simply take themselves off of the forward list. (And possibly change the passwords too, though the honor system would probably work for that.)

An alternative would be to make all of the judges themselves moderators on the forum. That would prevent them from having to log in as someone else to add to the lsit of approved characters (I think).


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I like the judges as moderators, since it's easier to track who did what.
(If I were a judge i'd hate to have to log in and out....)

The Gmail account as forwarding mechanism is great. I've actually done that before... you just need to set the - filter to something improbable.

Off today. See you all tomorrow!


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GMail sounds like a good plan.

I prefer the idea of Judges being moderators so you can tell who did what and so that Judges don't have to log out and back in.


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Made an account. You should all have messages in your selected boxes.
As soon as enworld stops hanging on me anyway.


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Got my e-mail. Thanks for setting that up! Is the gmail account set up to auto-forward e-mail sent to it to all the facilitators/judges?
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not yet, I don't have your email addresses... you can respond to me, or to the judge info with your details and I can set that up.
(don't post it here)


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I've included Gary on the list of forwarded email addresses... will add others when I get their info.

I need to deal with the Imperium next...

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