February Canadian Crowdfunding Roundup: Solo, Diceless, Map Drawing, Egypt, Martial Arts


I run Compose Dream Games RPG Marketplace
4 Ontario and Quebec based publishers have crowdfunders which started in February 2024. If you know other Canadian projects funding sound off.

Solo Martial Blues (Radio James Games, James Kerr) Orillia, ON -- Ends March 3rd
This one breaks the mold by being diceless and on crowdfundr. A diceless grounded solo play RPG using the Fight to Survive engine (tweaked for solo play)

HOME (Deep Dark Games, Nick Gralewicz) Peterborough, ON -- Ends in 8 days (March 6th?)
GMless map-making story-game of Mech vs Kaiju

Nefertiti Overdrive 2.0 (Swords Edge Publishing, Fraser Ronald) – Ottawa, ON -- Ends in 15 days (March 13th)
Kung Fu in Ancient Egypt. Revised.
Mechanics are similar to Cortex RPG, notably the Marvel Heroic iteration

Spark System Reference Guide (Genesis of Legend, Jason Pitre's) – Gatineau, QC -- Already finished . . .
Spark is used in Spark, Sig: Manual of the Primes and After the War. The original core book is fully in creative commons.

**disclaimer: Thondor runs the Compose Dream Games RPG Marketplace, and will be carries and fulfills for the above publishers.
This also means in this case at least, that he has played games with all of the above publishers and would be happy to talk more about them.

If you know any other active Canadian crowdfunder's please add them in a response, and I will try to update the list!

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