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DMs Guild Font size


New Publisher
Had to pick a prefix......

Anyway, what is everyone's thought on font size? Especially for PDFs? Was reading a post by a successful author, who said he was moving away from the tiny font found in nearly all RPG products.....

I'm experimenting with moving to 11, rather than 8/9 for most things....but that's tough in a statblock.....

Thanks for the input.

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Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal
Disclaimer: Consumer, not publisher.

I use PDFs in three ways primarily. On a PC/large tablet where I expect to be able to read it in portrait or landscape. Printing out references for a game (say a stat block), or on a phone where I expect to only see some and have to zoom in.

So really, my goal is to have a font a reasonable size and not have have to scroll left or right to finish a line and move to the next, but also not waste too much left or right real estate either. So 2 or 3 columns would make a big difference to font sizes - doing only 2 columns and a tiny font wouldn't work as I'd have to scroll to the sides on each line, but doing 3 columns and a large font would also feel like wasted space.

That all said, my own notes that I print out at 11 point, so that works out well for me.

And I don't know if this is discouraged for layout but sidebars, statblocks and the like can be in a different font and size as needed.


Final Form (they/them)
If accessibility is a concern, making sure your PDFs are laid out with screen readers in mind, font size becomes much less of a concern, though larger fonts are of course always appreciated.


I use 10pt Calibri for the body text and for stat blocks. I also use 9pt for some stuff in textblocks like background and playtest notes.

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