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Fighter list of feats?

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Did I miss it, but it appears there wasn't a designation of fighter feats in the Trailblazer book. Am I missing where this is noted? Was there errata?
I'm pretty sure we had planned to put the list in the Fighter entry but it looks like it was something we forgot.

Care to put one together that includes the new feats? :) I know it's pretty straight forward for us vets to make it up. Maybe include some of the errata in the monster book?

I finally got my trailblazer campaign back underway with winter break starting for my kid and nephew where we noticed the lack of list. We dealt with it.


From the list of New Feats, I would add the following to the list of Fighter feats:

Greater Manyshot
Power Critical
Superior Expertise
Superior Two-Weapon Fighting

It's interesting to note that some of these feats are in the SRD - some are epic and some are from the psionic book. They are all listed as fighter bonus feats except for Superior Expertise, but I would definitely allow that.

To be honest, I would be very flexible with what qualifies as a fighter bonus feat. If the player can justify it in some way, I would lean towards allowing it. It's probably easier to list what doesn't qualify as a fighter bonus feat (metamagic, item creation, turning feats, saving throw feats, etc) than vice versa.

In a sense, I would look at fighter bonus feats as a way for the player to create their own custom "combat style", a la the ranger.

Sounds like that would have been a nice design note...

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