D&D 5E Favourite Homebrew Classes


This is mainly 5e, ir A5E stuff. Is it a particular individual that produces stuff you like?

What are some of your favourite homebrew classes, sub-classes etc?


Please provide links.

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Uncomfortably diegetic
For me it begins and ends with Kibblestasty.
Yea, Kibblestasty's stuff is the best, can't wait for my Kickstarter to arrive.

I'm also a fan of Laserllama's stuff, which I believe I recommended to OP a few days ago on another thread.

I've also used a lot of the classes from Mage Hand Press; I especially like their Warmage, Necromancer and Witch classes, but all of their stuff is pretty good.


Benjamin Huffman has done some stuff I like, a scholar class which I always forget to play because we use dnd beyond. He also did manuscript class (arcane half caster) which looks good, though I think I'd probably make some changes to it.


The High Aldwin

By TheCosmicKid and revised-updated by myself.


  • Paragon-revised.pdf
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I've been seeing a superhero class that sometimes pops up on reddit with a new version, the Empowered by u/Tandra_Boy. Not sure if it is the latest version, but I've downloaded version 2.0. I'm just trying to work out if it's something I want to add to a regular game or if it is something I want to use for a fantasy Avengers type game.

Only one I've played is the Blood Hunter, and I'm enjoying it a lot so far. Air genasi order of the mutant. Mobile feat and using the scion of elemental air feat from the new UA.

Lots of options to pick from, while being another pure martial so I don't need to be a yet another full caster. So far I'm finding that it's a glass cannon. Dishing out a lot of damage, but unable to take it. I wish it had more subclasses though. Maybe a vampiric one and a draconic one.

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