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Team Briefing:

The Kalish Collective consists of about a dozen systems. About 80 years ago, the Kalish attacked the United Planets, a large human controlled star nation. The Kalish are a proud and war-like race who had subjugated at least two other alien races. But the United Planets were different. They controlled more than 4 times as many systems as the Kalish, were industrially powerful, and just as skilled in warfare as the Kalish. After a short war the Kalish surrendered fearing an invasion of their home world. This was done not because of cowardice on part of the Kalish but to allow them to regroup and develop a new war plan. Limited trade was allowed with the United Planets but all ships must be carefully searched before they are allowed in UP space.

Kalish space is connected to the UP space via the Ares Cluster, a rich group of systems that the Kalish would love to get their hands on. But the border is heavily fortified.

The United Planets are currently at war with a large empire called the Ghoal. Kalish spies note that forces are being pulled from the Ares Cluster to aid the fight with the Ghoal. It is also believed that the Ghoal are winning the war!

Recently a new Hyperspace Connection was discovered leading to System A from Kalish controlled space. The system is lifeless with a brown dwarf for its star. But it allows access to the Haskins Corridor an important supply and trade route that connects the main body of the UA with the Ares Cluster.

If the Haskins Corridor can be closed off it would give the Kalish an opportunity to conquer the Ares Cluster and deal a severe blow to the United Planets war effort with the Ghoal. Unable to fight a two front war the United Planets would quickly sue for peace or at the best collapse under the strain.

Your forces will conduct a surprise attack into the Haskins Corridor. You will close the trade route through the Corridor and destroy any opposition. Once in control of the Sector you will prevent any relief of the Ares Cluster by the United Planets. A offensive will also begin by our forces to conquer the Ares Cluster. Destruction of the United Planet merchant shipping is a high priority.

Strategic Map Key

Red System A is controlled by the Kalish. It is from here that you will launch your attack on the Haskins Corridor!

Green Systems are UP controlled with some sort of UP presense in the system.

Grey Systems are basically empty systems. Though pirates are believed to operate from them.

Olive Systems have small human settlements in them that are not part of the United Planets. These systems are called the Backwater Worlds. These settlements are normally small fringe groups who want to run things their own way. There is some trading with UP but mainly they just want to be left alone. Some pirate activity is believed to also come from these systems.

Brown System is the homeworld of the Krell, an xenophobic race which while not hostile is very reclusive. While they do trade with the UA they do not allow ships to land on their planets and any use of their Hyperspace Connections is heavily taxed

A. Warrior's Gate - This system has a Class T (Brown Dwarf) Sun. No planetary bodies other than two bands of asteroids. There is a large Kalish Class 4 Star Fortress and two Class 2 Star Fortresses in this system protecting a large space station with Class A star port facilities.

B. Esperance This system has a Class M (Yellow) Sun. It has 5 planetary bodies. Esperance 3 is a habitable world with a population of over 12,000,000. Thought to be well protected. There is also a Hyperspace Communications Relay Station in system.

C. Russell's Star This system has a Class G (Red Giant) Sun. It has 3 planetary bodies and 3 asteroid bands. Small human settlements are scattered on Russell 2 and there are several mining operations in the asteroid fields.

D. Mariner This system has a Class M (Yellow) Sun. It has 7 planetary bodies and 1 asteroid field. A small agricultural colony of 1,200,000 people is on Mariner 4, an earth sized water planet. It has a Class C space port.

E. Venture This is a Binary Star System with two Class A (White and Blue) suns. There are no planetary bodies but 4 large bands of asteroids. Five small human colonies dot the asteroid fields and they belong to groups of separatists who left UP controlled space many years ago. The live in domed cities and conduct sporadic trade with near by UP planets and are thought to also be sometime pirates. Fewer than 80,000 people live in this system.

F. Freedom This system has a Class M (Yellow sun) and 9 planetary bodies. On Freedom 3 is a rugged frontier world of 200,000 people. It has an extensive black market and is noted as a smuggler haven. It has a Class D star port.

G. Beta Hydri This system has a Class K (Orange) sun and 5 planetary bodies. There are large settlements on Beta Hydri 3 (2,000,000) and Beta Hydri 4 (1,200,000). A Class C star port orbits Beta Hydri 3 and it is know for as a entertainment world. The Military use it frequently as a R&R port. There is a Military star port on Beta Hydri 3 and a Civilian Star Port on Beta Hydri 4.

H. Margrave This system possess a Class B (Blue) sun with 3 planetary bodies and 1 asteroid field. A domed research station is on Margrave 3. It has a crew of about 2000. Also a small space station orbits close to the system s sun.

I. Thule This system has a Class O (Violet) sun with one very large asteroid field. While there are no settlements in the system. Mining ships to visit the asteroid field.

J. Galileo This system has a Class M (Yellow) sun with 12 planetary bodies. Galileo 4 has a thriving colony of over 1,000,000. It has a Class B star port with several civilian star ship construction docks. A old Class 1 star fortress orbits this world. There is a UP army base on Galileo 6 that is used for training.

K. Sparta This system has a K Class (Orange) sun with 4 planetary bodies. Sparta 2 has a UP naval base. There is also a civilian population of 400,000 in a large city next to the base s ground facilities. There are four Class 3 Orbital Fortresses protecting the base.

L. Paradise This system has a K Class (Red Giant) sun with 5 planetary bodies and 1 asteroid field. Paradise 2 is a beautiful habitable world with a population of over 5,000,000. One of the older settlements in the Haskins Corridor. It has a aging Class C star port and two older Class 1 Star Fortresses.

O. Pan-Paris This system has a Class A (Green) sun and one small lifeless rock of a planet and 3 asteroid belts. The Novartis Space Station which is the largest space station in the Haskin s Corridor orbits the sun. It possesses a Class B star port and has a population of over 500,000. It is a popular stop along the Trade Route. There is also an extensive navigational buoy network in system that aids ships as they pass through.

P. Bryant's Star This system as a Class F (White) sun and 7 planetary bodies. Bryant 4 is currently being terraformed and has a small domed colony of 300,000 souls. It has a class D star port.

Q. Eldorado This system has a Class G (Yellow) sun. No other data on this system is available.

R. Gehenna This system has a Class M (Red Super giant) and one small asteroid field.

S. Fargone This system has a Class K (Orange) sun with 12 planetary bodies and 2 asteroid fields. No settlements but mining ships sometimes visit and pirate ships have been known to use it as a jumping off point to attack shipping on the Trade Route.

T. Olympus This system has a Class G (Yellow) sun with 6 planetary bodies and 1 asteroid field. Olympus 3 is the sector capital with a population of over 18,000,000. It has a Class A star port and 5 Class 3 Orbital Fortresses. There is also a domed city on Olympus 5 that (500,000 people) that services extensive mining of the asteroid belt. There is a Hyperspace Communications Relay Station in system.

U. Cyteen This system is a Class T (Protostar) that is in the early stages of development. It surrounded with a large gaseous belt. Strange reports of a ghostly alien starship frequenting this system have been made by starship captains over the years. Though no proof has ever been provided of it s existence.

V. Keid 3 This is a system with a Class A (Green) sun and 5 planetary bodies and 5 asteroid belts. It is very dangerous to navigate with the strong fluctuating gravitic fields that are produced by the sun. Some brave pirates and smugglers use this system as a home base.

W. Krell This is a binary system with two Class G (Yellow) suns. There are 10 planetary bodies and 1 asteroid belt. Krell A-3 and Krell B-2 are heavily populated and industrialized. Several star fortresses are scattered through out the system.

X. Viking This system has a Class B (Blue) sun with 6 planetary bodies. There is a small Krell Orbital outpost on Viking 5 but the Krell themselves do no claim ownership of the system. The outpost is believed to be some sort of research post. Pirates sometimes frequent the system.

Y. Glory This system has a Class G (Yellow) sun with 5 planetary bodies and 2 asteroid fields. There is a settlement on Glory 4 with a population of 600,000. It has a Class C star port and a Hyperspace Communications Relay Station orbiting the planet.

Z. Istra This system has a Class A (White) sun and 8 planetary systems. Istra 2 (1,200,000 population) and Istra 3 (1,00,000 pop.) are heavily industrialized with a majority of the planets output going towards the war effort. They each have Class B star ports and one Class 3 Star Fortresses orbiting them.

INTEL Report
1. Pirates Thought not powerful in themselves and not organized they do pose a threat to civilian UP commerce in the sector.

2. Ghoal There is no Ghoal presence within 30 Hyper Connection jumps of the Haskins Corridor (thats 10 turns of fast ship movement) and the systems between are heavily patrolled by UP forces. There is no Ghoal-Kalish contact.

3. Krell Though not overtly hostile to the UP, they are beligerant. Are know to have a good sized standing fleet. There is no Krell/Kalish diplomatic contact.

4. Ares Cluster There are at least two other star nations in contact with the Ares Cluster. But they would have to fight through any defenses in the Ares Cluster to reach the Haskins Corridor.

5. The Vanti A Insect-like race of religious fanatics. The Vanti seem more concerned with putting down fringe groups within their own race than with dealing with aliens. The Kalish have limited contact with the Vanti. The Vanti have a nonagression treaty with the United Planets.

6. Ji-Ku-Ve A race of 9 foot tall furry yeti like creatures. They reproduce quickly and have been know to move into contested systems with swarms of colony and warships. These Ji-Ku-Ve swarms are a danger to unprotected worlds. They are always looking to expand into habitable systems. The Kalish has fought off several Ji-Ku-Ve swarms in the past 100 years.


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Strategic Map and Movement:

Normally Ships have 2 movement points that they can expend during a turn. Fast Ships have 3 movement points.

The Black and Blue lines are Hyperspace Connections. It takes one movement point to travel from one system to another via a Hyperspace Connection. This is uncontested movement. If enemy ships are present in a system there is a chance of the moving ship to being noticed or intercepted. The Blue Lines denote a important trade/supply route for Blue.

To move one hex without use of a Hyperspace Connection, it takes all of a ship s movement points. If the hex to be entered has Nebulae or Dust (the fuzzy stuff) it will require the ship to use two turns of movement points.

Ship cannot spend more than 6 turns traveling through empty hexes (including nebula or dust hexes). One empty hex counts 1 turn and a dust hex counts a 2. Otherwise a ship can keep using jump connections as long at they want. They are considered to be getting supplies as they go. There will be some special ships that allow resupplying in conditions where ships or forces are out of touch with their main supply depots.

Normally you cannot detect ships in hyperspace. Though you can detect them when they come out of warp. Though that depends on who is listening for them. You cannot enter hyperspace or make jumps in a gravity well like those produced by solar systems.

Player Characters

Each of you will be playing an individual characters. You will each be able to pick one skill and one trait from each of the following lists. One Skill, One Trait.

Skills will give bonuses to their respect areas.

Traits will be a personality quirk of the character. It will mainly only come into play if you miss a turn or during role-playing.

1. Escort Operations
2. Fighter Operations
3. Fleet Maneuvers
4. Fleet Gunnery
5. Recon Operations
6. Drop Assault Operations
7. Logistics
8. Communications
9. Electronic Warfare
10. Ground Warfare
11. Carrier Operations
12. Diplomacy

1. Cautious
2. Aggressive
3. Ambitious
4. Meddling
5. Tunnel Vision
6. Under Confident
7. Overconfident
8. Lazy
9. Vindictive
10. Merciful

Resources and Victory Points

Several people have talked about gathering resources and such. With in the scope of the game, there will not be enough time during the game to put into production the gathering of new resources. Hence, no "I am building new iron mines on Proxima 7 and shipping the ore to the home worlds”. Also I doubt you will have the time to build new starships from scratch. Though the taking of existing resource production for use is allowed.

That is what Victory Points are for. (thinking about changing that name to Influence Points) The High Command sends a request to the Core Worlds for more combat ships. He spends 4 Victory Points because you are in a jam. So you 'might' see some new ships in a few turns sent by the High Command to help you out.

Another example, you have two old battle cruisers in mothballs around Regel 5. You need ships, any ships! So the High Command spends 1 Victory Point and assign crews to bring the old battlewagons out of mothballs in a turn or two.

Victory Points can be giving to other players by High Commander. But they must be in contact with each other. The scope of use of Victory Points by a Battle Commander is limited compared to the High Commander. He/she could not request reinforcements for example. A Battle Command cannot have more than half the total number of Victory Points possessed by the High Commander at the time of transfer and after the transfer.

Star Port Ratings:

A - The best of the best. Large extensive starship berth, repair, cargo, and construction facilities.

B - Pretty Good. Can handle multiple starship landings and take offs. Good repair yards and some construction facilities.

C - Good for handling basic traffic and repair. Orbital Docks. Limited construction facilities.

D - Poor. A fair groundside landing pads and docks. Fair repair facilities.

F - Primitive dirt landing pad with poor service facilities.

Star Fortress Ratings:

Class 1 - Cruiser sized.
Class 2 - Battleship sized.
Class 3 - Twice the size of a Battleship.
Class 4 - Four times the size of a Battleship.

They are more heavily armored that a same sized ship. Though they are immobile a space tug(s) could move them within a system if needed. At a tactical disadvantage against a mobile force.

A Hyperspace Communications Relay Stations allow for faster than light communication to another HCRS. Think big radio stations! There are three in the Haskins Corridor that link the Ares Cluster with the main body of the UP.
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Starships of the Kalish Collective

Here is a list and description of the ship types available to you.

Vengeance Class Battleship
The Vengeance class Battleship is the most powerful space ship in the Kalish Navy. Massing over 250,000 metric tonnes and possessing a special new armored hull. A Vengeance can take quite a beating and still be combat effective. Its weapons include long range anti-ship missile batteries, ten powerful Force 15 Shock Cannon, and multiple batteries of defense lasers. It also can carry two squadrons of Scorpion Fighters.

Warlock Class Cruiser
The backbone of the Kalish Navy, the Warlock Heavy Cruiser is a multi-task capable ship. From raids, interdiction, ship to ship combat, and ground attack; the Warlock can do it all. She is armed with six Force 8 Shock Cannon, six Longlance Anti-ship torpedoes, and short range defense lasers. Her sensor system is one of the best the Kalish can produce.

Bladebearer Class Destroyer
Specializing is fleet defense, escort duties, and patrol, the Bladebearer Destroyer is a hard working ship. Fast and with a long range they are they eyes and ears of the fleet. Lightly armored they possess six Force 5 Shock Cannon, a battery of mid-ranged anti-ship missiles, and light defense lasers.

Wraith Class Stealth Frigate
The Wraith is new specialized warship which relies on cloaking, ECM, and special energy absorbent hull to become almost invisible to enemy sensors. Normally a Fast ship, once under cloak it's speed is reduced. It has little or no armor. They are armed with four Long Lance torpedo launchers, two Force 5 Shock Cannon, one long range anti-ship missile launcher, and light defense lasers. Can carry a Covert Operations Company.

Deathcloud Class Minelayer
The Deathcloud Minelayer carries several thousand anti-shipping mines which it can lay over large areas of space in short order. With minimal defenses such as some defense lasers the Deathcloud is not made to face ship to ship combat. It's only real defense is a good sensor suite and electronic counter measures.

Tormentor Class Carrier
In response to the heavy losses by United Planets fighters during the First War of Shame some 60 years ago, the Kalish high command began to experiment and build carrier spacecraft and fighters. The Tormentor is the results of 60 years of this. Well armored, the Tormentor is a fighting carrier. They can carry 15 squadrons of fighters (180 craft) and are armed with six force 5 Shock Cannon and several batteries of anti-fighter/anti-missile lasers.

Scorpion Attack Fighter
A multi-role attack craft/fighter, the Scorpion can be used as a interceptor or attack craft. Its weapon loads vary from a Long Lance torpedo, short ranged rocket packs, and mid-range anti-ship missiles. They also have 6 light lasers built into their design. The Scorpion is just as effective in atmosphere as it is in space.

Venom Heavy Strike Craft
The Venom is a heavy strike craft that carries a load of four long range missiles. They have good speed and maneuverability. It is protected by a pair of light defense laser turrets.

Ravager Assault Transport
This is a Fast troop transport ship that can carry up to 4 brigades of Troops. It possesses enough Chariot assault shuttles to land two brigades at a time. It is thickly armored and has six Force 5 Shock Cannon and two batteries of defense lasers.

Chariot Assault Shuttle
A space to atmosphere assault shuttle which is designed to land Kalish troops into combat situations. It is armed with two Hellfire rocket packs and 4 light defense lasers. One squadron of twelve shuttles can land one brigade of troops.

Kalish Ground Forces
Ground units are in Brigades which is equal to about 1000 troops. A Infantry Brigade have support vehicles and weaponry. Aircraft are in squadrons of 12. Seige Tank Brigades have about 10 vehicles. There are 100 War Walkers in a Brigade.

Shock Troopers
These are the backbone of the Kalish infantry. They are armed with pulse rifles, rocket launchers, photon mortars, and other support weaponry. They wear the new reflex armor which is an in closed power armor. It does not have the jump capability of the UP marine power armor.

Covert Operations Company
An elite group of covert operation specialists skilled in recon, guerilla warfare, and sabotage. The company is only 1/10th the size of a normal brigade.

War Walkers
A large two-person battle cyborg, the War Walker is a melding of flesh and machine. Heavily armored and has jump capability. Can be dropped from orbit. Armed with a mixture of heavy weaponry from linked heavy pulse rifles, missiles, and light Shock Cannon.

Mauler Planetary Siege Tank
A huge main battle tank the Mauler can lay waste to cities. It has the new improved vanadium armor plate and carries heavy Shock Cannon and missiles. Can be dropped from Orbit. Takes up the space of two Brigades in a transport.

Reaper Atmospheric Attack Craft
The Reaper is an attack aircraft. Can hover and is very maneuverable. Armed with a light laser and missile/rocket pods.
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Kalish Collective Order of Battle

Vengeance Class Battleships
BB Vengeance, BB Rage of Heaven, BB Retribution, BB Destructor

Warlock Class Cruisers
CA Sorcerer, CA Warlock, CA Conjurer, CA Wizard, CA Witch, CA Magnus, CA Priest, CA Cabalist

Bladebearer Class Destroyers
DD Sword, DD Cleaver, DD Dagger, DD Dirk, DD Fang, DD Talon, DD Claw, DD Horn, DD Battleaxe, DD Hatchet

Wraith Class Stealth Frigates
FF-104, FF-105, FF-107, FF-109, FF-110, FF-143, FF-145, FF-152

Tormentor Class Carrier
CV Tormentor, CV Harrier, CV Torturer

Deathcloud Class Minelayer
ML Deathstorm, ML Deathcaller, ML Deathbringer

10 Fleet Tenders (repair and supply ships)
5 Fleet Transports (can carry up to 3 Brigades and/or 6 Squadrons)

40 Squadrons Scorpion Attack Fighters
20 Squadrons Venom Strike Craft

10 Ravager Assault Transports

30 Shock Trooper Brigades
10 War Walker Brigades
5 Mauler Brigades
25 Reaper Attack Aircraft Squadrons

10 Covert Operations Companies (100 troops per Company)
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He Who Lurks Beyond The Veil
I have a vision of Mr. Bester type of intel officer. If possible I would like him to be psionic. This doesn't need to have any mechanics effect. It would just suit to the style to use psychic spies. All of that could just be handled by fluff. So if that's possible he would be Ambitious Intel Officer (Recon Operations), leading Wraith Frigates and Covert Operations Companies.

Yellow Sign

You will need to decide who your Supreme Commander is, create your character bios, divide your forces, and come up with a plan of attack.

Have fun! :)


First Post
I'd like a little more detail about what some of the Skills do. For example, what exactly does "Carrier Operations" entail? What does "Logistics" do? Is "Fleet Maneuvers" a strategic-scale or a tactical-scale thing (ie, does it help getting where you want to go, or does it help when you get into a fight along the way)? It's hard to tell exactly how to go about what I want to do with knowing nothing but the names of the skills.

What I'd like to do is make a character that's fleet-movement based - in other words, he's ace at getting from point A to point B in the fastest, most efficient method possible. He'd be a hit-and-run/flanking maneuver/diversionary attack specialist. Ideally, his fleet would have a carrier for the flagship with cruisers and destroyers for escorts; no battleships. He doesn't want to engage the main enemy fleet directly on his own, but rather sidestep it and attack vulnerable rear areas. He probably wouldn't take many assault transports, if indeed he took any; his fleet and his philosophy aren't really designed for taking and holding ground.

Yellow Sign

Zurai said:
I'd like a little more detail about what some of the Skills do. For example, what exactly does "Carrier Operations" entail? What does "Logistics" do? Is "Fleet Maneuvers" a strategic-scale or a tactical-scale thing (ie, does it help getting where you want to go, or does it help when you get into a fight along the way)? It's hard to tell exactly how to go about what I want to do with knowing nothing but the names of the skills.

What I'd like to do is make a character that's fleet-movement based - in other words, he's ace at getting from point A to point B in the fastest, most efficient method possible. He'd be a hit-and-run/flanking maneuver/diversionary attack specialist. Ideally, his fleet would have a carrier for the flagship with cruisers and destroyers for escorts; no battleships. He doesn't want to engage the main enemy fleet directly on his own, but rather sidestep it and attack vulnerable rear areas. He probably wouldn't take many assault transports, if indeed he took any; his fleet and his philosophy aren't really designed for taking and holding ground.

You would want Fleet Maneuvers for that.

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