D&D General Forge of Foes from Mike Shea, Teos Abadia, and Scott F. Gray!

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I just love Shea's book, but yes, the kickstarter is not really EU Friendly, 24$ plus VAT and possibily customs price is not good, really. And I like physical copies (to be honest, I will wait for the softcover, as my other Shea book are softcover).

Speaking of softcover, I've also bought the DM's Companion, and it has been lost during the shipment. Mike was so nice to send me another, now I'm waiting for it to arrive. Really, he's super nice guy.


A print shop would probably cost $42 as well in these parts 😭

Thanks for the suggestion 👍
Just for comparasion: I bought from DrivetruRPG the POD of the Elminster's Guide to FR, I payed only the book 16$ (then other 10$ for shippings, other for VAT and customs). It is a nice 240 pages, full color.

A print shop, for 170 pages for another book, same quality of the Elminster's POD, asked me 28$ (26€). So, yes, print shop can be expensive.

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