WotBS Findle the Betrayer

Bill T.

Hi, everyone. Something I don't understand: In the discussion of Findle accompanying the heroes to hunt down the scroll to help Gorquith in the 3.5 version of the campaign, the text suggests that Findle might try to betray the heroes to Griiat. Uhm...just how is he going to do that? Does he have a secret means of contacting Griiat or something? As things stand, I don't see how he could possibly do any such betraying and how Griiat would benefit.

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As I read the module, Findle is entirely self-serving, and even though Griiat once orchestrated his agonizing death, he's willing to do anything to get some semblance of freedom back (preferably with his life restored). To that end, if his plan to use the scroll of resurrection on himself doesn't work, the next best plan is to seek assistance from the other major power in the castle.

While Findle doesn't have the means to contact Griiat to coordinate anything, if he sees an opportunity to hinder the group in Griiat's presence, he may well take that chance and sell the heroes out, giving him a chance to beg the inquisitor for leniency and mercy.
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