Level Up (A5E) Fireball


Heart of Dis, that is a very solid buff spell worthy of the slot, and I like that the trade off is no joke. Resurrection is pretty "easy" at those levels, so effectively losing that is no small matter.
I kind of think there should be a variation that lets you put your heart on other planes.

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Well, that was fun
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That's tough! I feel like they will both day a lot after the summaries. How about slow? :D
Here you go!

Screen Shot 2021-04-10 at 4.48.24 PM.png


Combing through the spells when we get those is going to be a lot of fun with a lot of these already setting up neat ways creative players can use things together or be awesome at stuff other than just blasting :cool:.
  • very nice adjustment to slow to make it well worth the dual concentration & short duration :cool:
  • With Find Familiar The shift to caster's choice of celestial or fiend introduces some fun worldbuilding implications with wards against those creature types existing (or not existing) in places where that wouldn't normally be the case 😈
  • I agree with others on Heart of Dis being a great buff for the level with a no joke risk but notice one thing interesting with the rare spell Roav's True Heart of Dis Changing your creature type to fiend allows all sorts of fun shifts to what you can & can't do along with what can effect you :cool:
  • Maybe Featherfall that upcast option is pretty neat. 2nd level spell slots aren't that high but I can remember a bunch of times that players have tried to devise ways of doing just that with featherfall so having a way hard coded to do it for sure will be a nice marker to let gm's know it's ok :cool:
  • Heat metal went from an absurd spell to one that looks like it will be a solid choice of spell that doesn't call down gm wrath or just annoy everyone :LOL:
  • Komanov's final feast has incredible social pillar type implications 🫂🤗🫂💀💀💀
  • Find Steed: Including giant lizard in the mix just sounds fun, also interesting to compare it's "conjuration beasts divine, summoning" tags to find familiar's "conjuration, arcane ritual, summoning" tag collection

Cool spells. Re: counterspell:
(1) I really like the choice it affords the original caster (which seems like a way to make NPCs/monsters using counterspell less obnoxious for players... at a cost).
(2) Despite that new interaction, I'm not so sure about the spell no longer automatically countering 3rd-level spells. Unless the general rules for spellcasting specify that one adds one's proficiency bonus to ability checks made as part of a spell's effect, a typical 5th-level spellcaster, who likely has a score 18 in their spellcasting ability, and therefore a +4 bonus to such checks, succeeds on counterspelling a 3rd-level spell 60% of the time, which seems too low to me (but, in all fairness, might not to others, including the spell design team). I guess this is meant to reduce the complexity of a third "slot level state" (casting this spell against a spell of the same slot level automatically counters it but affords the caster the same chance to cast a lower-level spell in its stead)?

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