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Level Up (A5E) Fin Turris - A new Magical-Cyberpunk setting for A5e


Josh Gentry - Author, Minister in Training
In a dark computer lab, a strikeforce of elves in sleek, futuristic military garb overturn furniture, jack into hardware, and rummage through paper records—searching for any clue or shred of data which might be of help in their corporate espionage scheme.

In a warmly-lit pub in the grimy part of town, a vampire bartender feels safe enough to bare her fangs. She fosters a community of people like her—lycanthropes, cyborgs, and other people with strange powers—who support each other when the technetronic surveillance-state can only offer death.

A band of monster exterminators—adventurers and mercenaries by any other name—clear an apartment of a zombie infestation with hit-squad precision. The exterminator in the living room is about to radio the decontamination crew to clear the grounds, when he spots a zombie corpse bloating to alarming size. The corpse explodes in an eruption of corrosive ooze. After a moment, the exterminator looks down the hole the explosion left behind… Surely a cavernous pit like this must lead into the underbelly of the City, the forbidden underground long overtaken by monsters trying to survive.

In the heights of an ultra-tall arcology housing tower, on a patio-square overlooking the City's mid-sized towers, gunfire blares. The residents flee to the safety of their apartments, desperate to escape whatever faction might be responsible for the attack. The gunfire stops, and two soldiers drag forth a captive. Then, as though by magic, appear the lords of the dragonborn empire—each an imposing figure with different color scales—to judge the traitor brought to heel before them. The execution would be as good as secret except for one small detail: a child in hiding—a witness to their draconian proceedings.


Hi friends,

I've been thinking about Fin Turris for a long time (fall 2008 to be specific). I've played many a homebrew game set in this world---and with many different groups, all of whom thought the setting was neat. With the recent OGL fiasco, I determined that it was finally time to set some of these ideas to paper. And I wanted to begin sharing them with the wider community.

Fin Turris is magical-cyberpunk adventure in a dying world. This means that elves and magic are used alongside guns and computers. A lot of people are made familiar with this concept through the Shadowrun universe (believe it or not, I've never read any Shadowrun media). This setting doubles-down on the magical-cyberpunk by introducing new magical-cyberpunk content, and by adapting options from the core rules for use with a futuristic setting. It is also solidly cyberpunk for its radical dystopian nature---and fantasy for giving us tools to battle against it.

I would like to begin introducing this setting by sharing with you all the first two chapters of what I hope will one day be a full setting book. (CW: references to colonialism, apocalypse, and biggotry)
- CH 1: Welcome to Fin Turris
-- Contains key details on this setting
- CH 2: Character Creation
-- 6 new cultures, 9 new backgrounds, party building guide
- CH 4: Equipment
-- New weapons, armor, and adventuring gear for a magical-cyberpunk world

With these rules, creative Narrators and players should have everything the need to begin playing a Fin Turris game. As I continue to write the rest of the book, it is my hope to bring in the A5E community to engage in what's here.

There's a lot of Fin Turris that exists which still needs to be written down. There is also a lot of blank space in Fin Turris. And I would love to collaborate with the community on that matter, in much the same way as @Steampunkette has done with Sins of the Scorpion Age. In fact, collaboration is such the spirit of Fin Turris that many of its story elements are the fruit of those collaborations.

So I wanna just open this conversation up with an ice breaker question:
What kind of Fin Turris character would you like to play?


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Mike Myler

Have you been to LevelUp5E.com yet?
Sitoc Embergut, a deep dwarf criminal out for revenge. Somber, despondent, and relying on violence to achieve his goals, there is little surprise that Sitoc is both from the sewers and a time before the massive city that is Fin Turris became the world’s last bastion, jailed for the vicious murder of a mage. At first glance it is easy to mistake the deep dwarf as a thug with a penchant for destruction, but those who know him are all too aware of what truly drives the so-called death cultist—a nihilistic bent to bring the rulers of the realm and all they’ve built tumbling down, finally ending the hell of civilization’s decay. Despite society’s love for magic he rejects enchantments of all kinds and relishes any opportunity to inflict pain upon those who’ve mastered spells, fueling each of his blows with his hatred for the high mages and what they’ve made of the world in his absence. Sitoc takes whatever jobs he can to further his renegade agenda (keeping a low profile until he acquires the resources required to effect massive change), and often called upon by another ex-convict (the kobold private investigator Gill) when the scaled detective has need for a pair of hard fists.

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