D&D 5E Favorite 3rd Party Campaign

Is multi-authored a problem? I find the issue with most of the WotC adventures is they are loaded with Perkinisms, and get predictable.
I'm not disagreeing with you, but can you elaborate on Perkinisms? Joining with 5E means I didn't really bond that close with Perkins and his previous live shows etc, and I'm not super familiar with his other adventures.

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I'm not disagreeing with you, but can you elaborate on Perkinisms? Joining with 5E means I didn't really bond that close with Perkins and his previous live shows etc, and I'm not super familiar with his other adventures.
It's hard to pin down, but I have a player who frequently says "Chris Perkins didn't write that!" when they come across something I have added into a WotC adventure from elsewhere.


Dusty Dragon
Zeitgeist, gears of revolutions, is indeed very good, although I have no idea how it plays in 5e, and I'm speaking as a player, not a GM

As a GM, I can highly recommend Dungeons Of Drakkenheim. It's about a city that has been struck by a magical meteor and rendered unlivable. The meteor is made of a strange crystal-like substance called delerium, and chunks of it are very dangerous - but valuable. There are various groups who want this delerium, and have differing opinions on what should be done with it...

This is not a good "first time campaign", but if you have a little bit of experience, it's really good. A lot of thought has been put in making the campaign usable and flexible - each adventure locale has several hooks, and there is no "right way" to do/run the campaign.


As always, I recommend War of the Burning Sky from EN Publishing

It has a relatively classic "save the world" set up, but with enough layers and unusual ideas that it's familiar enough for new players and old, without being boring to those at home in fantasy.
At the same time it's not too complex even for somewhat never GMs.

After seeing how awesome everyone's material they were responding with here was, I took a shot at a Google Sheet consolidating a lot of the info that I could imagine people liking to filter/sort by to locate the right resource for them. While I listed A TON of the resources that I have heard good things about, also consolidating most everything from this thread, I realized very quickly that this community could likely help me update it way faster and with better info than I ever could, so here is the shared/editable Google Sheet if you would like to help me update it for a better reference. If it is updated with good enough info, I may even do something cool with it for the group! The only things I ask if you are going to contribute/edit the spreadsheet:
1) Please do not add junk/inaccurate data as that is just counterproductive (I created a backup just in case)
2) Please do not create duplicate resources (I will go through this later, but please help limit the edits I have to do)
3) When filling out the "Resource Type" or "Location Type(s)" fields, while I filled these out for the existing fields where applicable (for the most part), please keep the values for those fields limited to only those seen in the respective sheets (just separate the values by commas)
4) Only list D&D resources that you would recommend to others
5) Try keeping the "Descriptions" between 2-5 sentences and at a high level (e.g., covering concise details that people would like to know when deciding if they would like to purchase/utilize that resource)

Awesome thread discussion and love hearing the D&D resources you all are enjoying!


EDIT/UPDATE: I decided on converting Iron Gods (PF1E) for various reasons -- but please keep letting us know what's great out there, and why.

I am running a weekly 5e conversion of Iron Gods on Fantasy Grounds. :)

I am most of the way through the second module and it has been great.

I have been embracing the sci-fi in D&D and throwing in every relevant media reference I can and we are loving it. The Technic league is the Technic League of Void Engineers from Mage the Ascension. I have been using Star Trek as the Androffans. A PC cleric of an Acme themed inventor god wears steampunk Space Marine plate mail armor and picked up a magical power fist. Hellion is an AI monster truck with an evangelical radio network. The Ru-Challik turned into a Matrix squid. The Torch bar was very Shadowrun. The insane medical robots are DocBots straight out of Paranoia as are the color coded security badges. Alien References in the first module. Scrapwall is Mad Max D&D gangs. The robot (reskinned warforged) artificer PC blends in with people by using disguise self to produce a hologram disguise of himself as Bruce Willis from Fifth Element and then calls himself a meat popsicle. The Tortle Warlock PC is a cranky old man non-ninja and becomes more like Gamora each level. The Kobold bard (also part of the Acme draconic cult) has a policy of "hit the big red button!"

I am part way through reading module 3. I saw a Mothra opportunity in the last thing I read.

There are some good threads at Paizo on converting some IG monsters to 5e and a bunch on developing plot things. I mostly just reskin monsters from the FG monster books I have that are the right CR.

Using the FG modules I get the maps, descriptions, and images for everything for use in 5e so I just load up my choice of 5e monsters and rename them. Same for some magic. The cleric's Power Fist was a reskinned +1 mace.

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