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D&D General Favorite Role Aids Supplements with Covers


Here is my submission, for what its worth. Havent integrated it into my homebrew for 5e yet....so not sure how it has held up.

But I loved it back in the day.


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I never had it back in the day, but recently picked a copy up from Noble Knight. It's a fascinating read, and interesting to see what parts of their dwarf lore still matches and what doesn't. For example, they pitch dwarven armies as mostly guerilla fighters, which is a different take from the doughty, well-armored legions generally pictured these days.

Also, the adventure part's pregens are far more well-defined then TSR's tended to be, with details about their past and motivations that might clash with each other's.

I used to have that book!

....and, yeah, those dwarves are gonna talk $!?# about you once you turn your back.

This is the one I got the most mileage out of. The Mystic Locations were great and had nice fold-out maps. I never got a player character high enough level to even consider using the Arch Magician class, but I've used Arch Magician NPCs before. While most Role Aids supplements were chock-full of stuff you could rip off and reuse, this was the one I ended up reusing the most.

I can't remember which was the one with the Great Beasts? You had "dungeons" which were inside the bodies of ancient leviathans; the maps were great and the ideas were superb.

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