Kickstarter Former Star Citizen and Camelot Unchained Producer Announces New Crowdfunding Campaign – for a Tabletop Role-Playing Game

Kickstarter- Deviant Evolution Core Rulebook
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SEATTLE, January 20, 2020 – Players will have a new tabletop game to play this summer, as the former producer of some of the most successful crowd funded games of all times launches “Deviant Evolution,” a videogame inspired role playing game featuring an all new system. While players won’t have the option to purchase in game items before the game is released, they will be able to download the complete rules and a limited selection of character options when the Kickstarter goes live in early February.

“Deviant Evolution” is the magi-tech fueled diesel-punk setting built on the Promethium System, a new set of rules designed to be a part of the experience. Players will explore the world of Ghestal in the role of a Deviant – a mercenary and adventurer braving the wastelands and ruins of civilization where the corporations and governments dare not tread.

This is a project born from a few simple questions: how do you make a video-game like RPG? Is there a Final Fantasy tabletop game? What’s the best D&D Alternative?

Deviant Evolution, and the Promethium System, offer what other tabletop games have so far failed to.

The Lead Designer, Ashram Kain, is no stranger to working on crowdfunded titles. He was the senior engineering producer for Chris Robert’s ambitious “Star Citizen” and the lead producer on “Camelot Unchained,” Mark Jacobs’ spiritual successor to “Dark Age of Camelot”. But he has also proven his chops as a designer and writer, publishing the OGL5 Science Fiction role playing game “Advent Horizon.”

The Crowdfunding Campaign

Taking to heart the lessons learned from working on crowd funded titles in the past, Kain’s company Promethium Books has completed most of the game’s content before launching the campaign. Promethium has gone so far as to create a Lite Rules version of the game, and a tutorial introductory mission so that player can experience the world right away. Both can be downloaded via DriveThruRPG or their website.

Promethium Books is offering up as much content in advance as proof positive of their work, and their commitment to delivery. The rewards they are offering to those who pledge will include expanded digital content, physical productions of the title, and even a full length novel written by Lee Hadan.

About the game, “Deviant Evolution:”

Exploring a generally untouched genre in table top RPGs, “Deviant Evolution” is built on a framework of rules designed to be part of the fun and experience of playing the game. With this “Deviant Evolution” offers players a unique mix of resource management, dice interactions, and accomplishment based advancement that allow for a play experience that feels extremely familiar, and yet exciting and novel.

“Deviant Evolution” will be available in June in PDF, and September in hardcopy. The Kickstarter campaign is live now, and you can subscribe to their newsletter now and check out the light rules at Promethium Books.