Level Up (A5E) Fantasy Grounds Level Up implementation.


As I finally prepare to utilize the A5E ruleset in FGU, I have noticed that they have not added Cultures or Destinies into their implementation of the rules. Seeing as this is a core mechanic of A5E, I was wondering what can be done about it. I will be attempting to go down the FG forums rabbit hole soon as well.

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Yeah you’d have to ask over there. It’s all produced in house by FG. We don’t have any involvement in it.


What do you think is missing?
I'm looking at the ruleset, and both are there ... but they don't make it clear -where- they are when you create a character.
You would -think- they would create a spot for them on the main page, next to "Background" and "Heritage". They did not.

First off - Cultures. If you've activated all the A5E material, a list of Cultures will appear under the "Character" Tab on the left. To associate this with your character, you to the the "Abilities" Tab, and drag your Culture onto the Traits section. Yes, Cultures are added as Traits. When I dropped on "Dragoncult", it added "Dragoncult" as a trait, as well as "Draconic Umbra" and "Secrets of the Wyrm".

Second Destiny. Destiny can be found on the "Notes" Tab of your character sheet. I dragged "Chaos" onto the Destiny section of my character, and this added "Inspiration Feature: Ingenious Doubletalk" to the "Abilities:Features" section.
The only thing I had to do, was role on the "Chaos" motivation table and drag that into the Motivation block on the "Notes" tab.

So, as far as I can tell, it's all there, and adds things like it should, even if its not where you would logically think it should be.

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