D&D 5E Forgotten Planesjammer is apart of Adventurer's League's FR campaign

I hear most folks on Discord were certain Planescape was going to be a seperate AL campaign like CR, Eberron, Ravenloft, and Dragonlance campaigns. They were wrong, I knew while meatier the Spelljammer, all the stuff like the RL Gods that would have made it a seperate campaign setting were stripped from the setting leaving it with literally just FR Gods, not even say a DL God or a GH God (not counting Gods common to GH and FR, like Dwarf God's), just all Gods worshipped in FR.

Plus no races in the book, no actually exploration of Outer Planes besides the Outlands, even two FR adventures explored Hell.

Releases and Updates: October 2023

The two spells are legal, but they are deciding if the feats and backgrounds and items will be AL legal.

More news to come.

FR are Planescape like it are Spelljamming, Jeremy Crawford was wrong, it's FR that is the Multiverse at this point with Planescape reduced to being a subsetting of FR like Al Qadim and Kara Tur and Arcane Age.

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