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A thread about a project i've been working on for a while now.

It started out as a webzine with articles on different ways of interpreting forgotten realms canon, and now its morphed into a full blown alternative version of the Forgotten Realms that is almost exactly the same as the 1356 DR version of the realms, but doesn't allow gods to directly interact with mortals.

I've got Unther and Mulhorand done to include the history and people and places and magic items and organsations

The Moonshae Isles are halfway there with Gywnneth and Alaron the most details

I've been working on Chult recently and i've got an idea of where i want to go with it and the lore (Chult's shadow plane analogue is a gigantic prison)

And lastly i've just started Cormyr, i'm busy getting all the lore together in one place, but there is a veritable mountain of information to climb


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Thank you. If I have enough years I intend to do the entirety of the realms. Try and compile everything into one place as an enormous resource, and add my own little twists along the way


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I am running an AU Realms game right now. It started as a stock 4e Realms game, but right now the party is in Abeir trying to find a way home, and have discovered that there is a party of adventurers on Abeir that bear a suspicious resemblance to the gods Mask, Helm, Mystra, Shaundakul, Azuth, and a mystery member they haven’t identified.

This Mask and Helm are femme presenting non-binary, and kinda a couple-ish. (Like, frenemies who sleep together) Mystra is a teen girl with Autism, Azuth is her uncle and caretaker, Shaundakul is a half-elf disaster bear bisexual dad-friend, and the mystery person is a femme Drow.

when they return to Toril, it will involve going through several versions of Toril, and their own lives, to finally find their true home.

but the AU stuff started a while back, when I rejected things like Cormyr walling off a city to make it a prison. Not in my realms!


I have disagreed with many things that have been done in the realms over the years, especially events in the novels.
If you make your own version of the realms then you have the freedom to do it all your own way and at the very least you can make things consistent.
Keep at your own alternate universe and find a way to get it out there for others to use. The premise for my alternate realms is that every cataclysm in realms history (and there are a lot), has created a new version of the sphere that is smaller and where things progress differently from the parent. So there can be any number of alternate versions spread across the multi verse, some so similar that a visitor to both might not even notice any difference.

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