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Hello Gronan, good to see you again. I've missed both you and Chirine since the pandemic or whenever I last stopped seeing you regularly.

I think your question raises a good point about who has control over a term. Particularly one used within a niche enough context that it can easily morph with just a few cycles of it being used in a specific (different, subsetted, or context-added) framing. Also one where, as you say, it started out half-baked or incompletely defined. For clarity, what do you envision the term to encompass?


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Time to dig out my "Free Kreigsspiel Renaissance Manifesto".

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I just...I don't see how that isn't describing the in the moment thing. All experiences we have change us. That's literally what experience does. "Every now and then a man’s mind is stretched by a new idea or sensation, and never shrinks back to its former dimensions." (Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.)

Certainly; my issue is not that they are incompatible, it is that I suspect your goal will never get the advocates in needs and the community support to grow past the situation that frustrates you, where sim is seen as a means to an end and not an end in itself.

As said, less "test" and more...foundation. Thoughts are hard to kill by yourself, but they're also hard to cultivate by yourself. Communities are where both tasks happen. "Story Now" and the major change it brought on TTRPGing could only really happen because there were dedicated communities, who were brought together by how share-able the experience was. If a style has no share-able elements, I'm not sure it will ever get out of the kind of shadow Clearstream sees cast upon it:

As for the "write a campaign setting," that just seems to fuel the argument that sim isn't "on an equal footing with nar and gam." If its main purpose (other than "because it's enjoyable") is as an enabler for other things, it's not hard to leap from that to claiming that it's just prep work.
I'm going to fork this to a new thread to avoid cluttering up @Snarf Zagyg's FKR thread any further. I will @ you and @Pedantic there. It will take a day or two to draft a decent OP.


(He, Him)
While I may still poke my head in, I suspect my contributions are done on this topic.
The main thing I would say then is not to think of this as something that needs a catalyst to start it. There is new design work being done of course, informed by learning such as fiction-first, reappraisals of authority distribution, and methods of collaboration. But much is already there and has been happening from the outset. The crucial shortfall has been around articulating the purpose of simulationism. (Which, pertinent to something you've asked up thread, is felt both in the moment of exploration and in the elevated appreciation afterward. It's absolutely shareable.)

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