Kickstarter [Falconian Productions] Eldritch Defenders, a game about supernatural lawyering



Falconian Productions has just launched a new Kickstarter campaign for Eldritch Defenders:

Eldritch Defenders is a new Tabletop RPG where you take on the role of overworked "public defenders" and other contracted lawyers who deal with supernaturally involved cases like demonic pacts and fairy oaths.

It's based on the Adversarial System that was first introduced in our early game, Eldritch Care Unit, wherein you roll the dice only when something is in your way, represented by "Adversarial Dice" that build up in the pool for each impediment. It fulfills the promise many games have of avoiding pointless rolls by giving you nothing to roll in the first place if it's not interesting.

The game itself revolves around a combination of first investigating and researching a case and the strange preternatural issues that your clients have gotten themselves into, and then backing them up in the trial that follows to secure a "Not Guilty" verdict, or whatever equivalent they might use in the courts of the hells or the fairy realms.

Check it out, and of course back us if you can! It's going from September 28th to October 28th.

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