Fellow player fudging rolls

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There's nobody older than 5 years that doesn't know cheating is wrong. There's no need to be circumspect or talk to anyone quietly: this guy knows what he's doing is wrong. When you see him do it, call his ass, right there. There are a lot of personality issues that can be written off in games, but cheating isn't one of them. There is no excuse, period.


The regional variations are worse. In Glasgow it's not uncommon to breakfast on a fruit concentrate called Irn Bru.

That's a pretty... liberal definition of "fruit concentrate" you've got going there. If Irn Bru is made from fruit, that fruit tree does not belong on this planet.


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My god - I have no idea why this thread is four pages full of people pussyfooting around offering creative ways to not embarrass this guy who sits there blatantly lying his ass off to everyone else every week at the table. Who gives a damn if he gets embarrassed or offended? He's presumably an adult, and should be able to handle being called out for being a dick at the table. What if you were gaming with someone who routinely sleeved cards during a poker game, or slipped himself an extra $100 every now and then from the bank during a game of Monopoly? Would you call them on it, or wring your hands wondering how to make him stop without being a big meanie about it? Here, here's a handy script to follow to make him stop:

(Steve rolls dice, resulting in a 4)
Steve: All right, an 18!
You: Bull****, that's a 4. Stop cheating.

Repeat as needed.


I'd argue against the taking the player aside at a later. Why bring on the confrontation in a time and place where he can deny it and resent you for it. IMHO, the best way is simply to ask the GM to insist that all rolls be made in the open. You don't need to reveal who you think is cheating to do this.

If you want to take things further, it really depends on how well you deal with confrontation, and how willing you are to deal with any fallout. I would argue that revealing to the GM he is cheating is preferable than dealing with it yourself, as it is the GM's role to enforce such issues, and it is his game you are potentially disrupting. Still, if you don't want him to think he has gotten away with the cheating, you can cope with a little confrontation and you think it isn't going to destroy the game, sit next to him at the next game and if/when he cheats, quietly and 'as a friend' - bring it up.

Let him know - at the point of the cheating that you disapprove. How much face you allow him to save is up to you. For instance, it could run like this:

You: "Dude... Don't"

"Him (playing dumb) "What?"

(Pause, while you look at him. The look should acknowledge that you both know what is happening, and that you are 'evaluating' whether it is worth bringing it to everyone's attention. Remain strong. Then)

"You might want to check your addition more carefully." (Don't weaken!)

If he still does it, you have given him an chance. Next time he does it, you have a right to stop proceedings and ask the GM then and there to have rolls in the open. Feel free to be offended by it, and to let your 'friend' know you are.

(LOL KItsune - I thought you wrote "just shoot the guy and ask him to cut it out with the cheating". This may be the best approach yet!
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That's a pretty... liberal definition of "fruit concentrate" you've got going there. If Irn Bru is made from fruit, that fruit tree does not belong on this planet.

It's a hugely liberal definition; fortunately that of the general populace rather than myself. It's considered entirely nutritional to breakfast on Irn Bru and barbecue beef crisps. The 'healthy' may opt for Irn Bru over cornflakes, but that's as good as it gets mainly. Hardly surprising when many of the city's 'restaurants' serve deep fried Mars Bars and Aftershock as an evening meal. :eek:

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