Finding the Holy Place


First Post
The group continues to follow Tuktuk's visions around the city. Up, down, north, south . . . eventually they end up in the Bazaar in Middle Dura. As Tuktuk finally finds the place, he is struck dumb and falls down on the floatstone built into the flooring of this level of the towers. This stone is where the Forgotten One was standing when he was banished from the world. In order to free Tuktuk, the group must pour another soul into the stone.
They trace the outline of the stone into a nearby tower which houses a cheap restaurant. Part of the group guards the fallen Prophet and the rest sneak into the restaurant and kill the cooks in the kitchen. Then the group escapes and runs off. Later, the group causes havoc with the restaurant, drives down the price, and buys the place. The owner hightails it out of town, since part of 'causing havoc' involved pissing off the halfling mafia.

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