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Final 5 Days! Familiars, Miniatures, Dragon Riders and More

Troll Lord

First Post
Greetings from the Dens!

We have entered our last five days on the Familiars Kickstarter! We are very close to funding!

We've added a Castles & Crusades version, miniatures from Ral Partha/Iron Wind, poster, and are angling for added content in the guise of Dragon Riders!

All this and the book of Familiars!

Need to know more? Here is the down and dirty about the Familiars and Animal Companions!

1. Restores Familiars to a place of prominence as important allies and extensions of characters.
2. Advanced and more powerful familiars - even young dragons - are possible.
3. Familiars grow in experience and power along with your character.
4. The return of the druid's animal companion and the Paladin's mount, but with a mystical bond and special abilities that make them even better!
5. Personify important aspects of a character in the form of mystically empowered allies: the Rogue's own shadow, the Bard's muse, the Fighter's legacy blade.
6. New archetypes, paths, colleges, circles, domains, traditions, oaths, origins, pacts and schools - in most cases, these are how your character gains a familiar or other companion.
7. Bestiary with a wealth of new monsters and animals for your campaign.
8. New Feats and Advantages - a new form of special ability that works in a similar manner to feats but represents more supernatural abilities.
9. A grimoire of new spells to enhance your magic using characters.
10. A wealth of new magic items to expand your treasures.

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