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Level Up (A5E) Fin Turris - A new Magical-Cyberpunk setting for A5e

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Mercusa is a Dragonborn Ranger of Ne'Arkhosan heritage (gem dragon) and was raised to be an Exterminator, "removing" threats to the city, or perhaps just threats to his own family interests. He was essentially a good person doing a good job, except when it was a bad job, a job that wasn't justified except by money and corrupt interests.
Finally, after one nasty task too many for his conscience, he "prevented" his squad-partner, the green-dragonborn sorcerer, Viridax, from killing the innocents, and he vanished into Low City. Hunted, with a bounty on his head, he seeks to fight for the oppressed and desperate of Fin Turris, but his motivation to do so exceeds any actual idea of how.

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