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Forcefield in OLD

Shaun Palmer

Registered User
In the OLD rules for Create Force the rules state...

"Force (6 MP). Force objects exist both materially and ethereally, affecting incorporeal creatures.
They count as forcefields for determining stats."

... but I cannot find any other reference determining the stats in the OLD rules.

I assume a Medium force field (using the rules in the Objects section) would give a defense of 14 and a Health of 15, and the same section in the NEW rules gives a SOAK of 20, Vulnerable to Ion damage and can regenerate 5 HEALTH per round.

Is this correct for OLD?

If so, what would cause Ion damage in OLD? Should I just assume Force damage instead?


Well, that was fun
Staff member
I’d have to re-read what I did there. From that, it sounds like the intention is to,use the forcefuelds from NEW. I guess in magic terms ion is more abjure electricity and force, thought that doesn’t work for quite what you’re asking.