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WotBS Oginme's WotBS Campaign


I am about to start running this campaign myself (first long campaign, I usually just do one-shots). Your writes up have very much helped me feel ready to navigate my own PC's into a fun adventure. I would love to see your re-worked maps. I got the module, but have been less than impressed with some of them. (would love a way to tip as well if that's allowed)
I need to find the time to consolidate my session notes and do an update. I have two campaigns of WotBS running right now and it is amazing how much different each is in places.

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I wrote or edited the adventures, what, 17 years ago, and yeah, I feel a bit embarrassed by a lot of parts where I think now I could do better.

But I think as long as you involve the players in the setting so they care about the people imperiled by Ragesia, the adventures have plenty of fun elements where the PCs get to make their marks.

Adventure 5 is rather weak, though, I'll admit. I actually was working on some improvements of it here: WotBS - Mission to improve Mission to the Monastery of Two Winds
haha no disrespect, you put in SOOOOOOO much amazing work. Without you this board wouldnt be as active as it is. I love the story and so grateful you adapted it for all of us in 5e! I'm suuuuper visual (as is my party) so most of my prep goes into map/visual making. (its what put me on WoTBS, so much of the story doesnt need to be tweaked its awesome as is!) Its so tedious and I'm at an age now I'd rather pay people to make them for me :ROFLMAO:

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